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4 Advantages of Using Video Advertising at Tradeshows

Tradeshows provide a great opportunity for businesses to attract new customers and tap into new markets. But tradeshows are huge. There are many businesses out there that are essentially offering the same thing as you do. This makes it difficult for one company to stand out from another. Customers are likely to spend more time on the exhibition stands that are able to garner their attention. This means, to grab the attention of the tradeshow attendees, you must offer something unique and interesting.

One way to attract more customers to your stand is to use video advertising. Video advertising is unique and intrigues the onlookers. They are curious to find out what you are offering and thus flock to your exhibition stand. This increases your chances of improving your visibility and hence your bottom line.

Here are some benefits of using video advertising at trade shows.

1. It Helps Explain Your Business Offering

If you offer a product or service that is difficult to explain face to face, then video advertising can help you do the job. You can create an in-depth video about your product or service and play it on big screens. This will help you connect with your customers and they will be able to understand what you offer better.

2. You Can Play Product Demonstration Videos

If you are looking for a unique sales tool, then videos are a great option. They are a great conversation starter for your representatives. The tradeshow attendees will want to know more about your product when they understand what you are offering. Create videos that spark interest in the onlookers and they will flock to your stand to know more.

3. It Brings Your Stand to Life

Most of the exhibition stands at tradeshows use the same old ways of marketing. They will have banners and standees, maybe some A-frame signs. However, tradeshow attendees are more attracted to the stands that offer them something unique and different. With video advertising, you can get the attention of the attendees much more than the normal exhibition stands. In fact, video advertising brings your otherwise boring stand to life. It tells the onlookers that something exciting is being offered here and they will visit your stand out of curiosity.

4. It Reduces Lost Opportunities

Another benefit of using video advertising is the fact that they reduce lost opportunities. It keeps the visitors entertained and interested when your sales team is busy with other customers. They will most likely wait to be attended rather than moving on to other stands. Your sales team can then pitch their products and services to them and may ultimately win many customers.

 Video advertising at tradeshows has many benefits. It makes your exhibition stand different from others. People like to see content that they can connect with and video advertising does exactly that. You attract more visitors to your stand which means better connection with them and hence an improvement in your sales. If you are not using video advertising, you are missing out on a lot.


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