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55 marketing strategies for the event planning and services in Australia

During the process of formulating your marketing strategy, you have most likely been familiar with the concept of event marketing and servicesand the impact it might have on your organization. It can't be denied that this marketing approach is one of the most used ones. The annual number of business events held in the Australiais 1.3 million, contributing to the country's £42 billion events industry. It is predicted that a significant percentage of it will consist of branded events and business gatherings. Why, in this day and age when the emphasis is mostly on technology, are events still such an important part of the marketing landscape? Let's begin with the question that seems to be the most obvious and fundamental:

WHAT IS event marketing and services EXACTLY?

In a nutshell, the term "event marketing" refers to the promotion of a company's product or service via any kind of event. This may be little more than a casual breakfast discussion, or it may be a full-blown symposium. You may raise awareness of your firm by either organizing online events, such as webinars, or by simply sponsoring an existing event.

In its most basic form, the term "event marketing" refers to any situation in which others are made aware of your brand or product. The marketing process, on the other hand, does not conclude with the event; it often involves advertising both before and after the event.

The objectives that your firm wishes to accomplish will guide the planning of the event that you put on. The following are some of the kinds that are most often seen: In-person events include things like product launches, trade exhibits, conferences, and seminars, as well as networking events and seminars. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 75 percent of content marketers find that holding in-person events is the content marketing strategy that yields the greatest amount of results.

Webinars and events broadcast live through the internet are two types of online events. Businesses that have a limited amount of resources often turn to this strategy since it may be more cost-effective.


To increase consumers' familiarity with a certain brand or product, try the following:

If you want to develop and establish your brand, one of the most successful ways to bring a brand or product story to life is to use event marketing. [Create and Establish Your Brand] In point of fact, research conducted on the effect of events found that the vast majority of consumers (93 percent) feel that live events have a bigger influence on them than advertising that is broadcast on television.

to maintain a higher number of existing customers

Keep in mind that the success of the event should largely depend on the satisfaction of the visitors. The quality of the customer experience is the single most important factor in determining client retention and loyalty. Whether it is a business conference or the introduction of a new product, you must ensure that either your customers or your employees enjoy themselves to the fullest. Don't be afraid to inject some humor into a dry business presentation; your audience will remember it and establish positive associations with your brand if you do!

What exactly is meant by the term "experiential marketing"?

You may be already acquainted with the term "experiential marketing." It's easy to get it mixed up with event marketing, but experience marketing requires a little more... well, experience. It's a marketing technique that allows consumers to have an experience with the brand. An immersive component is often included in experiential activations. This might take the form of product sampling or testing, or anything else that allows prospective customers and buyers to engage with your brand or product. Vivid has a different product for the marketing of event planing and services in Australia click on the link   to get more information about our marketing products.

WHY IS event marketing and services ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS?

event marketing and servicescontinues to be a prevalent movement, even though the predominant emphasis in the modern marketing environment is placed on digital marketing. Events may be used by marketers to develop relationships and trust with prospective consumers by offering a human touch, which is typically absent from digital marketing. Customers are allowed to engage in two-way communication with companies and to develop a feeling of ownership over their own brand identities as a result.

Are you still not persuaded? We are going to step back and allow the study to do the talking. The following is a list of important statistics that illustrate the benefits of event marketing:

According to a recent study on event marketing, the majority of event marketers believe that in-person events are the most effective marketing channel (31 percent), placing them ahead of digital advertising, email marketing, and content marketing.

After participating in an event, 84 percent of attendees say that they have a more favorable opinion of a certain business, product, or service than they did before attending the event. According to research conducted by EMI and Mosaic in 2016, successful companies spend 1.75 times as much on live events as they do on conventional marketing. (Bizzabo, 2018)


Your event promotion plan might be doomed if you fail to make use of digital marketing channels such as social media and email because people spend an average of more than six hours per week online. You may market your event by using social media and email communications. Some simple approaches, such as using a hashtag for your event on Twitter and creating a page on Facebook for your event, may help your event get popular. Find different ways to encourage both your workers and your visitors to provide as much online content as they possibly can while the event is taking place.

