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4 Common Trade Show Banner Mistakes to Avoid

Trade show banners provide you with an opportunity to make your brand highly visible and achieve great marketing outcomes. These banners create a great first impression on the audience and attract your audience.

Many marketers make some costly banner mistakes at trade shows that prevent them from getting the results they expected. If you are planning to be a part of a trade show, then these are the mistakes that you should avoid. This will ensure that you have the maximum impact on the audience and visitors. It will also ensure that you get the results you expected from your participation in the trade show.


1. Displaying the Banner on a Table Top

Many exhibitors make the mistake of fixing their banners on tabletops. This looks not only extremely unprofessional but also highly distasteful. Banners are meant to be erected on banner stands. They have a purpose—that is increasing your brand visibility and attracting more people to your exhibition stand. Pinning it on top of a table diminishes this purpose. It is best to use a table cloth for tables and display your banners where you think they will be most visible.


2. Adding Too Much Text

Your banners should have a balance between text and images. Just cluttering too much text on it will make them less attractive. The text you put on banners should be easily visible. The main purpose of these banners is to display your brand. Therefore, it is best to use minimal text and more design. However, the design should also be relevant and not too much. Lengthy descriptions tend to bore the onlookers and you don’t want that. It will not attract anyone to your stand; rather, people will be driven away because you are giving too much information on your banners.


3. Not Buying Professional Banner Stands

Banners are meant to be erected on banner stands. You can get these stands from the same place as you got your banners. Many people make the mistake of making their banner stands themselves in a bid to save some money. However, this is a bad idea. These banners look highly unprofessional. Therefore, you should use a professional banner stand for erecting your banners to make them look sleek and professional. Moreover, banner stands don’t cost too much. They are also easy and quick to set up and don’t take too much space. They are also easily portable.


4. Using Difficult to Read Fonts

Don’t use fonts that are difficult to read just because you want to be creative. There should be a balance of creativity and readability on your banners. Make the font size and type easier to read. It shouldn’t be too small that people are unable to read it from a distance. People will only come to your stand when they can read what’s written on your banners.


These were some common mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to trade show banners. Buy the best trade show banner and banner stands at Vivid Ads.