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An ultimate guide to creating a QR Code Step by Step (Direct people to document, website and other media)

Welcome to our simple and easy guide to generating your QR code step by step. In 2021, it become so present that 45% of shoppers used QR that are marketing related.

Now QR codes are becoming popular due to the consumers learning how to use them. Among other restaurants and consultant’s retail businesses, all have to learn how to generate QR codes to get detected and sales generation.

In wedding invitations, QR codes can also use to direct the guests to the wedding website, where they can get information on RSVP, venue, registry, hotel options and others.

There is no contradiction in the popularity and the comfort of the QR code. But you have many questions in mind related to QR codes. What entirely is it? How you can create and use it in your campaign of marketing? Why it is so popular nowadays? Any individual who has access to the web can create QR codes.  

To learn about QR codes and how to create them for your use, keep reading this article.

What is a QR code?

For a quick response code, the QR code is short. QR code is indicated by a square-shaped black and white symbol that can be scanned by laser or smartphone to learn more about a service or a product.  QR codes are two dimensional (2-D). These encoded squares have information like details of events, content, coupons and others that users want to follow. QR codes can store up to 4,296 characters which is enough for a web address an email address or more and a URL.

There are two different types of QR codes: On the web one that link to one set location which is known as a Static QR code and one that sends to the consumers to an upgraded web location which is known as a Dynamic QR code.  QR code scan support on iPhone, Apple's camera app. On Android devices, Google Assistant with “Scan QR Code” and the camera app of Google with Google Lens mode can allow you to place your camera at a QR code and then click to scan and search.

In QR code “quick response” means people can get instant access to URLs or other data that are stored in the QR code when it is scanned. Nowadays, any person with a smartphone can scan the QR code to get reach the website address or other information that is embedded in the code.

QR codes generally look like this:


All the QR codes don’t have a square shape. Sometimes they are in the form of colours, logon and unique patterns that are displayed inside. In non-digital spaces like billboards, TV shows, direct mail, and signage you will find and can scan this code from the screen by using your smartphone.

In 194, Denso Wave incorporated, a Toyota supplier discovered the Quick response code in Japan for the automotive industry. In actuality, the term “QR code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave incorporated. But now this term has drawn on a wide meaning to particularly explain the unique looking barcode type.

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Difference between QR Codes and Barcodes

There is a similarity between QR codes and Bar codes that both have a visual depiction of data but how information is stored in them is in a different form. In Barcodes data in them is read horizontally and is one-dimensional while in QR codes data is stored and read both vertical and horizontal and are two dimensional.

By using smartphones and lasers barcodes and QR codes can be scanned as the tool used has the right abilities to scan horizontal and vertical data. However, QR codes can be scanned easily by smartphones but sometimes barcodes can’t be scanned so you need a special app for this.

QR codes don’t mean the traditional barcode. For business, traditional barcodes are till common method to recognize the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and carry on the inventory of their products.

Although there are many differences in the uses and the characteristics of QR codes and barcodes. Three important differences are mentioned below:

  • QR codes have a different shape

QR codes are frequently square exhibiting their horizontal and vertical data. While Barcodes are generally rectangular and they need devices for scanning to read the data of barcodes in horizontal form.

  • QR codes hold various data

Barcodes are frequently used differently than QR codes. At the position of sale, barcodes had the key information of the product like manufacturer name and price. While QR codes have impalpable and more passive information like data location, landing pages of product and promotions URLs.

  • QR code has more data

As compared to the barcode, the QR code has much more data due to its square shape. QR codes have a hundred times more encoded characters than a barcode.

How do QR codes work?

In the automotive industry, it was firstly created in Japan marketers take on QR codes due to their huge storage capacity and ability to translate extra information to a consumer far off what the advertising of product and packaging could show.

Let’s suppose the QR code sees by the consumer. They can get hold of their mobile phone, download a scanning app for QR code or they can simple scan QR code by using the camera of their phone to get the information related to it.

If you wanted to make promoting your podcast a bus stop advertisement, you can place a QR code on the printed ad and people will move to your iTunes page after they scan the code by using their phone.

