Advantages of Poster Advertising

Poster advertising may be old but it is not dead. In fact, it is still one of the most common types of traditional techniques of marketing. With the trend of digital advertising, it might seem that poster advertisement is an outdated method, however, you can still find a large number of promotional posters everywhere on high-end streets. This shows that they are still as effective as ever.

Like rigid signs or any banner displays, a poster has a visual design with images, attractive fonts, and the right colors to attract passersby. They have the ability to stick in people’s minds and can be very beneficial for businesses trying to create brand awareness.

There are several benefits of poster advertising for small and medium businesses. Read on to learn how your business can enjoy the benefits of poster advertising:

Brand Visibility

Poster advertising is a great brand reinforcement tactic. You can target different locations to increase brand visibility. This increases the chance of the target market coming across your advertising message many times. With creative imagery and designs, you can make your advertisement stick in the minds of your target audience for a long time.


Promotional posters are affordable and offer high return on investment. A promotional poster might only cost you $10, depending on the size and design, and it is more effective than other print ads. This a one-off payment requirement also makes promotional posters are very cost-effective. When you compare the cost and longevity of the message to other print advertising options, the value of this type of advertising becomes even clearer.


The biggest benefit of poster advertising is its versatility. You can place a promotional poster almost anywhere and get different results. People will come across your ad many times walking through the area or sitting in public transport. With a good call to action, you can encourage your prospects to respond in many ways. You can place the poster strategically in an area where you think your target audience can come across it every day.

Longevity of Exposure

Promotional posters like rigid signs provide 24/7 accessibility to prospects. Your prospects might come across your advertisement once in a newspaper, but they can see a poster daily, like on their way to the bus stop. Placing the poster in the right location can make it stay up for weeks or even years. On a lamppost, your poster can be visible even at night to passersby. For a 24-hours business, the longevity of an advertising message is even more beneficial.

The Flexibility of Size and Shape

Your business also has the flexibility of choosing different shapes and sizes. You can even distribute and mail letter-sized posters. You can choose a bigger size for more visibility and greater impact. Depending on your business’s needs, you can also choose different shapes or designs to capture the attention of passersby.

You can use promotional posters anywhere, inside or outdoors for your brand advertisement. They provide your brand with high visibility anywhere people gather or pass by.


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