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5 Things to Consider when Buying Brochure Stands


Brochures serve a great and rich source of information for your audience. Since a lot of effort goes into designing a brochure, you wouldn’t want it to go to waste. If the brochures aren’t placed in an appealing 

and alluring manner, it’s better to not have any in the first place. An attractive yet practical brochure display stand is the best way to go!

Brochure display stands can be placed anywhere including trade show booths, reception areas, stores, malls, etc. While the placement of brochure stands is super-important, it is also crucial to consider certain factors when buying a display stand.

Here are a few factors you need to consider when buying brochure display stands.


A vital factor to consider when buying a brochure stand is its design. There are a variety of stands available in the market that are of different shapes, colours and designs such as a revolving brochure stand. Some brochure display stands also accommodate the display of pamphlets, magazines and flyers. You can select a stand according to the marketing materials you wish to showcase. Moreover, you can pick a minimalistic design to complement the area where you intend to place the brochure floor stand.


Another important factor that will influence your brochure stand choice is size. The size of the brochure display stand highly relies on the intended usage. For instance, if you intend on showcasing small-sized leaflets, it would be better to buy the correct stand to accommodate them. Displaying your marketing materials on a stand that is either too big or too small will make it appear out-of-place and unappealing.


Another pivotal factor to consider, when buying a brochure floor stand or any product for that matter, is quality. Good quality furniture and accessories will take your business a long way! You won’t have to get frequent repairs or worry about it getting damaged. Moreover, good quality stands will also be more durable in the long run.


The cost of the brochure stand is also an essential factor to consider when investing in a brochure stand. You would want to ensure that the cost of the stand matches the quality of the product being delivered. Moreover, you can make comparisons between different stands based on their price and quality to make the best choice! Considering the cost-value factor, revolving brochure stands serve as a great option. 


The portability of the brochure stand is also a pivotal factor to consider. If you intend on participating in different exhibitions and tradeshows, you will require a lightweight brochure stand that can be carried around easily. Moreover, you will have to consider its size to ensure that it can be placed anywhere. A portable brochure stand will be easy for you to move around and place at any important area with high footfall.


To conclude, if you want your audience to learn more about your company through your brochures, you need to get an attractive brochure stand. The factors listed above should be considered when purchasing a new brochure stand so that you can get the best one for your business.

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