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100 marketing techniques to help your start-ups to stand out from the crowd

There will always be days when work is slow, regardless of whether you work in the creative industry. In addition to providing you with a good chance to catch up on all of your paperwork, this is an excellent time to consider selling your start-up in Australia while the market is down for a while.

Marketing is essential for any start-up, whether you're just getting started as a freelancer or have been in operation for several years. It is the means through which people learn about you and determine whether or not to hire you. Nevertheless, how can you get your company's name out there and attract new clients in the face of so much competition and noise? You should find the following list of necessities to be of assistance: It contains 100 marketing ideas that will leave you with no option but to make marketing for start-up in Australia.

1. Obtain a copy of your local newspaper and read it.

Prepare a press release to inform the public about anything remarkable that has occurred at your start-up. You're not sure where to begin? Select the phone and dial a journalist's number to inquire whether they are interested in publishing anything. If that's the case, they'll very probably write the story from the ground up. Put newspapers on your attractive counters with vivid ads

2. Create and distribute a newsletter

Send out a regular e-newsletter to your present customer base – provided you have their permission to do so. If you don't have their permission, don't bother them. Inform them of your activities, as well as any new products or services that you have offered recently. It will keep you at the forefront of their minds and encourage them to do a start-up with you in the future. Make a poster of your newsletter using vivid posters 

3. Create a blog to document your experiences.

Blogs are excellent for not just expanding your digital marketing strategy, but also for generating a range of long-tail keywords for use in search engine optimization. They're also an excellent approach to displaying your expertise while also establishing credibility. Maintain the freshness and intrigue of your site, and both Google and your visitors will appreciate your efforts. Display your new upcoming blog title to attract more customers using fabric banners

4. Make a cold call to a start-up.

Every day, make several cold calls and follow up on any new prospects that come your way. It's always a good idea to remain on track with your marketing efforts and keep an eye out for new opportunities.

5. Don't forget to bring start-up cards with you.

Never leave the home without a stack of start-up cards in your wallet or briefcase. You never know who you could come across. Make sure that your start-up cards have all of the necessary information, such as the URL of your website and the names of any social media accounts you may have. Put your cards on your attractive counters with vivid ads for every new customer

. Make tiny versions available.

Take into consideration supplying a reduced-priced "mini" version of your product or service. It will inspire new and existing customers to part with their money, perhaps resulting in long-term start-up relationships.

7. Identify a specific market niche.

Research and establish a market niche that you believe would benefit from your product or service, and then target that market niche with your offering. Examine the situation to determine what is missing and what people need. Provide them with solutions to their problems.

8. Hold customer consultations with your team

Don't be afraid to talk with existing clients and find out why they selected you in the first place. Also, take advantage of this opportunity to ask if there is anything else you may be doing to improve your services to them.

9. Make use of Twitter

Twitter is frequently referred to as the start-up-friendly social media platform because it is a fantastic way to begin networking online while also offering your company personality. There is, however, a proper and improper way to tweet, so keep these fundamental rules of Twitter etiquette in mind. Display your Twitter id in and out of your office to connect with more customers online using flags

10. Testimony should be obtained.

When it comes to marketing, nothing beats a genuine testimonial from a delighted consumer. Consider including testimonials on your website or in your marketing materials if you haven't previously. Just make sure you receive permission from the appropriate authorities in advance.

11. Make acquaintances with well-known bloggers and influencers.

There are a plethora of new blogs to discover, so do some research and make some connections with some well-known bloggers. If at all possible, get them to write a review of your start-up, product, or service on Amazon.

12. Post advertisements on blogs.

Investigate internet advertising possibilities by determining where your target market spends its time online. Are there any blogs that your customers find interesting? In exchange for ad space on the blog, contact the blog's owner and offer to sponsor their site.

13. Create blogs that are attractive to link exchanges.

Utilize your blog to its full potential by creating material that entices people to interact with you. The greater the number of people who share your content, the more traffic your website will get.

14. Make full use of the space provided by your email signature.

To tie everything together, include links to your website and social media accounts in your email signature, as well. Consider including your company's main marketing message or slogan in your document as well. Remind them of the reasons why they should admire you.

15. Host an awards luncheon to recognize achievements.

Sponsoring awards, although it is often expensive, may help your start-up in Australia get visibility. It's important to remember that not all awards are expensive. Regardless of your company's size or money, there will always be customized award ceremonies that are more suited. Host events using table clothes by vivid ads and

16. Participate in a competition, if possible.

Competitions in the media are rather commonplace these days. Consider becoming a sponsor of one of them to increase your exposure. This means you'll not only be advertising your brand and company name, but you'll also be reaching out to a far bigger audience as well.