Generate QR Code

A company or business that want to share its information or data with its prospects or customer has to create a QR code. For instance, on a direct mail postcard restaurant want to point a QR code, and connect to an online carryout menu.

For the generation of 2-D barcodes, you have to need a rapid response code generator. It is a tool that helps you to generate your unique image of a QR code.

To create a 2-D barcode you can find many generators on the web. Choose a free QR code generator from the list below or you can choose paid QR code generator if you want some advanced features. Tap on create when you add all the required information in the blanks.

Creating a new QR code is very simple. You can download the image file in the output is a QR code. In the material of a marketing campaign like an email, an ad, a tradeshow banner, a sign or elsewhere can insert that image.

How to Scan QR Codes?

How does the two-dimensional code work, is the group you want to receive that information to scan the QR code to read that particular information. Like, the user might be a potential consumer who gets a postcard with a QR code on it.

The intended customer uses a reader of a QR code or app for scanning QR codes. Today a camera in the smartphone has a feature to scan QR codes. In addition, new android smartphones and iPhones have the in-built function of scanning. There is also another way of scanning by downloading a scanning app of QR codes from the play store of mobile devices.

How to Create a QR Code

  1. For the content, you want to promote select the type.
  2. Enter the data in the form that displays.
  3. Contemplate downloading an effective QR code.
  4. QR Code customization.
  5. Trial the QR code to ensure that it scans.
  6. Share and spread your QR code.
  7. Trace and observe performance.

The process of creating a QR code is elementary. Let’s start the process!

  1. For the content, you want to promote select the type

First, you have to select your favourite generator of QR codes. Let's suppose using

Choose what kind of information you want for a QR code that displays after someone scans it. In the image below, you can select from ten content kinds. To promote URL, select the URL that let the users directly on our podcast.


  1. Enter the data in the form that displays

After selecting the type of content you want to promote from the QR code, a form will display to enter the relevant information that is related to your campaign. To save contact information in QR code like you will see the set of boxes where you enter your email address, related message and subject title.  

To save the link to the podcast, enter the URL simply in the form that displays like that:

  1. Contemplate downloading a dynamic QR code

The option below from “dynamic” see it? One important peril to creating a QR code is that you can’t change the data once you print it. But you can edit data with dynamic QR codes.

Generators of QR codes like can also print dynamic QR codes with a free membership, scan this code and draw up it editable form and you can able to edit the data your users will get when they scan your QR code.

  1. QR Code customization

To set in your brand you can customize the code's design, a much fun part of creating a QR code. Go for it if you want your code to similar to your logo. There is no issue if you consider you design scheme of your website.

On the top right, customize the QR code by clicking using which is shown in the picture below.


Keep one thing in mind that not every QR code generator has this option of design; according to the QR code, you are finding you find the tool that has limited functions. You can further customize your QR code – colour combination, social options creation, add a log and much more.

Although, acknowledge that for some scanning apps of QR codes and cameras of the smartphone to read properly the code as customization can make it difficult. You can generate two versions of your QR code to cover your bases; one is a plain version and the other customizes your brand design.  

  1. Trial the QR code to ensure that it scans

Make sure that your QR code is working properly, try with more than the reader of the QR code. A good start to use Google Goggles a free tool that captures picture and give information about the item it reads to.

One more amazing free tool is QR Code Reader which automatically takes you to anything it reads. Nowadays smartphones have a built-in reader of QR codes, so you have to check as a trial whether your code is scanned properly or not.

  1. Share and spread your QR code

 QR code can’t work itself except people see it. So ensure that you have a proper plan of distribution for spreading the code. Like, show it on clothing, in print ads, locations where people can scan it with their smartphones.

  1. Trace and observe performance

You have to follow up on any surety and campaigns like other marketing campaigns, to see either QR codes using in actual working or not. From the specified code how much traffic is drawn. Do people scan your code but not avail of their offer when they go on the landing page. Or in the first place, they are not impelled enough to scan the QR code. Knowing the answers to these queries will help you to adjust your poor performance of QR codes and analyze to more closely visualize those that work well.

On your URL include the UTM tracking code so you can measure performance better. This is generally important if you use closed analytics of loop marketing or on your campaigns you perform in deep reporting.

