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What are teardrop flags?

We carry a wide range of display banners and flags. Still, teardrop flags are some of our most popular for offering quick, simple brand exposure, especially in outdoor environments. Here, we will look at teardrop flags and their alternative options, feather flags, and advantages.

What are teardrop flags?

Teardrop banners or flags are free-standing or wall-attached flags with a distinctive teardrop shape. They consist of the base (which can fit them to walls and the ground) and graphic print fabric banners that offer plenty of space to display your logo, branding, and details such as your address, web address, or product features. Kits come ready for use with the flag, itself, the banner, and the base you have chosen.

Where are they used, and what are their advantages?

With a range of bases that can help affix it to hard ground, soft ground, and even walls, the teardrop banner is most famous for outdoor use. Regardless of size, they have a distinct shape that helps them stand out from afar and are highly weather resistant. When fitted onto the wall of your business property, they can also help it further stand out and add some much-needed curb appeal. However, they are not relegated solely to outdoor use. Wherever you are, they can help you, and your brand says who you are, where you are, and what you do.

Base options to suit your needs

Teardrop flags are highly versatile due to the range of bases they come with. All our flag bases can be used with all styles and sizes of teardrop flags. There are wall-mounted brackets that can help you secure them to most vertical surfaces andmetal stands that are perfect for flat floors. The cross feet base comes with a water bag that can help nail it down in the case of windy weather or slightly uneven ground. For soft ground, such as grassy areas, the ground spike creates a deeply embedded base that you can easily slot your flag into, as well.

Other options

Your choice of bases isn’t the only option available to you either. We can help you design and print three sizes of teardrop flags. Our small flags measure 600 cm x 2100 cm, our medium flags are 1040 cm x 3000 cm and our large option is 1170 cm x 4200 cm. Furthermore, if you already have print-ready artwork, you can upload it, and we can print it to the flag of your choice. If you don’t have print-ready artwork, our Design & Print service uses our professional design team to make sure you end up with the perfect flag.

If you’re looking for teardrop banners or any other kind of advertising flags, our products page has a wide range of options to suit a range of different needs. Take a look and note the customisation features available, helping you craft precisely the flags you need.

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