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10 Trade Show Booth Success Tips

As a small startup owner, preparing for a trade show can be nightmarishly overwhelming! Apart from having amazing displays that promote your brand and products, you also have to have a stellar trade show booth that will captivate your visitors.

So, let’s see how you can have a stand out trade show booth with the help of 10 simple tips!

1. Make Your Display Table Stand Out

To spruce up your display table, get a tablecloth that matches your company’s color palette and complements your promotional content. A themed tablecloth will definitely make your booth stand out in the crowd. Also, make sure all the items on your table are visible by arranging them in an order— place the largest item at the furthest end and the smallest one at the front of the table.

2. Use a Presentation Board

If you have enough booth space, utilize it to place a stand-alone presentation board. The board can highlight exactly how prospective customers can benefit from using your product or services. Use your creativity and make it strikingly attractive. Include visual images and highlight your company’s logo and name.

3. Utilize Videos or Slide Shows

Make videos and slides that you can display on LCDs in and around your booth. You can rent or borrow flat screens if you are short on budget. Simply set them up on racks or stands and play those videos. Your booth visitors will definitely appreciate the visual elements of your promotional efforts.

4. Promote Your Booth on Social Media

Use various social media platforms to let your consumers know of your participation in the trade show and give out a formal and fun invite to them to visit your booth. Post frequently about your upcoming trade show participation to generate some buzz.

5. Have Giveaway Items

Arrange giveaway items such as brochures, business cards, magnets, pens, and all such items that have your company’s logo and name on them. Trade show attendees always expect to get a company’s paraphernalia from their booth, so make sure you put these items on display racks.

6. Offer Food at Your Booth

Food items are a sure fire way to attract visitors to your trade show booth. If possible, add your company’s logo and relevant information to the packaging of the food items on offer.

7. Offer Gift Certificates

Your booth is sure to get attention if you offer specific gift certificates with discounts and deals for your products. This will allow you to get more leads and will also help you keep your current customers happy.

8. Have a Lucky Draw

Have a lucky draw and offer a gift that complements your brand and appeals to all audiences. Have the entrants fill in a ticket with their contact information. This will allow you to reach out to them even after the trade show and turn them into valuable customers.

9. Display Your Work and Products

Make a portfolio of all your work and amazing products and make it a part of your display. Print out a variety of your finest projects and lay them out in a binder that your visitors can easily flip through.

10. Welcome All Visitors

Ensure that you have eyes on all potential visitors, and if you see anyone looking toward your booth, make sure to engage with them. Welcome them with a simple “hello” and invite them to your booth.


Follow these 10 tips to have a memorable trade show booth and display!