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What Makes for an Effective Banner Ad?

It is true that custom-made flags and banners serve as a useful tool for on-ground promotion. Designing an effective banner seems like a simple enough job as well. The first part is true. The second one isn’t. Designing an advertising banner flag can be surprisingly tricky, and if you do it wrong, then it may as well be money down the drain. Like other forms of advertising, there are certain rules for on-ground advertising as well. If you are looking to use advertising banner flags for the promotion of your products or services, then here’s what you need to keep in mind:

The Content

The content is the most tricky part of designing custom-made flags and banners. You have a limited amount of space available, and you need to be able to communicate your message within this space. When deciding upon the content for a banner ad, you must make sure to include three things:

  1. The logo of your brand
  2. A brief yet powerful message
  3. A call-to-action

Make sure that everything is clear and readable as well. Unclear signs will only confuse your audience. You cannot afford to be ambiguous here. Choose a direct tone. It is also important that you keep the message short because otherwise, people won’t be able to read it completely. They might lose interest halfway as well. A call-to-action is important because it tells your customer what they must do next to get in touch with your business. Without a call-to-action, you will risk losing a potential customer simply because your banner contains incomplete information.

The Size

Banners come in various sizes and shapes. The size and shape of your banner will depend on where you intend to place it. Common shapes for outdoor banners and signs include Blade, Barracuda, Excaliber, Rollow, Imagine, Discover, Boomerang, Monsoon, etc. The dimensions start from 12 x 18 inches and can go up to 96 x 48 inches. 

You can choose the size according to the amount of ad space you require and the placement of the banner.



Focus on the Details

In order to deliver a message through an advertising banner flag, you must also take a look at certain details such as the font used, the size of the font, the colors, and the artwork. As far as the font size is concerned, the rule is to increase the font size according to the viewing distance you are aiming for. For example, if you are using a font size of 20 inches for your banner flag, then it will have an impact up to 200 feet. Fonts like Futura, Helvetica, and Arial are very effective. You should avoid using fonts with a cursive typeface as these can be hard to read. The colors and artwork will depend upon your brand architecture.

To Sum It Up

There are several things to keep in mind when designing custom-made flags and banners. You must make sure to develop banners that have relevant content and are of the right size. Other details such as the font size and the font type are very important as well.

Feel free to visit us at if you need help in designing a great advertising banner flag for your business!


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