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4 Trade Show Trends You Should Adopt for 2019

Did you know that trade show booths and trade show trends are always evolving from year to year? As more technology becomes available, design trends are introduced and customer behaviour changes, trade shows evolve as well.

If your business attends trade shows regularly, you’re going to see this evolution happen in front of you. This also means that as other businesses evolve, so should you. Trade show trends for each year are created with the intent of enhancing customer experience and business outreach.

Based on this, the following are a few trade show trends that you need to apply to your business in 2019:

1. Customer-Oriented Designs

As previously stated, more trade shows are incorporating designs that enhance the customer experience. One of the key things is to be subtle in your approach. Modern customers do not like being bombarded with marketing signs, logos, or other marketing material.

Instead, a more subtle design will capture their attention more. It’s also more likely to evoke an emotional response from them, which will help them remember your business more. In this case, it’s good to remember that less is more.

2. Create an Ambiance

Going in line with subtlety, it’s important to create booths that have a more relaxed appearance. This is why you’ll see lavish trade show stands that have comfortable couches that look inviting and relaxing. It’s also going to make your stand more prominent, especially given the hectic and crowded environment of trade shows.

More businesses are looking to turn their stands into an oasis where their target audience can come in to relax. This emotional connection will also make them look upon your business in a positive light. Another plus point of this is that your staff will also be in a better mood and interact well with your customers. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Be Multi-Sensory in Approach

This is one of the hottest trade show trends because it gives you such a huge edge over your competitors. Most stands are already multi-sensory in their approach – they incorporate the sense of sight and sound. However, to truly differentiate yourself, try to tap into the sense of smell and even touch.

In this case, the food industry trade shows can be very interesting because you can smell all the fresh goodies and samples they are offering. However, other industries don’t have to rely on freshly baked cookies. Well-scented stalls are going to get a higher number of attendants. Just make sure to pick your scent properly. Even hot coffee can be an attractive smell for many.

4. Catch the Right Light

Lighting should never be overlooked because it goes in line with creating an ambiance and also helping your stand look different. More trade show stands designs incorporate backlighting, particularly to enhance their major display areas.

The unique use of lighting can help to add a much-needed pop of colour to your overhead displays. This means that you’re able to attract the eye, even from far away. It’s a very fun and easy way to get more visitors to your stall.

By paying attention to these trade show trends, you can ensure that you have a stand that fits in with ease!

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