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FAQs about Floor Graphics

Marketers consider a variety of advertising tools to market their brand including banners, wall posters, window flyers, etc. However, they tend to miss out on a unique yet amazing marketing tool–Floor advertising graphics. Floor graphics are a fantastic way to grab customer attention and stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Since many people aren’t too aware of floor advertising graphics and 3D floor graphics, we have put together some FAQs that will satisfy more of your queries.

FAQs About Floor Graphics

How Are Floor Graphics Installed?

Floor graphics can be really easy to install, depending on the type of floor graphics you have purchased. If you have the simple ‘peel and stick’ floor graphics, installing them will only take a few minutes. While the installation is relatively easy, it’s the preparation of the floor before application that demands considerable effort.

What Kind Of Surfaces Can Floor Graphics Be Installed On?

Floor graphics can be installed on almost any surface. Whether the floor’s surface is smooth or slightly textured, floor graphics will go on easily. The only condition is that the floor should not be chipped or broken. Moreover, it should be squeaky clean for a smooth and easy installation of the graphics.

How Long Do Floor Graphics Last?

Since the floor is the most used place, many marketers worry about the life span of floor graphics. With proper maintenance and care, floor graphics can last for more than a year. Moreover, the life of your graphics also relies on their installation, frequency and level of activity within the specific floor graphic area. Some floor graphics also come with the option of lamination, which protects them and extends their life expectancy significantly.

Can Floor Graphics Be Installed On Carpets?

No, floor graphics aren’t designed or tailored to be installed on carpeting. Carpets are usually uneven and stick-less surfaces, making it difficult for the graphics to stick. Floor graphics are designed to be installed on steady, smooth and spotless surfaces.

Can You Wash Floor Graphics?

You can wash and clean floor graphics without worrying about any damage to them. In fact, cleaning them is a part of their care and maintenance. Almost all floor graphics are waterproof and scratch-resistant, so they can be cleaned with commercial cleaning supplies.

Are Floor Graphics Easy To Remove?

You don’t need to worry about removing floor graphics as they can easily be removed without causing any damage to the floor. The removal of floor graphics is considerably easier within the first 6 months of application. After that, it becomes a little challenging. However, you can use a putty knife to lift up one edge of your graphics so that you can pull out the rest of it.

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