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Some people write about their lives on the vlog. It is called a vlog or a video vlog, and it is a way to share content with your users in the form of videos. Vloggers usually make and post videos on YouTube. Some vloggers only post their content on other websites, like Facebook.

YouTube vlogging is a good thing because it's easier to make money from your videos on YouTube than on other websites. YouTube is different from other channels in that the vloggers get a fixed share of the ad revenue.

Vlogging or video blogging is a way to show people what's going on in your life, an event, or a storey through video. There is various talk about the term "vlogging" in 2010, mainly because of the rise of the video-sharing site YouTube.

If you look on YouTube, you will find almost all vloggers. It is because YouTube is the world's most popular search engine for videos. If you plan to be there or start a youtube channel, read my 10 Youtube tips for video marketing if you want to do that.


As soon as you know how much money YouTubers make, you won't waste a second of your time. In general, it's easy and quick to get started on YouTube. By now, you know that you want to be a vlogger and that you want to start your own YouTube channel. Now, I'll show you how to start it on YouTube.

To purchase a cheap and good camera:

You don't have to spend a lot of money to start vlogging. You can start with any device that can record a video, like a smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop's webcam. You don't have to spend money to start vlogging. Some essential things should need to discuss before you buy it, like what I discussed in my cheap vlogging camera article, which you can read here.

Create an attractive channel on the platform

You can add videos and other things when you start a YouTube channel. Once you figure out how to buy a vlogging camera and are done, the next step is to set up your own YouTube channel so you can start making videos. Youtube is the most popular video site, the world's largest video search engine, and the second popular website. There is no lengthy process involved in setting up an account on YouTube. It takes about 5 mins to set

Filming and editing in the vlog:

I have already talked about some of the most important things to do when filming as far as filming goes. I also want to give you some advice on how to film and edit.

  • To be an all-rounder, you don't have to worry about anything. You can record everything, from your hobbies to your lifestyle.
  • People who write travel blogs or digital marketing need to be more specific about their work.
  • There is no set time limit for videos, but don't make them too long or tedious so that people don't want to watch them.
  • It's essential to ensure that the lighting and the sound are excellent.
  • Your visitors will become more attached to you when you ask them questions and encourage them to comment on your video.
  • There is a lot of editing software on mobile and laptops that you can work on it. A few examples: Window Movie Maker and iMovie are just a few examples.


It is the list of things you need to start a video vlog. Let's check it now.

  • Your own YouTube account (can be created for free)
  • It is essential to have a good quality camera.
  • It is a microphone that can use to talk.
  • A piece of software that helps you make changes to text (some good ones are available for free)

Step 1: Make Your YouTube Channel

  • First, you need to make a YouTube account. You can do it for free, and it doesn't take long. Head to YouTube and click on the sign-in button on the top right of your screen.
  • You need to enter your email address and password to make a new account. You'll be on your YouTube account now. On the top of your gadget screen, click on the "Account" button. You'll see a lot of choices here. One of them is to make a channel.
  • You'll now go to a new page. To get started, click on the "Get started" button in this area.
  • Is your account name or a new one? You'll be asked which one you want to use in the next step. For this tutorial, we'll pick a unique name.
  • There's now a way to give your channel a name. You also need to check the box that says you're setting up the account with Google settings. Then, click the Create button to start making your own game!
  • Your channel has been set up. Now you can add a picture to your profile and write a description for your channel.
  • To add social links and other things to your channel, you'll have to scroll down more on the screen to find them. As soon as everything is done, click the Save and Continue button and keep going.
  • So that's it. It's time for you to start uploading your videos. Your channel is now set up.

Step 2: Make and Share Your Content

Before filming a YouTube video, make sure you first have a script. It doesn't mean that you need to write a formatted screenplay. It's enough to write down your thoughts and what you're going to say. It helps you stay on track when you start shooting, which could also save you time. It could be an excellent time to read through your script and practise.


Set up your lights for the next step. If you're taking a picture inside, try to face the window. Avoid having a window in your background. It will make it hard to get a good mix of light. Also, be on the lookout for mixed colour temps. Sunlight is a different colour than light from most bulbs. It could make the shadows too blue or the highlights too orange, or something else that doesn't look right.

If you're taking pictures outside, try to avoid direct sunlight. Instead, look for a place that isn't too hot.


A good microphone is one of the most important things you can have when you record. Make sure you aren't using a microphone that can use in any direction. It is possible to use microphones to pick up sounds coming from any direction. It means that it will also record a lot of noise in the background, which will make your recordings less clear.