The usage of social media in advance of an event might potentially be highly beneficial. In the weeks leading up to your event, you may make use of the following straightforward social media strategies:

  • It is important to not forget to establish a hashtag on Twitter. You should publicize your event by scheduling a series of tweets leading up to it, and then you should look into hiring someone to live-tweet the event itself.
  • Include your event creative in any visuals you create, and begin advertising the event a few weeks before it is scheduled to take place, to increase the likelihood that people will participate. Create a page on Facebook for the event, and then share that page with other relevant Facebook groups.
  • Publish announcements about the event in relevant groups on LinkedIn.
  • Instagram: Before and throughout the event, be sure to post to your Instagram Stories with information and commentary about the event. According to Eventbrite's research, 67 percent of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to an event after seeing a live video of it. This is one reason why we encourage people to post live videos.
  • It should come as no surprise that in the not-too-distant future, technology will play a significant part in event marketing:
  • The use of augmented reality is something that event planners anticipate using 87 percent of the time in 2018. Virtual reality was on the minds of 88 percent of those who participated in the survey. (according to Eventbrite) Over the previous year, 96% of event organizers planned to broadcast live videos. The reason for this is that research has shown that customers watch live videos eight times longer than they do previously recorded content.
  • Eighty-three percent of event planners make use of a dedicated event app.
  • In this post on the blog, we will go through the many benefits that come along with utilizing an event app.


EFFECTIVE event marketing and services STRATEGIES' KEY COMPONENTS

The following is a list of some of the most important components of an effective plan for marketing an event:


To get started, you need to develop some measurable goals.

Just as you would for any other marketing campaign, you should begin your event marketing and servicesplan by compiling a list of goals and then breaking each of those goals down into more precise targets. During the post-event study, you need to be sure to measure each one of them so that you can get an accurate image of how successful the event was. Decide on them early on in the planning phase so that you won't have to second-guess the outcome of your event later and wonder whether it was a success. Employ the services of a company that specializes in event marketing and servicesif doing so will ensure that success measures are implemented.

Think about a certain subject beforehand.

Build a brand-aligned experience for your attendees during the event you're hosting. Think about the way things will look: how will your venue seem, and what will the materials for your event look like? The same creativity should be used throughout the whole process, beginning with the post you make on Facebook and continuing through the promotional materials that are distributed during the event.

Make a diversified event marketing and services strategy.

It is a waste of time and effort to put a lot of work into the planning of an event if you do not publicize it efficiently. To create the most amount of interest possible, you should combine several interest-generating strategies, such as public relations, sponsored advertising, social media, and email marketing. To guarantee that your event has the greatest number of prospective attendees, you should begin communicating as soon as possible and do so on a frequent enough basis.

The use of segmentation is essential to a successful event marketing and servicesplan.

Invest some effort into segmenting your promotions according to factors such as job title and industry to increase the likelihood that you will attract the appropriate individuals to your event. Before you start your advertising campaign, you should test a few different marketing messages to evaluate how well they are perceived by potential customers


One of the most important factors that will determine how successful an event is will be how it is promoted. However, in the weeks preceding the event, we recommend adopting a multi-channel approach to build a lot of buzz about the event. Your promotion strategy will be defined by your particular objectives, but your goals will also shape your promotion plan. This might include some of the channels that are mentioned below:


Use email marketing to send out information about your event, from a teaser email to an invite and a countdown, and everything in between. If you segment your email lists, you will be able to send more personalized emails to the people who are most interested in the event and are most likely to attend.

Because social media is used by billions of people all over the world, it is one of the most efficient methods to communicate with a large number of people. Utilize Facebook to develop a targeted event marketing and servicesplan, since the platform gives you the ability to tailor your event advertising according to demographics, geographic location, and interests. You may advertise your event on Twitter by using the official event hashtag, and you can encourage people to bring their friends to get future discounts by offering them. Utilizing social media as part of your event promotion strategy will ensure that the people who reside in the area around your gathering are aware of it.


Internal communications:

If you want as many employees as possible to take part in your event, you should also advertise it internally. This might be achieved via the distribution of e-mail newsletters or through competitions in which workers have the opportunity to win event tickets for their friends and family.

After the event, it is important to maintain contact with those who attended as well as those who did not. The most successful event marketing and servicesstrategies will include a comprehensive follow-up strategy to ensure that attendees keep your company in mind after the event is over. This may be accomplished, for example, via the use of follow-up emails, promotional offers, and lead nurturing.


Not only may event marketing and servicesassist the company's customers and other external stakeholders, but it can also benefit the company itself. Holding events is one of the most effective strategies to boost the level of employee engagement. A recent Harris survey found that 78 percent of millennials would rather spend money on experiences or activities than on actual items. This finding demonstrates that modern employees value more than just monetary advantages since it shows that they value more than just money.