17. Donate or give something away

Does your expertise lend itself to the development of a competition? In exchange for a reward, newspapers and magazines will provide you free editorial space on their publications. Keep in mind that they will always demand the bare minimum in terms of reward values. Display an ad that you are offering a giveaway using media walls with vivid 

18. Offer discounts that are only available for a short period

Discounts are frequently more popular at certain times of the year than others. 'Summer Savings' or 'Winter Deal' are two examples of promotions that you might use to provide a discount on your products or services. People like getting a good bargain.

19. Create an electronic brochure.

Designing and publishing hard-copy brochures may be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Create a PDF version of your document that can be downloaded from your website to save money. Take advantage of the opportunity to advertise yourself and explain to potential customers why they should use your services.

21. Mailers who use the old-fashioned method

Mail-drop campaigns include things like shoving marketing leaflets through doors and distributing postcards to your present customer database. They may be a little out of date, but they are not to be overlooked. They are still employed in some capacity.

22. Establish yourself as an authoritative spokesperson in your field.

Journalists are always on the lookout for industry experts who can contribute to their stories and reports. Obtain interviews with your local television, radio, and print media outlets to portray oneself as a willing authority on your subject matter. Prepare to be available for any prospective interviews by getting some media training so that you're prepared to go when the opportunity arises.

23. Assemble a press package for distribution.

Prepare some background information on yourself and your start-up in Australia to present to any members of the media who enquire about you or your company. For the media to learn more about you and contact you, provide a section on your website for this purpose.

24. Advertising on mobile devices

Why not create a colorful sticker for your car and use it to advertise your brand while you're on the road? Include your website URL and phone number in your email signature if possible. Make it more fun for consumers by providing them with a one-of-a-kind discount code that they may use when contacting you. Display a list of apps in which you add your website URL using banners of vivid 

25. Charity auctions.

Consider making a charitable contribution to your products or services instead of receiving compensation. A terrific chance to network, meet potential new customers and raise your company's visibility in your local community. Use products vivid for holding an auction

27. Make your expertise available to others.

Organize lectures, classes, and workshops based on your expertise and experience. Are you a master of social media? You'd be surprised at how many people are still unable to comprehend what Twitter is all about. If you educate others, you may find that they become clients as a result of your efforts.

28. The guest blog

Find well-known blogs or online communities that get a lot of traffic and offer to contribute and write articles for them. The use of a custom domain name will not only help you with SEO but will also help you reach a broader audience while also giving your brand personality.

29. Leave a comment on a blog post

It is important not to undervalue the influence of blog comments. Make as much of an effort as you can. Just make certain that you write something interesting and relevant that will draw people to your website and keep them there.

30. Make advantage of discussion forums to share your thoughts.

There are several forums available for you to participate in and contribute to, regardless of your creative field of interest. On forums, a large number of people search for answers. Providing the best service possible may result in more consumers coming to you. Keep in mind to make the most of your forum signature by providing links to your website as well as your company's slogan to maximize its effectiveness,

31. Keep your search engine optimization in mind.

When clients look for your products and services online, search engine optimization (SEO) guarantees that they find your website. Right now, this should be your primary priority. Either hire a search engine optimization agency or educate yourself on the issue. Moz is an excellent place to start.

32. Create a Facebook page for your start-up.

In part, because Facebook is more consumer-focused than Twitter, you should only create a page if you feel it would be beneficial to your start-up. Posting fresh updates will keep your readers engaged in your content. Please do not spam or promote your start-up. You may market and "boost" material to various audiences with just a little monthly outlay of money. Display your Facebook page and Facebook page name using

33. Connect your social media accounts

Make a point of including links to all of your social media accounts on your website, as well as the other way around. Make sure everything is in sync with one another, and don't forget to mention them in all marketing materials and publications.

34. Double-check that your pricing is right.

Carry out some research and call a few competitors to find out how much they charge for their products and services. Pretend to be a customer to keep your tracks clean. Correctly price your products when you've got a good sense of what the marketplace is worth. Continue to be unconvinced? Examine the following tips for how much you should charge for freelance work.

35. Send thank-you messages to those who have helped you.

Thank your present customers for their start-up once you have completed a job. It adds a more personal touch to the piece.

