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The Starter Instructions/recommendations for editing YouTube Videos

As a video marketer, editing might be the most vital part of post-manufacturing. If you couldn’t seamlessly weave your photographs collectively or get your reduce to hit the right body, your video will appear unpolished and disengage your viewers.

That stated, in case you’re operating on shoestring finances, you may not be capable of having enough money for video-editing software. So what’s a video marketer to do without enhancing software? fortunately, YouTube gives a web-based video editor this is completely loose and accessible through its platform.

in case you want your YouTube video to get noticed, you are probably going to should do some editing. if you're new to creating videos or don't own a video-editing software program, you could use the YouTube Studio to be had to all creators on the platform to perform a few basic edits.

In this publish, discover ways to use YouTube’s local video enhancing tools, in addition to fine practices to keep in mind while enhancing your videos to make certain you’re maintaining your audience engaged and interested in watching greater.

What Youtube is?

YouTube is a free online video-sharing internet site wherein you may without problems watch films or create and add your own. it's far one of the largest structures in the world for influencing famous culture and developing developments. almost every essential enterprise has its very own YouTube channel to advertise to the website’s large target market.

YouTube become launched in 2005, and through 2006 it had already been offered through Google for $1.70 billion. YouTube is free and makes its money from ads, in addition to presenting advert-loose subscriptions. The site has additionally branched out into making its television suggestions and films for its paid streaming website online YouTube television.

 Edit YouTube videos using YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is where creators can edit and add their videos & view channel analytics. To get admission to the Studio, you just want to go to you'll be directed to register on your account. Once you have uploaded a video to the Studio, you could begin editing your video.

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  • Trim the video from the starting & the ending

  1. Select the content in the left sidebar & then click your video.
  1. Click the editor in the same left sidebar section.
  1. Click the Get Started


  1. Click the Trim button, and a blue colour bar will appear on both starting & ending points of the video.
  1. Hover over the blue bar at the start or stop of the video, relying on what you want to trim, and then drag the blue bar to the point you need to start or stop the video.
  2. From there, you could click on Preview within the pop-up at the lowest middle of the display, to peer how the video seems.
  3. Click the save button two times when you complete the video editing.


  • How to trim the video from the middle?

As soon as you've long gone into the editing section of YouTube Studio, as exact above, here's how to trim the middle of your video:

  1. Move the right bar from the starting point to where you want to trim a part in the video.
  2. Click Trim
  3. Select Spilt from the pop-up at the bottom section of the screen.
  4. Drag the bar at the ending point of the video till there you want to cut.
  1. Click Preview to analyze the new changes that you just applied.
  2. When you finish editing a YouTube video, press the save button twice.


  • How to Blur an object or person from YouTube studio?

  1. Select the blur part of your video from the video editor.
  2. Click Custom or face blur from the given options.
  1. For Face blur, the Studio will discover faces to your video and you may be able to choose those you need to blur from there and then hit practice. For the custom blur, click and drag the blur container that appears within the preview window and alter the timing, shape, and blur conduct inside the left side of the blurred window.
  1. Press the save button when you finish your editing.1
  • How to Edit Youtube Videos like a pro with PowerDirector

Now we are going to show you a way to use a computer magazine Editor’s desire for a high-quality video enhancing software program, PowerDirector. It’s one of the maximum popular ways to edit motion pictures for YouTube particularly for novices because of its consumer-pleasant interface and occasional getting-to-know curve. here is a step-by using-step manual to import, split, trim, including transitions, including text, tune, and upload to YouTube with PowerDirector.

How to import all the media files?

  • Open the PowerDirector software & choose the Full mode.
  • Press the download button & select the Import Media Files for importing your data in the editing section.
  • A browsing screen will pop up, and browse the folder on your computer containing the media files of your video.
  • To import the whole folder data, click the select folder it will import all the folder’s content in the editing section.

All the folder’s content will be imported to the media library.

  • You can fill your video timeline will the video clips & the pictures in the sequence of your storyline or the script of the video.
  • How to Spilt up a video in PowerDirector

Move the play head in the video timeline to the exact location of the clip you want to split up & then click the Split icon.

Select the area that you need to cut off, then click the Delete button manually from your keyboard or you can find the remove option on the video timeline.

pick the eliminate and Fill gap alternative when induced in order that the video clip fills inside the space on the video timeline.

  • Best way to trim video in PowerDirector

pick the video clip and then click on the Trim button above the video timeline (it looks as if scissors). Drag the Mark In and Mark Out function yellow sliders to your chosen positions and then click on ok to finish trimming.

How to apply a transition between clips?