The following are some excellent microphones that you might want. You can record high-quality audio with the Rode VideoMic GO Light Weight On-Camera Microphone, which is small and light. This microphone might be right for you if you want clear and crisp sound for your vlog.

It's called the Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone for iPhones and smartphones. This one is great for people who want something small. You can wear a Rode SmartLav + Omnidirectional Lavalier microphone to record audio. Keep connected to your phone or laptop, and it's ready to do so. That's how simple it is to use.


Starting, you don't need to have a lot of money or a fancy camera. Instead, use a simple camera that you already know how to use. You can start with your phone camera, a GoPro, or a cheap DSLR camera. This list has some good choices for you, too.

Using the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III, you can record fantastic videos with good sound. It has a microphone socket that makes it easier to do this. People who are vloggers like to use the Sony A6400, which is a good camera. It has a 4K HDR (HLG) screen that lets you watch videos right away. You can also quickly transfer the videos to your smartphone.

Record and then Edit

As soon as you're done, it's time to make your videos look good and show them off. It's essential to look for good software that makes things simple. Here are some video editing tools you can play with and see how they work.

·        Filmora9:

For people who want to learn how to make videos, Filmora is one of the best tools. This tool has many features that you can use to make your videos more engaging. These include effects and filters, titles, sound and music effects, etc.

·        The KineMaster :

With KineMaster, it's easy and quick to change your videos. It lets you change multiple layers, add handwriting and text, audio tracks, etc.

You'll need to make a few videos and put them on your channel to start.

Step 3:  you'll make sure your vlog is ready to grow.

The next step is to make more videos and get more people to watch them. You've already filmed, edited, and released a few. Just like with traditional SEO, there are some things you should do on YouTube. To get more YouTube views, follow these tips.

  • Use the correct tags.
  • Write a good description for your video that makes people want to watch it. You can write down what the about video. It makes it easier for YouTube crawler bots to understand what you're writing.
  • Use words at the start of your title.
  • Make thumbnails that look good.
  • An excellent way to make your title stand out is to write it in a way
  • You can also look at your titles here.
  • Check out the best SEO practices for your vlog to learn more.

Step 4: Make Your Vlog Part of a Website.

If vlogging isn't a hobby for you, you should build a website, put your videos on it, and promote your website from the videos.

To control entirely over the audience:

You should put your vlog on a website if you're unsure what to do. In this case, you can complete control over what you write and who sees it.

YouTube says that it can take down a video or the whole channel without permission from the people who made it. A website and promotion of it from the very beginning could help you even if your YouTube channel is shut down or terminated. You've been running a website from the beginning and promoting it from the beginning.

 Make the most of your money-making efforts.

They make money from their websites, but many bloggers don't have to work. They can keep 100% of the money they make from selling the goods instead of selling them on a third-party site.

Make a Portfolio.

YouTubers like Dude Perfect even write about their sponsors on their website. They show how their sponsors' brands have grown because of their YouTube channel. Building a website isn't hard at all because of all the technology that is out there today. You need to sign up for a web hosting service like Bluehost.

A free domain name and free SSL certificate are just some of the things that come with Bluehost. You can also use the 1-click WordPress installer and more. For more information, check out how to build a website from scratch in less than 5 minutes for more information. Also, check out our full review of Bluehost. As soon as your website is up and running, you can use the Feeds for YouTube by Smash to start putting your videos on it. With this plugin, it's easy to put YouTube videos on your sit



Vlogging is a great way to tell stories, but there are three things you need to do well. Many things go into making a kind of life story.

The process of making videos:

There are many essential things about vlogging, but this is the most important one. It is a way to tell stories through video. You don't have to force a storey into your vlog. Instead, try to be fun and exciting to make people watch your video.

Determine the purpose of vlogging:

Determine why you want to start vlogging and write down what you want to achieve. Before you start your vlogging career, take a moment to think about what you want to do with your videos. You can start vlogging if you want to, but you might be more likely to keep going if you have a strategy that you believe in it, you can do.

Not at all. You don't need to find your "hardcore" vlogging purpose from an entrepreneurship book or spend the next six months figuring out your vlogging purpose - not at all.

It's straightforward. Think of vlogging as a way to get people to talk to each other. You will be making videos while you do things and then sharing them with the rest of the world. There must be a reason or message behind everything you do. Make your vlogs stand out, but it will also impact the people who watch them when they learn about your goal.

Don't worry if you can't think of a specific reason to start vlogging. It could be anything from giving vlogging a try to getting out of your comfort zone.