Marketing for event planning and services in Australia

The time and date have been decided. It has been decided to use this place. Now all that is required of you is to invite people to the event. Worried? Perhaps only a hair's breadth? Don't be afraid. If you aren't sure how to begin promoting your event, have a look at this list of fifty different ideas. You don't need a significant advertising budget or endorsements from notable people to make this work. Employing this list as the foundation for your event marketing and servicesapproach is all that is required. The following are some of the best suggestions we have for filling up spaces.  The homepage or website dedicated to the event should serve as the foundation for all marketing efforts. You may utilize a page or website that is specifically devoted to the event for this, or you could create a page on Eventbrite if you don't already have one. In any event, you may make it more attractive by including ALL of the following elements:

1. An engaging account of the situation

Please include not just the attendees but also the topic, time, and place of the meeting. The description must provide a breakdown of the specific benefits that come with each kind of attendance. It should be concise and easy to scan. When it is possible to do so, incorporate endorsements from other parties, such as a statement from a previous event.  Your services are attracting more and more customers to the store. make a list of services and display it on the poster with vivid ads

2. The selection and organization of content in advance of the event

the organization of tangible materials that attendees of an event may take home with them before, during, and after the event (this could be videos, photos, t-shirts  or just about anything.) If done properly (and not as SWAG), this has the potential to build talk about the event, reach new audiences, and keep the event property fresh in the minds of people who are departing. It's all about capturing precious moments and turning them into the content!

3. Biographies and photographs of the presenters

Great public speakers can draw in large crowds. The speaker page needs to include images of them along with their qualifications.

4. A depiction of the incident

The image will be shown on social networking platforms whenever the website in question is shared. It might be the logo for the event, a picture of a packed room, or even simply a genuine grin.

5. Videos related to the occasion

Easy video interviews with the presenters must be conducted and uploaded to this location. Google Hangouts and Skype are two applications that may be used to quickly construct them. It's simpler than you would imagine, and the effort will be well worth it in the end. If you make a respectful request, the speakers at the event may be willing to record a short video for you, much as Jay Acunzo, the inventor of Unthinkable, did for Content Jam.

6. A large button labeled "register now."

It is possible that you will not get any response unless you have an easily visible button and a call to action.  Use signage displays by vivid for advertisements

7. the heading

It is more probable that an email will be opened if the subject line inspires amazement, anger, or anxiety. According to research, subject lines that include emotional content that is on the neutral to positive spectrum have a lower chance of being opened. Use a phrase like "10 things you'll lose out on if you don't attend this event" as an example.

8. Please send this message before the weekend.

It's a smart move to fire out an email over the weekend if you can. The fact that relatively few companies take advantage of it suggests that the open and clickthrough rates may be higher. If people notice it on the weekend, they may have less of a time crunch and be more willing to give your event a few hours of their time. If they are in the mood for company, they could even bring a friend along with them.

9. a video preview thumbnail

In the body of the email, provide a clickable graphic that leads to a video of the speaker being interviewed. There is a possibility that emails with video thumbnails may enhance clickthrough rates.

10. Social evidence

Make use of positive feedback from previous events as well as the credentials of the speakers as quotes in your emails and on your website. Display banners on the streets using for social evidence

11. Resend it as many times as you can.

Think about sending out an email invitation to the event many times. Sending out an email many months in advance to promote the speaker roster as well as early-bird registration discounts is recommended for large-scale events.

Send an email not just right before the promotion's end time but also again as the event draws closer. Finally, a few days before the event, you should send an email to registrants with a reminder of the event's time and location, as well as one last invitation to sign up for the event.

Have fun with friends before the big occasion.

People get together for many reasons during events. Naturally, you need to include social media in the advertising of your event. The following is an explanation of how to market the event via the use of social media and blog postings:

12. Using a hashtag

Pick a hashtag for your event that is succinct and, if at all possible, one that is exclusive to your event. This hashtag will be included in every one of your tweets and posts that you create.

If you are going to use Eventbrite, you may even include it as a subdomain in the URL of the page where people register for the event. Wine and the Web is something that happens once a month at Orbit, for example. #wineweb is the hashtag, and is the website for registering to attend the event.

13. Ensure that your social media bios include relevant links.

In most cases, a link to your website will be included in your biography on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. When promoting a major event, you should, however, think about changing these links so that they direct viewers to the event website.