  • In the top menu click the Lightning bolt and go to the Transition Room.
  • Select the appropriate transaction & then click-drag between the two clips.

How to add titles & texts to your video?

  • In the left menu bar Click the T icon, and you will reach the title room.
  • Click & drag a Title Text Template to the title track on the video timeline section.
  • Pick out the brought title template and then click on the designer button above the video timeline. inside the identify designer, enter the textual content you want to apply.

How to add a song or music to a video in PowerDirector?

  • From the media drop-down menu go to the Media Library window & select the Background music.
  • You can also download music or track from the download button.

How to Export & upload the video to YouTube

  1. To export the edited YouTube video, click the produce button.
  2. Select YouTube on the Online tab.
  3. Enter the appropriate title & description & all the other tags.
  4. Click the start button to render your video & upload it to YouTube.

Overview of the Youtube Video Editor

When you begin to edit movies for YouTube, it’s critical to understand the fundamental equipment, procedures, and elements of editing. You’ll need to understand the fundamental format of modifying software, the modifying workflow, the elements of an edit, and the basic editing gear you’ll use.

The current virtual video editor, regardless of what software you operate, will almost continually be composed of those vital components.

Preview Window - The preview window suggests the playback of your cutting-edge video edit. the use of the timeline, you can soar to any part of your video and play it lower back in actual time to peer what your edit will appear to be here.

Library - all the media elements you want to edit movies for YouTube might be right here. while you import your files, you can browse and pick out which media files you need to area to your edit. This includes video, pictures, and audio files.

Tools - all of the fundamental equipment you want to edit videos for YouTube. tools to adjust your clips, audio, titles, or consequences.

Timeline - this is where you arrange your media files through the years. From the library, media files are placed, trimmed, and sequenced right here for your edit. There also are multiple “tracks” to assist you in the vicinity of multiple layers of video, effects, and audio.

Video enhancing Workflow

irrespective of what type of video you’re editing, it's essential to have a reliable method to comply with every time you edit. An enhancing workflow (the steps you're taking to make an edit and the great order to complete them) is critical to make certain your edit is going easily.

While there are numerous ways to edit videos for YouTube, here is a very not unusual workflow to help you get a hen's eye view of the modifying system:

Import your footage - genuinely put, that is moving your video footage from the digicam to where you may be finishing your edit. normally this means plugging your digicam into your computer and downloading the clips to the tough drive, but considering that shooting and editing on smartphones is now a popular option, we have mentioned two one-of-a-kind methods to try this.

If you shoot on a virtual digicam or your telephone and need to edit videos for YouTube on a laptop, you need to connect your device to the laptop to download your photos. once it is on the laptop, you may import the files into your software program and edit movies for YouTube.

If you shoot on a smartphone and need to edit movies for YouTube for your phone, you will need to apply your mobile modifying app to pick the clips from your smartphone's reminiscence and import them into your enhancing task.

Get prepared - as soon as you have got your clips imported, we advocate reviewing each one and renaming them to help discover them quickly whilst you start to edit videos for YouTube. a few editing software like PowerDirector will mechanically prepare your files primarily based on media type by using video, photograph, and sound. If the software program you use to edit videos for YouTube doesn't, we advocate creating a folder or bin and isolating them manually. similar to trying to cook dinner a problematic meal within the kitchen, having all of your elements organized will set you up for success.

Pick and collect your clips - begin deciding on which clips you may be the usage of to your edit and upload them to your timeline. subsequent, you will need to pick where you need the clip to start and quit with the aid of trimming off the ends of the clip for the preferred element to be used. Now you may flow and reorder your clips into your favoured collection. retain doing this until you've got assembled your first cut. If you haven't accomplished so by now, it's a very good idea to keep your assignment!

Tighten up your edit - when you edit films for YouTube, always watch you’re reduced from the beginning to give up. possibilities are the general drift won't be best the primary time, so go again and polish up your video. try shortening and increasing clips, and do not be afraid to reorder matters – you can constantly use the "undo" characteristic! bear in mind, that Rome wasn't built in a day, and remarkable edits aren't made in a single cut. continue to check your edit until the go with the flow is ideal and all of your clips are ordered exactly how you need them.

Colour correction - replying to your mission or the way you shot, you can need to regulate the colour of your clips. don't forget white balance, colour matching between clips, and any stylistic colouration you would possibly need to feature.

Pass beyond the fundamentals - Time to do a little greater than cutting together movies. next, you'll upload transitions, titles, images, and consequences. Drop-in a few tracks, too, and attempt out a few sound consequences. here you may also use tools to repair shaky videos or smooth up any sound issues.

