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Tips for Designing a Custom Magnet Sign

Custom magnetic signs are a cost-effective technique of advertising. Instead of printing directly on the vehicle, you can stick the magnetic strip on your car and let the car do the marketing. Marketers use custom magnetic signs to attract customers and create brand awareness. Small and medium businesses use custom cut magnetic signs due to the low cost and convenience. You can easily put them on the surface and then remove them without any trouble.


The popularity of car magnets has grown very quickly. Car magnets are especially very effective for businesses with a small marketing budget. Car magnets can provide brand information to people on the go and can be used to reach a large audience with minimal spending.

They come in a range of sizes and shapes that fit any type of vehicle. You can also use them on other metallic surfaces outdoors. Most people usually order them in pairs to display them on both sides of their car. You can advertise brand information on the vehicle without any damage to the surface. The design of the car magnets is crucial in getting your point across in a clear and concise manner.

Keep reading to learn some useful tips for designing an effective custom magnetic sign!

Make Your Brand Name Prominent

The brand name is the most important part of a custom magnetic sign. It should be prominent and visible from some distance. Your brand name should stand out more than any other information on the sign. It will give more exposure to your brand helping your prospects to remember your brand name.

Add a Unique Slogan

A brand’s logo and slogan are a unique part of your brand identity. Sometimes, people find text boring and they often ignore it altogether. A logo or an interesting slogan can make your custom cut magnetic sign much more attractive. They can make your advertising message stand out even from a distance.

Add Your Website Address in a Clear Font

Digital marketing has become more important to businesses than ever. The more traffic you attract to your website, the more the chances of conversion. Most customers are likely to check out your website before making a purchase decision. They prefer looking for a website over a phone number.

That said, after your prospects have done an online search about your brand, they are likely to call you for more information or for placing an order. Adding a phone number on the magnetic sign gives your prospects a chance for immediate contact.

Highlight Your Services

If the name or logo of your brand does not give a clear idea about the services you offer, you can add precise details about your services. Mention the general category of products and services that you offer like beauty care products. You can also highlight your service specialties if that can attract more customers. 


Make sure that the design emphasizes the right words for an impressive and eye-catching magnetic sign. Add your contact details to let your prospects know where to find you. With the help of these tips, you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of magnetic signs.




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