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The Main Types of Banners in Sydney

Signage and banner-based marketing is an important part of any business. The main types of banners in Sydney are fabric banners. These are available in a number of different styles, based on the marketing needs of a business. As a result, this highly flexible tool has slowly grown to now become available for various uses.

The following are some of the main types of banners in Sydney and what you can use them for.

Retractable or Pull-Up Banners

These banners are known for being easy to roll up and place anywhere with ease. They have a double-sided printing area. This also makes them perfect for use in retail stores, tradeshows and other indoor areas. Retractable banners tend to be pretty tall with many going up to 6 feet.

Luckily, they are very easy to customize and are not extremely expensive to make. Pull-up banners are restricted by their size as they cannot be wider than 5 feet. However, this makes them perfect for use in small booths, exhibitions or tradeshows.

Mesh Banners

Perfect for use either indoors or outdoors, mesh banners are extremely versatile due to the nature of the material they are made from. The mesh allows for air to pass through the banner, without causing it to billow or blow about like a sail.

This ensures that it can be used outdoors. Additionally, the fine mesh pattern doesn’t take away from the quality of the printing. With this quality, you’re able to get fine printing results on a banner that is able to withstand strong winds when placed outdoors.

Repeat and Step Banners

These types of banners in Sydney are largely meant for formal business events. If you’re looking to introduce something like a selfie booth or want to get press photos or have a backdrop, these are the banners you need.

Step and repeat banners are specifically designed to cover up boring or garish backgrounds, giving you a clean palette to work with. You can also get them printed with your company name and logo. The repetitive logo design will make your business brand more visible and noticeable here.

Fabric Banners

Due to their extreme flexibility and stunning printing results, fabric banners are perfect for use in a number of marketing options. These are made from either satin or polyester and the best part is that they are easy to clean. Most are machine washable and also designed to be crease-resistant. This makes storage and upkeep very easy.

One downside is that fabric banners are better suited for use indoors. Many are not tough enough to withstand strong weather conditions and may fade or go bad.

Vinyl Banners

These are loved because of their hardy nature and are usually the top picks for anyone wondering about the best types of banners in Sydney. The vinyl material is tear-resistant and better printing options ensure no depreciation in this area.

On the other hand, these are not only heavier but must be stored properly too. Poor or rough handling can cause creases which are hard to get rid of.


Now that you know all about the most common types of banners in Sydney, you can make an informed choice and choose the option that’s perfect for your business.


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