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5 Benefits of Using Pop Up Displays at Trade Shows

Why You Should Use Pop Up Displays for Your Next Trade Show

Pop up displays are a pretty common advertising tool that companies use to spruce up their trade show booths. This is because they are an entirely affordable and easy to manage advertising tool that you simply cannot go wrong with. When designed effectively, even a small pop up advertising display can definitely hold its own against large trade show displays that are often cramped with too many distracting elements.  

Here are 5 benefits of pop up displays that make them the perfect advertising tool to use at your next trade show.

1. Less Space Means More Creativity

With pop up displays, you need to simply follow the less is more approach and maximize the space you have by creating a sleek and clean, customized look to your pop up display boards and panels.

In fact, their limited size is what will enable you to get creative and come up with fun, eye-catching graphics and content. Also, thanks to their small size, you can set up the handy pop up displays anywhere in your trade show booth.

2. Easy to Assemble

Pop up displays usually come with pop up frames that make them super easy to assemble. In fact, the assembly of a pop up advertising display is so seamless that you won’t even need a second helping hand to set it up – you can quickly set up your pop up displays on your own. This enables you to save a lot of your time and money that you can then utilize on other advertising tools to make your trade show booth stand out.

3. Lightweight and Portable

Traditional exhibition and marketing displays are usually cumbersome and cannot be easily carried or transported. On the other hand, pop up displays are incredibly portable and come with their own cases; you can easily fit your pop up displays into a compact case and travel with it to your trade show location.  

Plus, all variations of pop up displays, including pop up display boards, are pretty light, which also makes them easy to carry. The frames of pop up displays are made of modern, lightweight, and durable materials such as aluminium and are designed to be folded and carried in their cases.

4. Versatile and Customizable

Pop up displays are also incredibly versatile and you can customize them to a T. You can add various features such as shelving, LCD monitors, backlighting, etc., to make your pop up displays stand out. These features will attract visitors to your trade show booth.

Plus, when it comes to pop up displays, you have so many varied sizes and styles to choose from. Whether it’s a tabletop pop up display or a free-standing pop up display, you can find the perfect pop up displays that will suit your trade show needs.

5. Cost-Effective

If you want a cost-effective yet stylish display that will make your trade show space pop, then you can definitely opt for a pop up advertising display. Most pop up displays cost around $500 – $1,000, which is not a lot of money if you take their effectiveness into account.

The above-mentioned benefits of pop up displays make them the perfect advertising tool for you to use at your next trade show.