Mix your sound - when you edit motion pictures for YouTube, make sure your sound ranges are balanced. Right now, you may want to raise or lower any speech, voiceover, or tune so the soundtrack is balanced and you may easily hear the maximum crucial elements.

Export and upload your video - Watch your video in some instances to make sure you haven't neglected anything, then output your video document.

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DO’s & Don’ts to edit videos for YouTube

In case you need to retain honing your editing abilities and edit videos for YouTube to be unskippable, right here are some Dos and Don’ts you’ll need to keep in mind.

  1. Do Take inspiration

As Picasso famously stated, “accurate artists copy, notable artists scouse borrow.” Now Picasso isn’t saying to thieve content, he’s suggesting that what you are hoping to perform in a number of methods has already been created. if you don't know how to edit movies for YouTube, analyze your competitor's channel. You don’t want to “reinvent the wheel,” you can take these thoughts and use them in your creation.

What visual factors are they using? What audio factors are they used? How are they structuring their tale? but they’re developing content material, you may find out factors they’re the usage of to make their video content appealing and practice them for your work.

  1. Do maintain it Readable

whether or not you're creating humorous or informative content, try to hold the whole lot in order. The “motive of your content” must be clean to apprehend. in any other case, the target audience will no longer stay even for 10 seconds on your video. whilst you edit videos for YouTube, it is a first-rate idea to have a plan earlier than you begin slicing. keep in mind creating a definition of your video to make certain it's going to make an experience whilst you edit!

  1. Do maintain significantly

Edit motion pictures for YouTube to have a message or purpose. whether you’re telling a story, coaching a lesson, or telling a joke, ensure that your content material is descriptive and satisfies the content's essential objective. the whole lot else you need to reduce out! That’s one of the satisfactory parts when you edit movies for YouTube, it permits you to collect the maximum crucial records and cut out the rest! So, create content material this is significant to your channel – it's what your target market will thank you for!

  1. Don’t forget about Sound effects

It is undeniable that you’ve visible a person clapping collectively coconuts to create the sound of horse hooves. It’s a built-in integrated brilliant visualization of sound results. Now, you probably won’t be riding a horse in your video but that doesn’t mean you couldn't beautify your films with some, well-concept-out sound results. Strive thru your video to peer if any moments will be extra dramatic or heightened by way of including a valid effect or two. A lot of packages used to edit videos for YouTube built integrated sound impact libraries. take a look at to peer if yours presents one. If not, take a look at the one to be had in PowerDirector.


  1. Don’t forget about Video effects

the usage of and growing video consequences is certainly the most complex factor to do on this list however having proper video effects is one of the quickest methods to make your video stand out. From the usage of a Chroma key to replace a green display screen to the use of a mixing impact to feature a lens flare, putting time into including a few video effects can honestly make a large difference!

  1. Don’t Be cheating

provide useful video descriptions and titles that honestly inform people what to expect when they view your video. viewers determine out pretty shortly after they’ve been lied to and will recollect keeping away from your channel. It also reflects badly if too many people turn off your videos after less than a minute and could hold YouTube from recommending you to viewers. honest descriptions also assist appeal to the right human beings for your channel - the those who will watch movies to the stop and inform their friends.

DO’s for YouTube Video Production

Following are the dos for YouTube video production.

  • DO have excellent lighting fixtures.

Accurate lights might be the single biggest figuring-out factor inside the pleasantness of your video image. nicely-lit subjects shot with a median digital camera will produce a higher photograph than poorly-lit subjects shot with a high-quality camera.


  • DO have suitable sound.

Viewers will be positioned up with a poor image first-rate earlier than they'll tolerate bad sound nice. if they can't hear your video, they'll click out of it.

  • DO use a tripod.

A shaky video has to be managed to be interesting. in any other case, it’s simply shaky video. Use a tripod or other stabilization techniques.

  • DO plan.

Write the narration. Plan the photographs. Have an imaginative and prescient for the modifying. Plan the shoot. Scout the location. The extra you plan (called pre-manufacturing), the better the video will flip out.

  • DO keep it organized.

As you shoot, create and use a device of organization for the footage. Naming the raw files to discover the task and the photographs are helpful for editing.

  • DO backup.

Hold more than one copy of raw footage and edits as you go. A committed hard drive is usually recommended.

  • DO emphasize the visuals.

In case you watch the nighttime information, you’ll note that what you’re certainly being attentive to is the video, no longer the script. The script does beautify the video, however, at the quit, you remember what you notice more than what you hear.

  • DO preserve it quick and concise.