14. To locate people who are relevant to your search, use Twitter.

Using Twitter's Advanced Search, you may locate others who have an interest in the same topic as you and who reside in your area. Include them in event tweets or give them an invitation through Twitter to show your appreciation for their participation.

15. Twitter!

In contrast to emails, the vast majority of tweets are ignored as they go through the social feeds of your audience. Therefore, tweet often and early. The following are some of the reasons why you should tweet before the event. A good number of these tweets might be scheduled in advance with the help of applications like Coschedule and Buffer.

Tweets that include a passage from a witness's evidence as a quote (find these on LinkedIn)

Send out a tweet with a quote from the interview that is going to be in the pre-event blog article. (which includes the presenter) Thank you for registering, and I'll see you there!" (includes those who have registered, most notably those who are influential on social media). Display your social media account in your store for customers using

16. If that's the case, remain with your family.

After reading these tweets, follow a few people who may have an interest in the topic you've been discussing. The following someone may cause them to become aware of the situation since it may bring to their notice that they are being followed. It is a good idea to follow people when you have an interesting tweet promoting an event located at the top of your stream.

17. Post information about the event on social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Certainly! Make sure that the photo that is on the event page can be seen. Make mention of the speakers and ask them to pass the message along to the people they know. Publish again with updated videos and a note to remind people of the registration deadlines. Display your website to know new customers about your online presence using flags of vivid which are attractive

18. A page expressing gratitude for one's registration

On the "thank you" page that appears after someone has successfully registered for an event, suggest that they share information about it on social media. In the tweet that announces their presence at the event, both the hashtag and a link to the website where registration may be completed will be provided. Utilize a link that allows users to easily tweet the content by clicking on it. You may see further examples of thank you pages at this link.

19. Auto-response email for registration

Those who sign up will get a confirmation email. Please make use of this opportunity to extend an invitation to them to follow you on Twitter. Don't forget to add the hashtag to your post.


20. Additional automated email responses

If your website has the capability to email visitors when they fill out a contact form, here is the place to provide a link to the event.

21. A crossing of a stream

If you're getting traction on one social network but not another, you could want to switch up the subject you're discussing. If someone shares anything you wrote on Facebook, be sure to thank them on Twitter. Greetings to everyone who tweets about the event and invites them to connect on LinkedIn.

As you can see, we encourage a lot of people to participate with us on social media, and we urge you to connect with others, mention them, post about them, tweet about them, and link to them whenever you can.

22. In preparation for the event, write a post for your blog.

One week in advance of the event. Along the same lines as the videos, this can be an interview with one or more of the presenters. Conducting interviews through email is a quick and uncomplicated way to produce content. Send the speaker an email including your list of questions, then wait for them to reply with their replies. Include a link to this article in the emails discussed in the previous paragraph.

23. Invite guest bloggers to contribute.

Speakers will discover that guest writing offers benefits in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, even though it requires some effort. If they post anything for you, encourage them to share your content with their networks and ask them to do the same.

A helpful suggestion is to trade guest blog entries with a speaker. Two guest posts were used in the promotion of a content strategy event; the first was written by the speaker and published on the event website; the second was written by the event organizer and published on the blog of the speaker. A cooperative effort with other people

24. Those who work in photography and videography

In the case that you do not have the financial means to pay professionals, you may offer a professional photographer or filmmaker free admission (or possibly a booth in the event area) in exchange for their services. Make sure they agree to provide assets within a fair timeline. In return for their time, make sure you provide them with excellent exposure.

25. Make presentations uniform.

Make a basic Powerpoint template and distribute it to your presenters. Although there will only be two slides (a title slide and an inside slide), the fonts and colors will be consistent with the event concept. This will make the presentations seem better when you share them after the event (see post-event email below) (see post-event email below).

26. Affiliate partners

Make a one-of-a-kind discount code for each participant, including the speakers and the partners in the event. They may choose to advertise the event using this code and provide members of their social networks with an opportunity to save money on ticket purchases. You will be able to determine how successful the partner was in promoting the event since the code is unique to that partner. This will allow you to analyze the amount of success the partner had. You are now able to negotiate with that partner over the payment of a referral fee for registrations of this kind of membership.  Use signs for event  discussion forums by vivid such as

Create a discount code that registrants may use to get a discount of $50 off their purchase and title it "BOB50." Give this code to Bob, who will be delivering the keynote address during the event. The registrations start coming in almost immediately after Bob sends the code to all of his Twitter followers. In conclusion, the evidence presented by the registration record on Eventbrite demonstrates unequivocally that the promotional code was used 10 times. You are at liberty to present Bob with a $500 cheque along with a note expressing your appreciation for the assistance he provided in publicizing the event. You may choose to provide them with promotional vouchers to encourage them to become affiliates in the marketing of the event. It's conceivable that this may prove to be useful in the future!