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Create a QR code by using Google Chrome

To create a QR code, you can use the app of Google Chrome for iPhone or Android.

For Android Devices

  1. On the app of Google Chrome, go to the website you want to create a QR code.
  2. Click on the icon of three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  3. In the drop, menu clicks on share then select QR code.
  1. On the next page, below the QR code select download to save the QR code on your device. You can share with other people through email, messages etc.           

For iPad and iPhone users

  1. On the app of Google process, go to the website where you want to create a QR code for.
  2. Next to the address bar in the top right corner, click on the share icon which has a square shape with an arrow pointing upward.
  3. Move down and tap on creating a QR code.
  4. Tap on the share, then chooses how you want to share your QR code with other people via messages, email or another way.
  5. To save your QR code you can save images for further use in future.

How not to and how to use QR Codes

You see that creating a QR code is a simple process, now let’s discuss some best implementation that increases the possibility of using an actual QR code.

Show your QR Code where it is suitable for people to scan  

Place QR code where it is easy for people to scan and have enough time for the prospects to scan it. As you frequently see QR codes on TV commercials and billboards, these are not user-friendly locations. It is not safe to allure people to get their phone during driving and scan the code, and a few seconds of a commercial is not enough time for people to get their phone and scan the TV.

Rather than place them where people have enough time and are capable of scanning the code. A good Wi-Fi connection in places will also be beneficial too.

For mobile devices optimize the destination page of the QR

Optimize the mobile page you are sending to people. Prospects scan the QR code by using their phones, so they have to reach that page with a good experience mobile.

To scan your QR Code, include a CTA that brings on people

With a code, offer a call to action (CTA); guide the people on what to do when they see the code, and what they get if they will scan the code. Not everyone is well aware of the QR code, no one is motivated in such a way that they immediately scan except if they are sure what’s inside if they scan it.

Don’t restrict your QR code to one scanner of mobile

Don’t need a special scanner for QR codes. Everyone can scan your code with any reader so your QR code should be device-agnostic. A low limitation for entry makes it easy and successful for users.

To make anyone's life easier by using your QR code

Only for the cause of one, don’t use a QR code. Like it is general to think for marketers “How offline experience can connect with the online experience? It is not wrong but not right always.

If you have data that has some perception for the user of mobile, and you have a suitable channel to do it use above mentioned tips that will get you results.

How not use a QR code

To the digital content that people absorb on their mobile phones, you don’t want to add QR codes. This comprises messages, stories, social media posts and videos. These types of content can be seen technically outside of the mobile devices but generally aren’t thus saving those channels for sharing methods and traditional URLs.

Above you can see how to create your QR code and but you do not need to create it from the beginning. You can use the generator of QR codes that helps you in creating QR codes.

Before printing your QR code things to consider

Before you print your QR code you should checklist that works as a guide your QR code work well or not. By following these simple steps avoid expensive reprinting costs, product recalls and typos.

  • Check your QR Code

You should check your QR code before printing and after its generated. After creation, the static QR code is not editable, so make sure that you can test the QR code every step.

  • Make sure its size

To make sure that your QR code is capable of scanning, the QR code needs to be in its accurate square shape. Do not print in smaller 2 cm x 2cm (0.8 in x o.8 in), make it easier for QR code scanning to read it.

  • Check the quality of the file

When you add your design to the QR code and print it, there is a chance that the QR code can appear in a blur or distorted form. Always check your file of QR codes is mixable with your previous design and other editing that you have done.

  • If in uncertainty, go PRO

Before subscribing to the plan, get started with free trials. The reason for choosing PRO is the capability to edit your QR code even after you print it. If you see any error and thought it’s too late, in the dashboard login to and make the changes. In addition, you trace the scans of your QR code and customer support is always ready to help with any problem.

Best Generators of QR Code

  1. Visualead
  2. QR Code Monkey
  3. Kaywa
  4. me
  6. Free QR Code Generator by Shopify
  7. QR Stuff
  8. The

There are many generators of QR codes way out. For using your QR code the best ones gives you many options for customization and affinity with all QR code for mobile app readers.