36. Include some freebies in your package.

To make your consumer happy, whether you've merely handed over some printed brochures or handed over a marketing plan, consider including a gift. All of my deliveries are accompanied by sweets provided by a local design start-up in Australia that I am familiar with. A simple yet effective notion.

37. Loyal customers should be rewarded.

Have you received more work from a former client? If so, how did you get it? Make use of your customer loyalty program to reward them. It is totally up to you how you choose to recognize and thank them. Maybe you could provide a discount to your customers. You may encourage loyalty in every manner you can by being a loyal person yourself.

38. Inject some personality into your social media presence.

People like to speak with one another rather than with logos. Include a photo of a genuine person on your social media profiles, and avoid promoting your start-up in Australia all of the time on these platforms. Don't be afraid to be yourself, and don't be afraid to show the world the real you. Display your social media accounts using media banners

39. On your website, you should have an "About Us" page.

Before hiring someone, individuals want to know who they'll be working with daily. Create an informative 'About' page on your website that outlines who you are, your credentials and expertise, and the values that you hold dear as a start-up in Australia. Keep in mind that your website should build trust, and an About page may be able to help with this.

40. Invest money to build credibility.

Nothing sells a start-up in Australia more effectively than its reputation for dependability. Invest in programs and accreditations that demonstrate your trustworthiness to potential consumers to increase the amount of start-up you get.

41. Make a vow to yourself.

You should provide a 100% guarantee or a "money back" promise if you feel your products and services are deserving of such a guarantee or promise. If customers aren't totally satisfied with your product or service, you should provide a refund. You run the risk of some people taking advantage of this opportunity, but the benefits of getting additional customers may outweigh the dangers.

42. Exceptional customer service is a priority

If you want to get more start-ups, nothing beats referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations, therefore provide your present customers outstanding service. Putting forth a little more effort today will pay dividends in the long term.

43. Attend traditional networking events (e.g., cocktail parties).

Even the most formal, useless, or boring networking gathering is not always such. There are a variety of solutions available that may be beneficial to your start-up in Australia. You must discover the proper folks. Search the internet, talk to people who know what you're looking for, and attend as many networking events as possible. You should bring start-up cards, a friendly smile, and no expectations. Hold your traditional networking events using our event and exhibition products of  vivid

44. Begin a movement to bring about positive change.

Is there anything in particular about your field of employment that bothers you? To increase awareness about the issue and push for a solution, why not launch a campaign? In certain cases, you may even be able to donate something from your start-up in Australia to help with the situation. Make a press release and reach out to members of the local media. Fight for what you believe in, and others will take note of what you are doing.

45. Make your expertise available to others.

You've been running your start-up for a while now, and you've undoubtedly gained a lot of valuable experience. You may not be aware of it, but your knowledge is really valuable to other people. You may be able to disclose your trade secrets by producing articles for your website. Don't be afraid to explain how you can help a start-up in Australia that you are unfamiliar with. Yes, some others may duplicate your tactics. The majority of individuals, on the other hand, will not have the time and will choose to pay specialists.

46. apply to incentives

Enter your start-up in Australia for prizes whenever the chance presents itself. Winning awards provides free publicity for your start-up in Australia, and you may display your medals on your website. It lends you greater credibility in the eyes of others.

47. Create an effective referral scheme.

Do you have a large number of suppliers and affiliates with whom you collaborate regularly? Initiate a referral program that recognizes and compensates them for any prospects they generate for you. The amount of the award might vary from a percentage of the work's value to a £50 gift certificate.

48. Make your price visible.

Increasing your rates will give the impression that you are a more "premium" provider. When you target higher-value consumers, you will be less likely to attract lower-value customers who are notoriously difficult to deal with.

49. Make certain that your answering machine is properly configured.

Make certain that your phone has an answering machine for when you are not in the office. And, maybe, more importantly, make certain that your voicemail message sells you. "We're not here" should be replaced with "we're not available, but please visit our website," etc. Encourage the caller to use a new form of communication with you.

50. Arrange for a performance to take place.

Without a question, purchasing exhibit space at relevant trade exhibitions is an expensive option. On the other hand, if your start-up in Australia has something to offer and wants to raise its visibility, trade shows may be one of the best marketing opportunities available to you.

Make sure your booth is well-decorated and well-stocked with marketing materials, such as start-up cards and fliers, before you begin promoting. Bring a colleague or a friend with you, and make a note of the contact information of everyone you meet so that you may follow up with them after the performance.