Determine the style of vlogging:

There might be a lot of debate about doing a vlog, so that you might see that. Different vloggers use different ways to record their videos. To start with, I want to be very clear about something. If you're comfortable with the way you're vlogging, you can use any style. People always tell you to change things up, and you might want to do things that other bloggers do. You need to be unique to stay where you are.

 It means how you record the vlog. The film with kids, spouses, or other family members. Some vloggers film when they're out of the house, while others film when they're working or at home. You may also find vloggers who film what they're doing while shopping, on a trip or working at the office.

In the same way, most vloggers make their videos, but one in 100 might have a cameraman around them to record their videos. Many vloggers use Canon G7X cameras, but some use DSLRs better for video. You'd also find vloggers who use their phones to record videos. Many vloggers choose to record their videos in English, but most choose to record them in their language. In other words, you have to find your unique style and voice to start and even make money in this business.

Make an uploading schedule.

In step three, it's essential to know that people care a lot about the time it takes to upload. When you start blogging regularly, try to schedule a schedule for uploading your videos. Keep your viewers and subscribers in the loop about when you're going to upload. As a way for them to watch your videos, It all depends on your schedule, work routine, and the best time. Regardless of when you decide to post the vlogs, stay with your plan and don't change.

Vlogging is all about being consistent.

If you are willing to do well, you should write many blogs. You can only be successful if you vlog a lot, and you can only vlog a lot if you enjoy it. It comes down to your love for vlogging, so that's why It doesn't make sense for you to start blogging if you don't think it's right for you. If you start having fun with vlogging, that will be one of the main factors in your success.

You may or may not have heard of "daily vlog." Lots of people who are vloggers post their videos every day. They vlog every day, too. Then, you need to have a lot of passion, commitment, and hard work to do that. If you try vlogging for four months and then stop for the next two months, you'll lose all your hard work.

You would be doing better if you made a plan and stuck to it. Your main goal should be to make high-quality content instead of sticking to a schedule. Because when you get the hang of uploading on time, the next milestone would be how often you upload.

The building of the story

Another essential part of a video vlog is the storey. It is the whole point of your vlog. If you're going to cook breakfast, show how you go grocery shopping in the morning. Then you show how you make breakfast on the camera. It's up to you how you film the different steps to make it interesting for the people who watch.

People who watch your vlog should know what you're going to do to make it enjoyable. It will have your camera talk, music playing in the background, where the scene is set, and how the storey ends.

It is especially true if you make 30 to 50 vlogs and keep following the best vloggers in the world. You'll learn how to build a storey as you go. During the process of making the vlogs, you will learn a lot.

Build a Niche:

There is no way for you to get a lot of attention on your good personality alone unless you are the most exciting and famous person


You can decide what you want to specialize in and make sure there is a market for it before you start. There are a lot of good video topics that are likely to get people interested. These include fast cooking, quick home improvement tricks, makeup tutorials, gaming, and fitness. Choose something you're excited. When you do your work, it will show. You'll be excited to come up with new video ideas.

Try to find out who your target audience is and talk to them:

Once you know your niche, you can figure out who your ideal customer is. Think about who will be interested in what you're putting on a show. You make your video, graphics, written and spoken words, and other things. If you were making a vlog about Formula 1 racing, you'd want it to have a very different tone, look, and feel than one about knitting.

Deliver value-based content:

Giving value is the key to great content, whether you're writing a blog or making a video. How to get rid of mice or change your car's oil are examples of things that you can learn. Both ways, it must be attractive enough for the viewer to feel like they got something out of watching you, no matter which way they choose.

Provide high-quality video:

As long as you have an iPhone or Android and a video camera, you can now make high-quality, full-length movies with your smartphone. There's no excuse for low-quality videos now. They know that clean, explicit videos with good audio and visuals are essential for good bloggers at their jobs. When we talk about tools later in this article, we'll talk about how they can help you get the job done better.

Stay distinctive:

If you want to make yourself or your channel or show stand out, look for ways to do that. There are a lot of low-hanging-fruit opportunities, such as video titles that use search engine optimization to get found by Google, your video intro, your outro, and any catchphrases that you can make up and keep using.

Publish and promote regularly.

The idea that "out of sight, out of mind" is true. Make sure you have enough good topics to write about on your vlog so that you can keep making new content. Set up a content calendar to keep yourself on track and start developing franchises (like tips or recipes) that people can expect when watching your vlog. This way, they know what to expect.

