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5 Tips for an Attractive Exhibition Stand

How to Effectively Decorate Your Tradeshow Exhibition Stand

Many companies that succeed in scoring new customers at trade shows have attractive exhibition stands that are perfectly decorated to attract visitors toward them. You need an efficiently decorated exhibition stand that stands out from the crowd and grabs the attention of your visitors.

So, here are 5 exhibition stand decoration aspects you need to consider to effectively beautify your exhibition stand:

1. Size and Location

The size of your exhibition stand needs to be your first consideration. The standard size of an exhibition stand is 10 by 10 feet. However, the size of your exhibition stand should be in accordance with the size of your trade or exhibition show. It also varies depending on your budget and brand needs. If you are a big brand, then you can afford to capitalize on more space and can get a large exhibition stand.

As for the location, an exhibition stand situated at the corner has a higher visibility since it can be viewed from multiple directions. So, such a prime location will allow a brand with even a simple exhibition stand design to stand out.  

2. Stand Decoration

Usually, brands hire decorating companies to help with decorating their exhibition stands with proper lighting, carpeting, tables, chairs, etc. However, if you are opting for a simple exhibition stand design and don’t have a big budget, then you can probably get away with decorating your exhibition stand on your own. You simply need to get these essentials and use advertising tools such as pull up banners or posters that highlight your products.

3. Marketing Tools

You need to decorate your exhibition stand with some free-standing graphics such as standees or A-Frame Signs. If you have set up a standard size stand, you can simply use some pull-up banners with stellar content that will drive visitors to your booth.

If you have a large budget, you can try investing in an island exhibit. It will give you the opportunity to decorate your stand with striking visual advertising tools such as posters and rigid wall signs. It will also provide your visitors with the opportunity to stand inside the space and look at your promotional decorations.

4. Colours and Logos

This is an essential designing and decorating step for your exhibition stand. Make sure that your stand decorations have graphics that follow your brand’s identified colour theme. Or if you want to experiment a bit, then make sure your decorations have your brand’s logo clearly displayed on them.

Also, ensure that you use only two to three colours for your graphics, as an overabundance of colours will only confuse your visitors.  The content of your decorative banners should also be printed in a clear and specific font style that allows for easy brand recognition and enhances their readability.

5. Video Aids

Decorating your exhibition stand with striking visual and audio aids is always a great idea. You can attract maximum trade show visitors by strategically placing two Exhibition TV Stands on either side of your trade show booth. Make sure you have one or two small but effective presentations playing on your LED screens at all times that are advertising your brand, services, and products.

With these 5 simple exhibition stand decoration tips, you’ll be able to effectively decorate your exhibition stand and attract visitors’ attention toward your brand.

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