51. Don't be concerned about your competitors.

When putting together your marketing strategy, keep your competition in mind. Don't fall in love with them or try to keep up with all they do. Why? Because what they're doing isn't always in your best interests. Concentrate on your start-up in Australia and have confidence in your talents.

52. Use Google to find a location.

Google Local is still used by people to locate products and services, so make sure your start-up in Australia is included in the search engine. It's entirely free, and it will help you with your search engine optimization campaigns.

53. Collaborate with other companies in your industry

Connecting your start-up with another can help you attract more customers. To explain further, what I mean is If you are a copywriter, why not reach out to web designers that do not have copywriting skills and offer your services at a reduced rate? You'd be surprised at how much work you can receive by following these steps.

54. Obtain a QR Code for your use.

QR codes are the newest marketing tool, and everyone is gushing about them. QR is an abbreviation for 'Quick Response,' and it refers to a kind of bar code that enables smartphone users to view a website instantaneously by scanning it. Purchase one for your start-up in Australia and incorporate it into all of your marketing and promotional material.

55. If you give, you will get in return.

Build strong working relationships with your rivals and local suppliers, and then recommend them to clients. If you give, it is nearly assured that you will get something in return. For the simple reason that everything comes full circle. Furthermore, there is never a scarcity of employment to go around.

56.  Advertise on Facebook.

Facebook advertising is successful, particularly if you're targeting certain demographics with your message. If you want to target people based on where they live or their gender or age or even their relationship status, you can do so and create a campaign that is tailored just to them. You may also evaluate and analyze your investment to determine what worked and what didn't to make better decisions in the future.

57. Create a video presentation

Multimedia content is becoming more popular, and it may be able to assist your website to become more engaging. Make instructional videos, or just show off your employees and office space to potential clients. Videos contribute to the building of critical trust. People will want to hire you if they believe in your abilities.

58. Consider making the switch to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We're all concerned about the environment these days, so adopting a green lifestyle will have no negative consequences for you or the environment. Consider making a great deal out of your environmental credentials, and putting in place an ethical policy. Make certain that your company has a corporate social responsibility program in place to demonstrate to others that you care about the world.

59. Look for bargains on sites like Groupon

It is becoming more common to visit websites that provide "Deals of the Day." Discounted gift cards are accessible on websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, and they may be used at both local and national companies. A selection of deals that are relevant to your region will be sent to you through email if you become a registered user. You may contact these websites on your company's behalf to provide some of your products and services for free in exchange for their start-up. They're a low-cost method of getting your company's name out in the public eye.

60. Create an e-zine and distribute it.

Create an online magazine or blog on a topic that you are passionate about. This is about your start-up in Australia. It will act as an efficient online marketing tool while also displaying a distinct element of your company's personality by allowing you to share your thoughts on start-up news, politics, and other issues of interest.

61. Make a free e-book accessible on the internet.

The foundation of effective digital marketing is the creation of meaningful content that spreads naturally. Create something free and valuable to entice others to spread the word about your start-up. A free e-book, for example, may do this. Install a well-written guide that contains several useful ideas and tips. Make it amusing and shareable, on the other hand.

62. Keep an eye on your online reputation at all times.

In the field of public relations, it is all about maintaining and enhancing your public image. Keeping track of what people are saying about you on the internet is a big part of it. Maintain your reputation by keeping track of the conversation and responding professionally.

63. Update the look of your website.

If your website isn't doing properly, you should consider redesigning it. Even though web design is not the most important aspect of a website, it is often the first thing that visitors notice. The fact that customers are abandoning your website without returning suggests that they are experiencing some kind of technical difficulty. Before you take the plunge and redesign your website to make it more appealing to your target audience, do some preliminary research. Display your website links in your office for new customers using 

64. Attending conferences

There is always something interesting going on in the background. There's something for everyone at these conferences, which range from nerdy tech conferences to instructive lectures and speeches. Be it a point to attend at least one beneficial event every month, and make sure to have plenty of start-up cards with you.

65. Maintain your client relationships in good standing.

Always prioritize your present consumers and treat them as though they are exceptional. To assure their pleasure, make them feel like they are your most important client and go out of your way to meet their needs. Make sure to keep lines of communication open and never be afraid to pick up the phone or set up meetings with colleagues. Maintain your network of contacts.

