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8 Common Uses of Rigid Signs

Rigid signs are durable, flat signs that can be used in nearly every setting that requires affordable, high-quality, long-lasting signage. These signs can serve as both indoor and outdoor signs as they can withstand natural elements and the glare of artificial light.
Here are eight common uses of rigid signs.

1. Election Signs

Rigid signs are the ideal signage for election and political campaigns. There are tiny channels installed in the plates of election signs that allow these signs to bend or fold easily. They are made from highly durable material and are ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. Plus, these signs are incredibly long-lasting and affordable.

2. Pop Up A-Frame Banners

You can use rigid signs as pop up A-frame banners that come in different shapes and sizes. They are perfect for advertising in trade shows, exhibitions, sidewalks, etc. Place them in a strategic location that makes it possible to view them from both sides as they offer the advantage of double-sided printing. These convenient and lightweight banners make them easy to carry with you to various marketing events.

3. Decoration Signs

Rigid signs work exceptionally well as decoration signs that you can proudly display on your walls. You can use a brushed aluminium sign with its signature metallic finish to decorate your office or store wall. You can also customise a painted aluminium rigid sign and carry it with you to various events and exhibits. These signs are durable and incredibly lightweight.

4. Construction Signs

Rigid signs are often used as construction signs placed in and around construction sites. These signs come with tiny channels, making it easier to fold or bend these signs. They are made from an incredibly durable material, making them quite long-lasting and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

5. Creative Trade Show Signage

Rigid signs can be fashioned into creative triangle signs that add a distinctive touch to your trade show display. These Corflute triangle signs are affordable and provide a high-quality finish, so these signs are a bright and budget-friendly solution for you. Plus, these signs are vital, weather-resistant, and lightweight.

6. Retail Store Signage

Rigid signs such as Corflute, Armaboard, and Screen Board signs are beneficial signage retail store owners employ. They are all made from highly durable, long-lasting materials and are ideal for indoor usage. Plus, these signs are pretty easy on the pocket.
Corflute Signs have tiny channels in the plates, making them easy to fold or bend. Armaboard signs are an ideal high-end signage option to place in your retail shop as a wall hanging. The ink used on these signs is UV resistant and weatherproof. Screen Board signs are perfect to use as a point of sale application – including headers and posters – that you can wall-mount or hang directly from the ceiling of your shop.

7. Business Presentation Signs

Rigid signs are also used as gator board signs that bring life to your business presentation. These signs are made from high-quality, lightweight foam core material, and rigid paper faces. These signs are incredibly durable, making it easier for you to reuse them multiple times. They are printed using vivid UV ink, which makes them visually attractive.

8. Promotional Signage

Rigid PVC signs are incredibly popular for branding and promotional purposes. These signs offer you the opportunity to use high-resolution, vividly coloured graphics and sturdy foam-based material to promote your business. You can place rigid PVC signs on your retail store walls or as header cards for point of sale displays.
Now that you know the most common uses of rigid signs, use this practical advertising tool to meet your signage needs!

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