27. Tweets that have already been composed in advance

You should solicit assistance with marketing from your event's sponsors, partners, and presenters; but, you should also make an effort to minimize the amount of work they have to put in. You should email yourself a collection of tweets that you've compiled because you think they're fascinating once you've done so. They are now more likely to assist, and they are less likely to use a link or hashtag that is improper.

28. Drinks and dinner

Before the major event, invite the event's speakers, sponsors, important influencers, and members of the press out for dinner or drinks. This is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with a variety of people and have a fun time. If you do this, you will most likely overhear others talking about the dinner discussion while the event itself is taking place, which will give you a bad impression. "It was only the previous night that we were talking about this subject..." It's possible that having great personal ties may lead to better teamwork when it comes to the big event. Distribute your content to websites that are associated with corporations and the media. Use products by vivid for holding an event such as

29. Submit your article to all of the different organizations that cover local news in your area.

A broad number of media outlets, particularly hyper-local news websites, provide users with the opportunity to submit events on their websites. You may find these by doing a search on Google for "event calendars" followed by the name of the city you live in.

30. Participate in commercial organisations

In addition to this, there is the potential of submitting to various corporate and commercial organisations. Ask them if they will publish, accept, or promote events that are organised by other organisations if such activities are relevant to their audience. Also, ask them if they will promote events that are organized by other organizations. It is usual practice for business chambers to take pleasure in promoting events that are of interest to their members, and this enjoyment is increased when the event's organizers are also chamber members. This practice is typical practice.

32. Choose a keyword to use in your search.

First things first, we have to settle on a keyword that is appropriate for our situation. The target keyword must contain not only the subject matter of the event but also the phrase "event" and the name of your city. The phrases "orthodontist event Tulsa," "campfire safety event Charlotte," and "vegan cookery event Chicago" are just a few examples. If you want further information on how to recognize more particular keywords, you should look at the website titled How to Research Keywords. This is the title of the website you should look at. Marketing of keywords is best when you will use products of vivid

33. things like headers and title tags.

Make it a point to include your target term in both the title tag and the header of the page. It is standard procedure to place the name of the event at the end of the title tag. This ensures that the keyword comes first in the tag's display. This provides Google with more information to help it determine which results are relevant. A website with a title tag like "Veterinarian Event in Dallas - PetCon Dallas," for example, may be beneficial to a convention in the state of Texas that is aimed toward veterinarians.

34. A searchable description

A poetic, in-depth account of the event that makes considerable use of the target word has to be included on the page that is dedicated to the occasion. If the piece of writing is quite lengthy, you might consider breaking it up into many shorter pieces. Make the most of the many different kinds of formatting that are available to you, such as headers, subheadings, internal links, bulleted lists, and so on. This SEO checklist may provide you with more information if you look through it.

35. Linking

Make sure that other pages on your site, including earlier blog entries, link to the page that discusses the event. Internal links are very crucial for search engine optimization, so make sure that other sites on your site connect to the page that details the event. This will not only drive visitors to the website, but it will also signal to search engines that the information presented on the page is relevant to the query being conducted.

36. Quotations are taken from a variety of messages made on Twitter

For the knowledge that will make your mouth wet, pay attention to the speeches and presentations. Include the hashtag and give credit to the individual who said it.

37. Take turns giving each other your images.

Make it a priority to capture images of the attendees, presenters, and other participants at the event, and then upload those pictures on Twitter after the event has concluded. The usage of smartphones has significantly simplified this process. Utilize the #hashtag, and call out particular individuals by name.

38. Host a contest or a lottery to raise money for the cause.

Even if you're only giving away a small item, like a book or a gift from a sponsor, you should still take advantage of the opportunity to collect email addresses (of course, with their permission), and then post a photo of the winner holding the prize on social media. Even if you're only giving away a small item, like a book or a gift from a sponsor, you should still take advantage of the opportunity to collect email addresses. Even if you're simply giving away a tiny item, such as a book or a present from a sponsor, it's important to make it a memorable one. Before the event can be regarded to have come to a close, the marketing activities have to be done. It is essential to engage in activities immediately after the event's conclusion if you want to ensure that the next one you host will be even more successful. To help your business succeed, we've devised a step-by-step strategy using eye-catching posters.