In case your topic is complex, including explaining the world’s political situations that lead up to global battle II, then two hours would be concise. but maximum online videos have to be easily sufficient that one or minutes might be enough. Base the period of the video on its potential to maintain the target market’s attention.

  • DO keep it easy.

Video projects both huge and small ought to start with a clean storyline, if it’s a narrative, an objective if it’s a presentation, or something comparable. Having a clear objective on your video can be quite simple and useful and could keep time and strength.

  • DO make selections based totally on the target audience’s wishes and/or goals and no longer yours.

The video is certainly for them, now not you. Who will be looking at your video? What do you need them to do because of viewing your video? Now ask yourself what is the maximum crucial factor you can display in your video to reach this outcome? that is your goal.

  • DO pay attention to storytelling.

Storytelling is the project of any video. Offering your message, i.e. story, is the heart and soul of video making.

  • DO range your pictures.

variety keeps your target audience conscious. Use a spread of pictures, which includes lengthy pictures, medium pictures, and close-ups. Use photographs that display motion instead of just a static picture of someone speaking. Edit with a float and a pace in thoughts. upload historical past music, ensuring it is properly balanced to emphasize the narration or voiceover. Watch other films to get ideas in your personal.

  • DO use exteriors and well-known campus scenes.

The UNT campus is a beautiful area, so display it!

Don’ts for YouTube Video Production

  • DON’T depend upon your gadget and technology as a substitute for a precise approach.

The sector’s most terrific system cannot make an awesome video employing itself. splendid lighting and first-class storytelling will produce a better video than HD decision with awful lighting fixtures and fancy, but empty, special effects.

  • DON’T take your target market for granted.

No one (besides your mom) will watch your video without a doubt as it exists. Please your target audience.

  • DON’T be too static.

Keep away from displaying only an unmarried man or woman sitting in front of a digital camera talking.

  • DON’T be too restless.

Regular zooming, panning, or cutting between transferring photographs can provide your viewer with a headache. mix motion with easy-to-view nevertheless pictures to maintain target market hobby and cognizance

  • DON’T say everything.

Let the visuals inform some of the stories. If you could display it, don’t say it. It makes for an extra exciting video.

  • DON’T shoot from a million miles away.

Get close up to the subject. Fill the frame. Be privy to each inch of space. Don’t permit whatever into the frame that distracts from the subject or scene awareness.

  • DON’T show other schools' trademarks, pix, etc.

Use UNT branded signs and symptoms and garb each time you can.

Advantages of Editing YouTube Video

YouTubers have simply no time to create extra videos than they could. depending on the kind of content, video editing services can make the whole lot a whole lot simpler. each Youtuber who plans to submit nice movies and enhance their subscriber rely upon will need someone to deal with the editing responsibilities if they plan on having a lifestyle.

At its maximum primary, outsourcing video editing offers several advantages compared to doing everything yourself. whether you’re an individual YouTuber or a business enterprise seeking to release better content, video editing can make the process tons less difficult. here are all of the benefits that video editing offers to Youtubers and why they badly need it.

  1. Video editing Improves Your Output

Beyond being a manner to aid corporate video production, video editing is a fantastic manner to enhance the first-rate of your motion pictures. each Youtuber has to begin somewhere, and not absolutely everyone comes out of the gate with their nice paintings. With that stated, video editing can provide the kind of quality which you might want on your motion pictures.

All of us has a one of a kind stage of tolerance for the best in our films. some are adequate with cursory and easy Youtube videos, and others need the very best high-quality videos on every occasion. With video editing, you may count on the fine of the product will come out with the quality you could have.

  1. It enables improve natural traffic

Whilst you’re looking to build visitors, one of the exceptional methods to create a target audience is to work with the system. as an example, Google and Youtube video search engine is designed to show the exceptional outcomes whilst audiences look for a subject. you could acquire this by way of taking gain of SEO or search engine optimization.

If you want a video to assist with search engine optimization and advantage organic site visitors, you want to start with the right video enhancement. The Youtube set of rules cares approximately the great of your motion pictures and tests its content material for uniqueness. There are numerous ways that a professional video editor can improve the video for you.

For starters, an awesome video editor can make sure that your video codec is compressed efficaciously, is high quality, and has the proper component ratio. They’ll also ensure that you have as crisp audio as you could have. those will help the Youtube algorithm see that there's a fee in what you upload and it has enough worth to reveal to an ability target audience.

  1. It Saves you time and money

Video editing is quite a specialized field. You won’t discover many who have the proper skills to do it on a level that is acceptable for a Youtube channel. Hiring the proper video editing group may be expensive in case you no longer care. if you’re even doing it yourself, there’s a greater fee related to it: some time.

whilst you do the video editing yourself, you’re wasting precious time. whether it’s it slow or your crew’s, you need to have that point set aside questioning for brand new content material and topics on your Youtube channel. you could even use that point to connect with your channel’s lovers thru Twitch and other streaming platforms.

