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10 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Logo



An amazing logo will help your brand become noticeable and bring individuality to it. In this digital age, your logo is what will bring you the attention and identification you need.

Here are ten of the most vital aspects of designing a logo that will help etch your logo into the collective memory of unsuspecting leads.

1. Pen Down Your Idea

Whatever concept, design, or theme you have in mind for your logo, just put it on paper. This is definitely the most drawn out part of creating your logo, but without a proper outline for your design, your logo will suffer. As you progress with different sketches, you might end up with a better variation of your initial design.

2. Express Yourself

The shape, color, and typography of your logo should be a reflection of you and your brand image. A perfect example is the A to Z of Amazon!

3. Think of Your Audience

Whether you go for a logo with words or one with an image, just ensure that the design will resonate with your target audience. For instance, a logo for a brand targeted at kids will most likely have colorful and fun imagery.

4. Make a Statement

Get instant recognition with a logo design that is self-explanatory. Capture your target audience’s attention with a visually bold and striking image that directly sells your service and makes for a confident first impression.

5. Think Outside the Box

Dare to be outrageous and creative. The perfect example is Apple’s use of a literal apple as their logo— the tech company has no link to a food item, but the simplicity and brilliance of the logo make it a truly memorable and unique one.

6. Simplicity

A simple design is always easy on the eyes and legible in all sizes. Start out by scaling your logo to the size— it will be on your letterheads and business cards. If it loses clarity, then it will not be effective.

7. Adaptability

A vector format logo is perfect since it can be enlarged without compromising the image quality to print on large formats for placement on billboards or shop fronts.

8. Color

The colors you choose for your logo will define the collective color scheme of your website and brand. Make sure to use a color wheel tool to choose shades that go well together. Also, take into consideration if your logo will look good in grayscale and black and white.

9. Typeface

Try out several print types before choosing one that goes the best with your concept. Steer clear of typeface styles that will make your logo look like the work of a novice designer.

10. Research                

Research is the key to branding your logo. To align your logo with the brand it is representing, you need to do proper research on the brand. For instance, if you plan to design a logo for a Mexican brand, then it is important for you to dive deep into the Mexican culture before settling on a design.

Keep these aspects in mind to design the most perfect and memorable logo!

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