39. A Discussion Regarding the Presentations

These summaries can integrate encouraging results that were obtained from a future survey.

40. Presentations delivered by the many speakers that were present

Making use of a platform such as Slideshare makes it possible to incorporate presentations, which, in addition to the images, have to be posted on the website for the event or in the blog post.

41. An assortment of images taken at the event

These picture galleries have to be featured on the event website or, at the very least, in a blog post that discusses the event and gives background information. If you do this, instead of directing them to a website where they may share photographs, you will be sending them to your very own website where you can display anything you want.

42. During the event, compile a list of the tweets that were considered to be the "most popular."

Should you have included a hashtag in your article, it will be easier for other people to locate it.

43. Compile a list of those who will be attending the event and the speakers and the sponsors.

When you utilize, making lists and incorporating them into your website may become an enjoyable and communal activity. As a consequence of having access to this sort of list, participants may be able to locate one another after the event and continue to network with one another as a result of their ability to connect.

Read More50 marketing strategies for your event complex business in Australia

44. As part of your answer, please include a link to a survey.

Not only are questionnaires an effective method for gathering feedback and recommendations, but they may also be used to compile testimonials that can be used at a later time.

45. Include a link to any blog posts or other writings completed following the occurrence.

Because you have already generated and disseminated the finest of your content, connecting to it in these emails ought to be a breeze because you have already done it.

46. Those who register with you should be encouraged to follow you on social media and to share your content.

It's conceivable that some of the individuals who registered with you aren't yet following you on Twitter or another social media platform. Never pass up an opportunity to promote your social media accounts, and under no circumstances should you ever let one get away from you.

47. Suggest to those individuals who have registered that they are kept abreast of planned events and activities.

There is a potential that some of the individuals who have registered with you have not yet subscribed to the service. This is something that you should keep in mind. You may increase the size of your mailing list and improve the efficiency of your email marketing by including a link to your email registration form on your website.Use different pullup banners for attracting people to your websites and your office in Australia for example, premium pull-up banners by vivid

48. professions of gratitude

Please send follow-up tweets and posts after the event in which you express your thanks to the speakers, the sponsors, and the attendees. This will serve as a means for you to communicate your gratitude. This helps establish relationships with other individuals.

49. Display your pictures to one another.

You may submit some of your favorite photographs to social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. Make sure that each individual is properly identified and labeled.

50. Don't give up on telling others the news!

In the days that follow the event, you should be on the lookout for tweets, mentions, and blog posts that were published by other individuals. In this particular situation, it is anticipated that the hashtag will be of some service to those involved. If you come to discover a fresh mention, could you please share the word about it?

51. Communication through email delivered before the event

If you already have a list of customers, email marketing may be the most effective approach for you to use. In the case that you do not have any, you might suggest that friends, partners, or speakers mention the event in any emails that they send out (see "Affiliate Partners" below).

52. Learning more about one another in the aftermath of the incident

Right now is the time to reflect on the events of the past, express gratitude, and commit to maintaining communication.

53. Make sure that the search engine optimization on your event page is done properly.

There is a significant possibility that people are actively searching for your event at this very second. If you want to increase the search engine optimization of either the event website or the registration page on Eventbrite, follow these simple steps.

54. Communicate with the various news outlets.

There is a significant possibility that journalists from the surrounding region are now observing this event. You may find them by searching for events on news websites that are comparable to the ones you are looking for. If this is the case, you should extend an invitation to them, provide them with press credentials, or make them an offer for an article that is connected to the topic in which they have shown interest. This may take the shape of an interview with the speaker or a guest blog post written by you and published on their website. Both of these options are possible. You could obtain some exposure if you are successful in getting their attention. This would need some effort on your part.

55. Generating new leads

Creating leads is one of the most crucial aspects of event marketing, which is why you should include it in your plan. This is an excellent method for simultaneously communicating with several members of your target audience at the same time. It is planned to familiarise customers with new products and services.

Participating in events allows you to engage with your customers on a more individual level. It is also a chance for you to enlighten and educate them about your products and services in an atmosphere where they will be more interested in the conversation. Research conducted by Event Track found that customers who participated in activations were almost unanimous in their assertion that the experience made them more inclined to make a purchase. Use banners inside your events with express services by vivid, vinyl banners are best for this:

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