With a video-editing team, you can set apart sufficient time to enhance your content. you could suppose new video topics and create a steady add schedule all at a fragment of the fee of maximum editing groups.

  1. Video editing can deliver Out Your personality

One massive gain of hiring a video editing team to do paintings for your Youtube movies is showing your entire personality via your films. whether you’re a person Youtuber, a videographer, or an agency creating Youtube videos, you want to have a good deal of your personality displayed in your paintings.

Many YouTubers and organizations tend to make the mistake of erasing a whole lot of their personality from their works. YouTubers, for example, generally tend to edit out content that may be hilarious or candid definitely because they find it unfunny or humiliating. The complete technique may be distinct if you have a video editing group that knows what you want.

A video editor can apprehend the kind of marketplace which you have. They recognize how your target market will react as more of your or your team’s character is proven in your videos. A greater personable video will assist you to hook up with your target market greater.

Youtube audiences are perceptive concerning the content they eat. The most a success YouTubers like Pewdiepie, and others often have colourful personalities. Video editing can underscore this personality and display extra of who you're or what you need to portray.

  1. Save on hardware and software program assets

Doing best quality video editing is pricey. relying on the kind of content material you create, you both have an excessive-stop gaming laptop, a computer, or a camera gadget. A high-quality video editing system takes massive time and funding – probably more than you can have the funds for.

no longer only do you have to invest within the hardware, but you furthermore might want to spend hundreds up the front on the software program as well. What maximum professionals don’t talk approximately is how highly-priced editing software programs may be. it can take around a few thousand greenbacks, together with several hard power areas and a couple of monitors.

If you’re additionally most effective studying how to edit, the first-rate of the end-product will likely be iffy at fine. except you have got media experience in the past, it's going to take a few weeks to 3 months to examine the change. professional video editing must prevent a whole lot of cash shopping for the equipment yourself and retooling your capabilities.

All of the mediocre, at first-class, output that you can have along with your unpolished editing can be a hassle for you. go away it to expert video editors to address your projects and create Youtube videos to wow a target audience.

Youtube Online Video Editor Pros & Cons

Did you realize that you can edit a video on YouTube without affecting its views, feedback, or scores?

this indicates you can trim any of your old videos, keep the original URL and get them re-listed utilizing Google. you can additionally create more than one version of the identical video without even leaving YouTube.

The YouTube video editor saves you time and money as it’s smooth to examine, you don’t ought to purchase expensive software and the video can be edited right on YouTube for free.

Here are the pros and Cons of using YouTube’s online Video Editor.


  • Saves time and money as it’s free and clean to use
  • Capability to trim your movies you can trim the start,
  • Cease or maybe cut out a centre phase
  • Potential to remix and reuse cc movies you could take your creative commons video clip and then remix and reuse it to create your very own industrial video.
  • capability to create more than one variation of the same video. Say you want to create more than one version of the equal video from nearby cities. instead of losing time using your computing device’s video modifying software program, you could do it speedily and without problems with the use of the YouTube video editor.
  • Potential to add outcomes you could exchange the look and feel of your video
  • with the aid of adding distinctive consequences such as converting it to black and white.
  • The potential to feature transitions creates clean transitions between video clips

by using crossover or crossfade transitions.

  • Capability to add creative commons pix or creative commons music you can use those factors to beautify the exceptional of your motion pictures online.
  • capacity to combine videos package deal numerous video clips together to create your very own particular video. Trim the films to encompass your great scenes, pick the music song from the audio library, drag it right down to the timeline, and add a few transitions among the videos after which shop it as a modern-day video.


  • The YouTube editor is a primary video editor so you can’t do many fancy matters.
  • Unable to add your music however you could use the audio tracks from youtube’s audio library without copyright infringement.
  • Unable to overlay photos however you could graphics to the start or end of your video
  • Unable to overlay textual content but you can add the textual content slide to the beginning or cease of your video
  • Unable to mix movies without growing a new video. You could integrate numerous video clips collectively and then save them as a new video.

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As you could see there are some limitations to the YouTube video editor. I pretty much endorse the use of YouTube’s loose online video editor in case you need to speedy and effortlessly make your very own video or trim a video that’s already been uploaded. There are tons of tools available for the editing of YouTube videos some are paid and some are free of cost to use. This guide mention some valuable editing tools that surely will help you in your editing videos for YouTube.  

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