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4 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Your Trade Show Display

Putting up an amazing trade show displays that wows your visitors is not an easy feat. There are a lot of potential mistakes that you can make, especially if you are new to the arena of trade shows. However, a lot of these mistakes are easily avoidable.

So, without further ado, let us list down the most common trade show mistakes and ways to avoid them.

1. Uninformed Staff

The worst thing you can do is to hire personnel who can’t speak to the merits of your brand or products. It will develop an unnecessary level of mistrust for your brand in your visitors. That is obviously not the first impression you want to make on potential clients.

So, hire people who can talk at length about your brand and answer all questions about your products that your visitors might ask. This will send out a solid impression and make you look professional and prepared for the occasion.

2. No Distinct Message

We know minimalism is the creative trend these days. However, try not to be so minimalistic that you only opt to place your brand name on your trade show display. Have a grand vision for your display and try to execute it.

Use innovative ways to get an edge over your competitors, perhaps highlight your “green” products or integrate modern technology into your display message. Visitors need a good reason to visit your trade show display. So, make sure you have a distinct message that grabs their attention and forces them to visit your display booth.

3. Lack of Supplies

This is preparation 101; you need to have backups for all your trade show display signage and posters. You don’t want a ripped banner to ruin your display; have backups for all display items so that you can easily replace them in case of a mishap.

A key tip is to have a trade show emergency kit at hand – it should have indispensable stuff like tape, extension cords, light bulbs, power strips, basic tools, and standard office supplies. This will allow you to fix any unforeseen issues that might come up during the show quickly and efficiently.

Also, make sure that you print out innumerable promotional items – booklets, DVDs, fridge magnets, mugs, t-shirts, etc. You don’t want to run out of them halfway through the show! Plus, if there are any left toward the end of the trade show, you can always use them in another show.

4. Slow Follow-Up

After you are done with the show, make sure to get in touch with your new leads as soon as possible. You should not wait for more than 24-48 business hours to send out the relevant emails and messages to them.

Why is it important to be so quick to reach out to them? You want to capitalize on your trade show display success; you need to act fast to ensure that your visitors remember you before your competitors think of doing the same.

Avoid these common trade show display missteps to have a successful show that fosters your company’s growth!