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Comparing Different Banner Materials

Banner Material Comparison

Banners are great for various purposes, but they are usually a popular choice for marketing. They are used at events, protests, exhibitions, etc., and are meant to grab audience attention. Banners can be created using different materials depending upon the occasion. For small events, banners tend to be handmade and are made on charts and papers. However, for bigger events, they are formally printed in a variety of styles. There are a ton of material options that can be used to make stunning banners to attract customers. You’ll have to choose the banner material according to your needs. Here’s a list of a few banner materials, each offering their own unique display features.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is the most commonly utilized material to create stunning banners. Vinyl is a very versatile fabric containing different properties, making it a great option for various purposes. Firstly, vinyl is water and ultraviolet (UV) resistant and can, therefore, serve really well for outdoor use. Vinyl banners are aesthetically appealing as they make the printed colors look very clear and crisp. This material is available in a range of thicknesses and the size is based on its weight per square yard. Additionally, these banners are made with a specially curated scrim vinyl that makes the material super strong.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are made up of a specific PVC polyester fabric. Banners made from mesh are of great quality as they allow almost 37% airflow, making them perfect for outdoor and windy areas. Mesh is usually used to create fence banners. A mesh banner features visible slits that appear to be intersecting fibers that aid in transforming it into a printable surface for good quality images.

Bear in mind that mesh banner surfaces lack area for printing due to the tiny holes they have. The color results on mesh banners tend to be lighter and softer. However, you can increase the readability of the banners by using high contrast colors for printing.

Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are created using a high-quality blend of nylon and polyester. Not only is this material functional, but it’s also great for printing purposes. Fabric banners are soft to touch and really lightweight. They’re easy to put up but aren’t a suitable option for outdoor events. However, they’re good for indoor events and displays. A highly advanced dye sublimation process is used to print on fabric banners and the colors are very attractive and accurate.


Polyester banners, like vinyl banners, are also made from a type of plastic. People usually confuse polyester and vinyl, but they’re not the same material even though they might appear to be. Polyester comprises polymers and esters that are bound together to form a polyester strand. They are also often used as banner material for outdoor events and marketing.

Your banner material choice depends on various factors, including the purpose of the banner, the location where the banner will be placed (indoor or outdoor) and even the quality and colors of the images printed on it. Banners are an ideal yet cost-effective way to spread your message.

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