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How to Market Your Business with Roll-Up Banners

Roll-up or pull-up banners are a critical part of any business’s outdoor marketing plan. They are also trendy at trade shows and marketing events. They also make for an excellent, cost-effective marketing solution thanks to their durable and versatile nature.
However, only effective designing and strategic placement will allow your roll-up banners to shine. So, here are four tips you can use to improve marketing effectiveness with a roll-up banner.

1. Create a Crisp and Attractive Message

You need to have an impactful message displayed on your roll-up banner. If it’s for a product you are advertising, clearly state your product's benefits and top features. Your notice should be short and catchy.
Don’t overload your banner with too much information, as that will disrupt the layout of your banner and will overwhelm your reader. Make sure to follow the less is more approach and stick to a creative and concise message.

2. Create an Effective and Impactful Design

Effective roll-up banners design requires you to think outside the box. Use your brand’s prominent colour scheme to create your roll-up banners. Incorporate high-quality images and graphics in your banner. Make sure to not go overboard and use a multitude of colours, as that will negatively affect the readability of your banner.
A solid tip is to use two or three complementing colours in your banner design. Use a colour theme that reflects your brand’s corporate image. Make sure that the graphics you choose to add in your roll-up banner designs are high-resolution images that won’t get pixelated when enlarged.

3. Follow a Proper Hierarchy for Your Content

To ensure that your roll-up banner attracts maximum views, you need to enhance its readability. A sure-fire way to increase the readability of any text is to follow a proper hierarchy of headings, subheadings, and paragraphs for your content. Also, make sure that you place your business’s logo and name at eye level.
If you have correctly highlighted headings that reflect the essential parts of your content, then your banner will attract maximum attention. Also, make sure that the font you use in the design and content of your roll-up banner is well-spaced and easy to read.

4. Use Them to Your Best Advantage

If you want to have a significant number of roll-up banners printed, then make sure to opt for offset printing as that is a cost-effective option. Print your roll-up banners in different sizes and shapes for marketing your business in trade shows. Use smaller banners to direct people to your trade show booth using creative directional callouts.
You can also place pull-up banners in strategic locations on roadsides and in malls that see the most foot traffic. You can also use these banners at marketing events, conferences, and even in business schools and reception areas of shops and stores that sell the kind of products you are marketing.
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