66. Be familiar with the principles

When you answer the phone, always say your company's name and the name of the person who is speaking. When sending an email, be sure to add your company's name and logo in the signature section. Always be kind and courteous because you never know who could call. If you master these essentials, your brand and reputation will reap the benefits of your efforts.

67. The use of aliases on the internet

Consider including a few names in your blog or tweet to attract their interest. If they like you, they might thank you by mentioning you on their website or on Twitter. If you're writing a blog, consider putting a link to a well-known online article to get some more traffic. This was achieved by Harvard University with the help of Boomerang, my start-up in Australia, and it resulted in a significant amount of relevant traffic.

68. Come up with a humorous

Visitors are informed that the page they were looking for is no longer accessible on the internet. Create your own hilarious 404 Page, and it has the potential to become viral as people debate it and share it with their social networks.

69. Be a source of contention

Do you want to increase the number of people that visit your website? Write about controversial topics that will elicit connections, arguments, and responses from your readers. Decide on a well-known start-up and people to work with. Nothing gets more people talking than a positive answer.

70. Get in touch with neighboring colleges for information.

If you want to build effective local ties, why not contact your local institution and offer yourself as a speaker? Universities often have strong economic links, and you never know who you may be able to impress or meet as a result of your efforts.

71. Create a podcast for your audience.

Podcasts are now again in vogue. They're also not that difficult, to begin with. We recommend investing in a high-quality microphone, headphones, and editing software, as well as submitting your recordings to sites such as Soundcloud and YouTube. Just remember to spread the word about them. Display your upcoming podcast guest pic on the street using 

72. Make free tools and resources accessible.

Is there anything on your website that you could make available for free? Are you, for example, a search engine optimization service that can make some free tools available to others? Tools have the potential to go viral and create a significant amount of web traffic if they are of high quality.

73. Donate your time to a worthy cause.

Participate in the fundraising activities of a local charitable start-up. Make a bold action that will get the attention of the local media and garner positive coverage. Make use of your social media networks and website to extol your virtues and achievements. People will hear about your exceptional efforts and may want to hire you as a result, but you will also be giving back to the community as a result of your efforts.

74. Join your local Chamber of Commerce to learn more about start-up opportunities.

It's possible that your local Chamber of Commerce has been in operation for a long time, yet they may still be of use. Join to connect and network with other small start-up owners in your area.

75. Establish a timetable.

Create and print a one-of-a-kind calendar that includes your company's name and website address. Customers who already know about you are more likely to display it in their shops or start-up, resulting in free exposure for you. Send it to them.

76. Make better use of your start-up cards by following these guidelines.

People occasionally ignore start-up cards, printing just one side with their contact information and tossing them in the trash. Insert your tagline or other information about your products and services into any blank places that remain.

77. Hold frequent webinars to educate and inform

If you can host them, web-based seminars are an excellent way to engage with clients. They may allow you to display your expertise and turn visitors into paying customers. GoToWebinar, for example, is one of the many online services that are accessible.

78. Make bundle discounts and incentives accessible.

Isn't it better to combine two services into a single low-cost package? Suppose you're a web developer and you want to offer a website that includes free copywriting as a bonus. You may hire outsourced support and make sure that the package you provide is priced to create a profit while still paying the costs of everyone involved.

79. Consider the use of sponsored search.

Using Google AdWords is a fantastic strategy to use if your website is new and your SEO efforts haven't yet shown any positive results. You can also keep track of relevant keywords, which is a great way to make sure your SEO campaign is on track and effective. It is important to note, however, that sponsored search may be an expensive marketing tactic. Long-term, you should put your efforts toward 'organic' farming.

80. Make use of community bulletin boards to spread information.

Actual physical community corkboards may be found practically everywhere, including in your local grocery store and pharmacy, as well as your local library. Put your fliers up since it is a low-cost and straightforward process. Just make sure you have permission before proceeding.

81. Provide your customers with special offerings.

Make use of your client information by sending out regular marketing campaigns that contain a special offer to your existing customers. Use the varied seasons of the year to your advantage to reach timely agreements. It will motivate your present clients to conduct more start-ups with you in the future.

82. Make advantage of your family and friends for assistance.

Keep in mind to make use of your existing relationships to assist spread the word about yourself. Give some of your start-up cards to friends and family members, and ask them to assist you in promoting your company or start-up.

83. Try something different.

Analyze your competition and do market research on your target audience. Is there anything you could do to make things better for yourself? Provide something out of the ordinary to distinguish oneself.

