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Why You Should Use A-Frame signs to Promote Your Business

5 Benefits of Using A-Frame Signs to Promote Your Business

Signage plays a critical role in inviting potential customers to your business. However, your signage needs to be versatile and visible enough to actually do the trick. A-Frame signs are designed in a way that makes them incredibly versatile, visible, durable, and cost-effective.  

In fact, these sandwich boards are a widely popular marketing tool in cities in Australia, so much so that A-Frame signs in Melbourne and Adelaide are a regular sight that you can behold on sidewalks across busy roads. Their popularity also ensures that you can get your A-Frame signs in Adelaide and Melbourne customized to a T.

Here are 5 benefits of A-Frame signs that make them the perfect advertising tool for your business.

1. Visibility

No matter how well-designed your signage, if it’s not clearly visible and within your potential customers’ eye range, then it won’t effectively do its job. This is why A-Frame signs are practically perfect for any business – it’s impossible to overlook them!

They sit at ground level, usually on a sidewalk that is right outside your business building or retail store. Their prime location is what ensures that anyone that walks by your shop will naturally be drawn toward your sign.

2. Versatility

If your business is situated inside a huge building or if it’s hidden by another, much bigger building, then you probably won’t be able to use an A-Frame sign right outside your building doors to draw customers in. However, you can use A-Frame signs as beacons and directional signs to guide potential and established customers to your business. This is why A-Frame signs are incredibly versatile signage options that you simply cannot go wrong with.

3. Lightweight and Portable

Another wonderful benefit of A-Frame signs is just how incredibly portable and lightweight they are. Even though there are several freestanding signs readily available on the market, an A-Frame sign is inarguably the most portable and convenient of them.

At the end of a business day, you can simply fold your A-Frame signs, pick them up, and store them inside your building. What makes this task super easy is that A-Frame signs are light enough for just about anyone to move them. Plus, they are small enough to not take up too much of your office space.  

4. Economical

As compared to some other extravagant signage options out there, A-Frame signs are incredibly inexpensive. So, if you are on a budget and need an effective marketing tool that will bring in customers to your doorsteps, you need to invest in A-Frame signs. Plus, these signs are durable and do not fade easily, which allows you to use the same sign for years on end.

5. Flexible Messaging

Another fantastic aspect that ranks high amongst the various benefits of A-Frame signs is that they are double-sided. What we mean by that is that A-Frame signs are designed in a way that you can use both their sides to print your content on them.

This presents you with the wonderful opportunity to print a different message on each side to effectively advertise various facets of your business to potential customers coming in from both sides. Or you could post the same message on both sides of your A-Frame sign to ensure that people don’t miss out on what you have to say.  

Now that you know their various benefits, make sure to use A-Frame signs in Melbourne to effectively promote and market your business.

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