Selfie Frame Boards

The need to have a clear message that is easily understood and remembered.
Many companies struggle with their marketing messages because they are too vague, repetitive or boring.

Our selfie frame boards are the perfect way to get your message across in a fun, memorable way. We create customised photo frames which can be used at events or as giveaways for your company's next campaign. Your logo will be printed on the front of each board along with any other text you wish to include such as a hashtag, slogan or contact information. Each board comes complete with an attached stand so it can stand up on its own and also has a hole cut out in the top corner so people can take selfies using it! They're great for events like trade shows or conferences where you want attendees walking away with something tangible from your brand instead of just memories stored on their phones alone! You could even use them as part of an online contest where entrants submit pictures taken while using

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