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All You Need to Know About Car Magnet Advertising

Everything You Need to Know About Car Magnets

Many businesses are struggling to make a mark for themselves and find new ways of drawing increased customer attention in a competitive environment. Marketing via car magnets offers an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and reach out to more and more customers in an affordable way.

You can think of a car magnet as a moving business card or a mini billboard. Whether you want to promote your products and services, improve your brand image or simply make a statement, car magnets can do it all. They’re also commonly used at fundraisers, schools, sports events, clubs and even churches.

Let’s find out more about car magnet advertising.

What Are Car Magnets Made of?

Car magnets are simply vinyl car stickers or decals that come with a magnetic layering at the back. This magnetic layer enables the stickers or decals to firmly adhere to the exterior metallic surfaces of cars, vans, and trucks. Car magnets are long-lasting and durable. The best quality custom vinyl decals and stickers are made with UV-proof materials to minimize sun damage and increase their longevity.

They come in various sizes and can be easily placed anywhere on the car as long as the surface is metallic. You can choose all kinds of colours and graphics for your car magnets.

Can Car Magnets Damage the Exterior of the Car?

One of the top advantages of using car magnets Sydney is that they do not damage the car’s exterior or leave behind any adhesive residue or scratches. These are not permanent stickers so you can easily apply them or remove them from the car’s surface at any time with zero hassle.

What’s the Correct Size of a Car Magnet?

There’s no such thing as a “standard size” for car magnets. The right size will depend on the vehicle and the space where you plan to install the magnet. It’s important that you measure the area on a smooth and flat surface of the car vehicle to get the correct dimension. Car magnets cannot be adjusted on curved surfaces, door trims, or creases.

How to Keep Car Magnets from Flying off

A few simple tips can help prevent the car magnets from flying off. Firstly, like we discussed above, car magnets must be installed on a smooth and flat surface.

Once you’ve decided where you will install the magnet, clean that area with a rag to remove any dust particles and then polish it with car wax. Now, apply the magnet, making sure that no air bubbles get trapped in between.

Always choose car magnets with rounded edges instead of sharp corners. The rounded edges will resist blowing away under high wind conditions.

Car magnets can help you reach hundreds of prospects every day with minimal investment. Opt for car magnet advertising in Sydney to grow your business and boost your sales.

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