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3 Designing Tips for Effective Marketing with Standees

Well designed standees placed in a strategic location that sees high foot traffic can help you advertise your business in an efficient manner. In fact, an attractive design can really help your standees stand out. It can help you successfully deliver your message to your target audience.

Here are 3 designing tips for your standees that will help you effectively market your message.

1. Text Flow

Most people read text or glance at a visual from left to right and top to bottom. You have to be mindful of this tendency and follow the proper hierarchy of text as you design your promotional standees. Use this hierarchy to effectively deliver your marketed content.

Make sure that your design and text layout follows this rule of thumb. Since the reader reads from top to bottom, they tend to lose focus as their eyes drift to the latter part of a standee.

So, make sure your standees display the most relevant bit of information at the top. This way, anyone who glances at your standees will first receive the most crucial bit of information.

2. Color Scheme

We all know that every design needs a bit of color to pop. The same goes for your standees; adding colors to your standee will really bring out the text you want displayed on it. It will help your standee stand out amidst a sea of foot traffic.

However, be mindful that you don’t add every color imaginable to your standees. In order for your content to stand out and be as clear as possible, you need to stick to a clear and contrasting color theme. The colors have to complement each other as that will make your design more pleasant and striking in the eyes of your audience.  

If your brand already has a distinct color palette deeply associated with it, such as red for Coca-Cola, then you should definitely take advantage of that. Design your standees with this color scheme in mind so that people can easily associate your brand with your content.

3. Graphics and Images

You can access your creative liberty and create dynamic and attractive visual and graphic designs that will help you convey your content in an effective manner. People tend to lose interest in standees that have too much information plastered on them; no one has the time to stand at a roadside and read everything there is to know about your brand!

Instead of boring old text, you can employ creative and crisp graphics that can convey your message on standees. However, make sure that your image doesn’t clash with or overpower your text and vice versa. You also don’t want your standee to look too crammed, so leave out aesthetically appealing spaces in your design to give your standee a breathier look.

We hope you make use of these tips for an effective standee design.

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