One thing that you look for when selecting a QR code generator either you can trace performance immediately and design a customizable code that fits your brand.

Below mention some of the best generators for QR code that makes customizable QR code very easy to use.

  1. Visualead

If you are finding one type of QR code that is convenient for your brand. For that work, Visualead is a suitable tool.

It is the most popular QR code that draws more interest in your prospects than the normal black and white QR codes. It means it gets more scans and interactions on this kind of QR code.

  1. QR Code Monkey

If the creation of a QR code is important for you and you want the free tool for making a customizable design don’t want to pay extra then try this tool QR Code Monkey. When you add your URL, you can change the colour, add a logo and customize the pixels in your QR code free of cost.

The design in QR Code Monkey is practically limited. You need to create a design QR code is a creative eye and a little calmness.

  1. Kaywa

Kaywa is a simple no-frills QR code generator that generates basic codes for URLs, coupons and contact information. You have to put information simple, select whether you want static or dynamic code and create it.

As a segment of a marketing campaign, if you are using a QR code, you can trace performance by using Kaywa when you make an account. With your QR code who engaged, you will have the recent data, when and where they engaged.

  1. me

It is a simple generator for QR codes that works well with the short URLs however it can be used to store data, text and Geolocation. On the icon click on it, that be in tune with the data and fill in the blanks.

In real-time you will have a live preview of your QR code which speeds up if you are putting the finishing touches on your marketing campaigns. For an additional fee, add in your QR code you also have your logo by the designer of for the customization design.


The features of is a simple UI that generates a unique QR code in a few minutes. Just put your URL or relevant information and immediately your QR codes display.

At a time if you want to create many QR codes, you find it valuable to download the extension of Google Chrome for the speed work.

  1. Free QR code Generator by Shopify


When you have something to give the people who scan them, it works best for QR codes. Possibilities are likely selling to customers who buy online products daily by using their phones.

With just one click Shopify makes it easy and simple to generate a QR code. This is a free tool and you don’t need to have a Shopify store for using it.

  1. QR Stuff

It is one of the most robust QR code generators, any type of data QR stuff can create codes you want to spread with the people. Information like Bitcoin, YouTube Videos and invitations to Zoom meetings are held up by using this too. 

You can create a customizable QR code in just three steps with this free tool that looks amazing and work properly. In addition, you can create unlimited codes through this too.


This is the amazing generator of QR codes as mentioned above. This is a user-friendly simple tool for the least tech-savvy for us. In the box add your link and then it makes your QR code. is instinctive. The URL you add in this will automatically detect its type and generate a QR code in a few seconds.


Can my mobile device scan the QR Code?

Many Android and iOS mobile devices fit in with the local QR code reader in their camera. You can try by the opening camera of your phone and prong it towards the QR code. If any notification pops up that you can click it, then you have a built-in scanner in your phone camera. If not then go to your camera settings to activate the ability to scan QR codes. If you have no option on your phone related to QR code settings then you don’t need to worry about it, just simply download the scanner app from your Google Play store.

Are the QR codes generated permanently?

It all depends on where you can create your QR code. Some are paid required subscriptions, some are free of cost and permanently free for use.

Can I add contact information to the QR code during generating?

Yes, you have to add your contact information while you create a QR code with a free vCard QR code or you can upgrade the vCard Plus QR Code with more features.

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Do you offer other formats in files to download the image of the QR Code?

Apart from the standard JPG format, also offer high-resolution EPS, PNG, and SVG formats. All of these are available when you create your QR code.

Wrapping Up

The creation of QR codes is easy, efficient and simple. The owner of small businesses should take note. It is valuable to experiment with a code. Today, QR codes are a proven technique because consumers of America have finally caught on to them. Twenty-five after the creation of the QR code was invented, the time has arrived.

It’s your turn to make your QR code. You can learn when you start creating and follow the step by step guide which is above mentioned and use the free tool for generating the QR code. During creating a QR code take some shots unless you find an idea that works. To make a perfect QR code that allures the audience, for experience try some trials of creating QR codes and test them on your target audience as a trial. On an advanced QR code generator, you can always modify it later. We have suggested putting your project, event or business out there in the real world.

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