84. Make a gift to a local high school sports team in your community.

Sponsoring a local school sports team is an easy way to raise your company's visibility in the community. Every season, the football or netball players will need a new set of uniforms. In exchange for buying the school supplies, you may be able to have your company's logo printed on the kits. For additional information about how you may assist, please contact the principal.

85. Make a gift to someone.

Instead of traditional competition, why not host a one-of-a-kind competition in which you give away your products and services to one lucky winner? Why not give away a free website if you are in the start-up of developing websites? If you create exquisite wedding stationery, you may provide a complimentary wedding stationery package to one lucky couple as a thank you. Competitions are frequently well-attended and quickly spread over the internet. They will also assist you in advertising your start-up.

86. Make your start-up cards stand out from the crowd.

Don't miss out on a terrific opportunity to distinguish your start-up from the competition! Design a start-up card that sticks out and helps to keep you at the top of people's minds.

87. Turn yourself become a walking billboard.

Every time you leave the house, put on a t-shirt with your company emblem and website URL. If you have staff, make sure they are dressed in company uniform as well.

88. Invest in marketing lists.

Many start-ups will supply you with a list of potential customers that you may use to focus your marketing efforts. These lists, even though they might be expensive, can be really valuable. For example, Marketscan is one such service, but there are others. Search for "mailing lists" to see if there's anything relevant to you.

89. Advertise in other people's e-newsletters to increase your exposure

Identify a popular electronic magazine that sends out updates to its subscribers regularly. As a result, do some research and devise a strategy for capitalizing on these focused marketing opportunities while they are still available.

90. Plan a get-together with your friends.

What if you're having problems networking or meeting new people and you want to organize your event or meetup instead? The people at GeekUp did precisely that, and it paid off handsomely.

91. Incorporate video testimonials or interviews into your analysis.

Create testimonial videos to display on your website to show off your delighted customers. Customer satisfaction is the most effective way to advertise your brand and develop a reputation.

92. Make full use of the capabilities of online portfolios.

If you're a highly visual creative, make sure your work is shown on as many online portfolio websites as possible. Behance and Carbonmade are two such examples. The more you put yourself out there, the better.

93. Make a public appearance on the internet.

If you have a creative blog or online diary, there are several places where you may publish your work. To be considered, send in your best work along with as much information about yourself as you can. There's something for everyone on this list, with titles ranging from Creative Boom, Pikaland, and It's Nice That to The Creator's Project and others. Make a concerted attempt to contact as many online publications as you can find.

94. Create Twitter lists to help you stay organized

Using Twitter lists to attract the attention of important Twitter users who may then reciprocate by adding you to their list is a great way to build your following. Donate to worthy causes and make valuable contacts on Twitter just like you would on any other social media site, to get your name in front of the right people.

95. Follow up with lead

Keep in mind that you should always follow up with new people you meet. Build relationships with your consumers and keep your company at the forefront of their minds. Always contact people you meet at events or over the phone to follow up with them and make an effort to convert them into customers.

96. Return it to the owner

Because of the 'pay it forward mentality, you should be prepared to give up some of your expertise for free in the hopes of one day being compensated for your work in return. For example, if you come across someone who is experiencing difficulties, you may be able to assist them without charge. During a networking event, make introductions between people who may be able to do start-up together. Individuals will remember you for being selfless and kind in your actions.

97. Establish a strong brand identity.

Take a moment to consider and review your branding. Is it capable of delivering adequate power? Is the marketing message being communicated effectively? If your overall look and feel aren't up to standard, consider a complete makeover. Make a bold statement, stand out, and make certain that your brand reflects the ethos and values of your whole start-up.

98. Make yourself known.

Sell yourself to everybody and everyone you come into contact with, everywhere you go. You are the public face of your start-up in Australia, so put yourself out there and market it! Keep your company's core principles in mind at all times, and restart up in Australia whenever you get the opportunity.

99. Create a questionnaire

Create a survey for your customers with SurveyMonkey, and motivate participation by offering something of value in exchange for their answers. Once you've gathered your findings, you can either turn them into a remarkable news release or use them to improve the overall offering of your company via marketing. Display a questionnaire in your office for your customers using displays by vivid ads

100.  pay attention to your customers.

It is your customers who will supply you with the most relevant information on how to expand your start-up and create additional employment. If you want to ensure that your company thrives and survives, pay attention to what they have to say and put new processes in place.