Vlogging Platforms

YouTube is the king of user-generated videos, and it's a great way to make videos. However, it isn't the only place to get noticed by people who make videos. There are more and more options as video becomes more popular to show the content of all kinds. Other popular platforms are:

  • Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are on Facebook.
  • Instagram Live is a service that lets people watch live
  • IGTV
  • Twitch \sFlickr
  • Vimeo

If you want to try out different video formats, reach more people, or target a different audience than the YouTube crowd, these platforms will help you do it. You can use them to do this.


Vlogs can help you reach new people if you already have a vlog or a podcast. Even if you already have both, a vlog could help. People like to get information in different ways, and just like some people like to read or listen to stories or get advice, others like to watch it, too.

As more people watch, more people talk about the show.

In the past years, many people have watched YouTube videos instead of watching TV or even Netflix. On YouTube, most of the time, we don't see actors but real people and their real lives. It makes the content much more relatable and exciting.

Read More:

Make a personal connection:

Through video, it's much easier to build a personal connection with people than through writing or podcasting. If you can see someone speak to you, it's important to you, even through video. To vlog, you let someone into a small part of your life or thoughts.

People show more loyalty if you show them that you:

If you already have a following somewhere else, vlogging will help you build loyalty by getting to know them on a more personal level. You can start by vlogging on YouTube because the site is also the world's second-largest search engine.

Video on YouTube is watched by more than one billion people each time they log on. If you do this, you'll be uploading your content to a place where people have already looked for it.

To build millions of followers:

As you build a following on YouTube, keep in mind that you don't own your fans, unlike your website or email list. The only way to get content to them is to make videos or send them messages on YouTube, which have their flaws.

If you want someone to join your email list from YouTube, you have to do something. It's good to think of YouTube subscribers as warm leads for your other projects because they'll be loyal to you and want to follow you.



The best way to tell stories and record your life in the video is to start a vlog. They want to record their lives to look back on them later. When vlogging, remember that one of the most important things is being unique and different. Putting on a show isn't something you want to do just because you're on the TV.

Companies that want to invest in the online world are also becoming more and more critical of content marketers, digital marketers, and people who want to make money by writing. People like vlogs because they're natural, rough, and casual, which makes them interesting to watch. There are, of course, a lot of things that make a video beautiful, like good editing skills and cinematic shots. But that doesn't mean that vlogging is something you have to change yourself.


Can I start A vlog without money?

You can start vlogging with your mobile camera and keep getting better when you start making money or have more resources.

How much time takes to become a successful blogger?

It depends on how hard you work and how consistent you are, but you should start getting noticed in 3 to 6 months as long as you stay the same.

I'm younger than 18. Can I do blogging?

No, you can still start a vlog. In vlogging, no requirement of age. According to Forbes, a 7-year-old boy named Ryan made more than $22 million from vlogging in a single year, a business magazine.

How much earning happens in vlogging?

The more I blog, the more money I can make. People can do anything they want. How much do YouTubers make? It will be surprising to learn that some make millions of dollars a month.

How to start my vlog first?

Decide what you want to do. First, figure out what kind of content you want to make before starting a vlog. As long as you have a clear niche, viewers will know what to expect from your videos, which will make it more likely that they'll subscribe to your videos.

What is the full name of the vlog?

 A video blog, also known as a video log, is a type of vlog where the medium is video. It is sometimes called a vlog (/var/). Vlog entries often include videos embedded into the text and text, images, and other metadata that help explain what the video is.

What is the best camera for vlogging? Is it the one that has a good lens.?

vlogging cameras that will be the best in 2022

  • The Fujifilm X-S10 is A small,
  • lightweight camera with many features. It can record a 4K video.
  • It is the Sony A6400.
  • Panasonic Lumix G100. Panasonic Lumix S5.

Vlogs and blogs are two different types of blogs. What is the difference?

Blogging and vlogging are now prevalent ways to make money by writing content or making videos. The clear difference between a blog and a vlog is that a blog is like a website where we can read about any subject. On the other hand, the video is posted about certain things in a vlog.

Can I use my phone for vlogging?

People can start recording great footage, vlogging, or making their movies and documentaries just by using their phones. With a bit of practice and a few essential tips, even you can start making your movies and documentaries.

People, who vlog can make money?

There isn't a lot of money to be made by vlogging, so that makes sense. However, making videos is still possible to make a full-time living. If you want to make money on YouTube, you don't have to be a Tycoon like one of these guys. There are thousands of other people making a good living from the site.

I want to start a paid vlog. How do I do that?

Simple ads, sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, and products are excellent ways to make money from blogging. If you only do that, you won't be making the most of a growing group of people who are very loyal to you. A big part of getting the most out of your work is focusing on being a brand.