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3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Using Banners and Flags for Advertising

Imagine paying big money for your brand campaigns, placing lots of banners and flags all around the city. Yet, you find no apparent change in your customer base. What could have gone wrong?

The answer is plenty!

Advertising your business via banners and flags is an effective strategy to boost brand awareness. Businesses have been using this strategy for years.

However, companies fail to realize that banners and flags aren’t showpieces.

The truth is that they’re more than colourful accessories for your promotional campaigns. This misconception leads them to negligence while marketing via outdoor signage.

 From grainy graphics, missing commas to misinformationa lot can go wrong with your signage design. All of which leads to a poor brand image.

That’s why we propose that you take a step back and pay attention to the details in your current banner/flag designs.

To help you out, we’ve listed down common advertising mistakes you should avoid for banners and flags.

Let’s have a look:

1. Grammatical Goof Ups

The first rule of brand marketing is to proofread every single thing that’s about to get advertised. This is essential in case of banners and flags because you can’t edit them once they’re printed. So your grammatical errors hang around in public, leaving a bad impression on potential customers.

So every missed punctuation mark, article and spelling mistake puts a dent in your image. It indicates that you lack professionalism and thoroughness in your work. Naturally, this isn’t something that gets you points on reliability or credibility.

Does it?

2. Beautiful Messes   

Have you ever looked at a banner and thought, ‘Mate, what is that?’

More often than not, we’ve seen banners that look more like abstract art than promotional material. That means crazy colours, wacky graphics and hard-to-read typography. We understand that custom made banner design calls for something unique and different.

However, it doesn’t justify using overzealous artwork for your promotional products.

So whenever you plan on creating a new banner avoid:

  • Using unreadable fancy fonts
  • Crowding the banner with too many graphics
  • Choosing harsh colour schemes

The idea is to keep things simple, attractive and aesthetically appealing.

Pro-tip: Make sure that you use high-quality images on the banner. Since grainy graphics and badly edited photos prove to be a major turn off for your audience.

3. The Fine Line

It’s an undeniable fact that content is king in brand marketing. So it’s essential for you to add compelling content on your banners/flags. This could be anything from catchy slogans, thought-provoking questions to persuasive CTA’s.

Many businesses do understand this but they don’t know where to draw the line.  So they end up with banners that are cluttered words.

Consequently, this kills the overall look of your beautiful banners because people don’t have time to read those chunky blocks of selling points.

The trick to effective banner advertising is to:

  • Keep things short and sweet
  • Highlight only key points
  • Make it persuasive and not aggressive

This strategy piques your target audience’s interest and nudges them to learn more from you.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add your contact details and essential information while you’re rewriting your banners.

Wrap Up

In short, keep an eye out for details that’ll leave a negative impression on your potential customers. The trick is to select a design and language that is professional, memorable and engaging. Then watch this effective formula boost your brand presence in no time.

Want to ace the print advertising game? Contact with Vivid Ads to buy custom made flags and banners.  We’ll make sure that none of your promotional material slips up on these rookie mistakes.

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