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What are 3 worst fonts for printing?


3 of the Worst Fonts for Printing:

1. Comic Sans:

This once loved font is now well and truly a no go font. It tends to appeal more to a younger demographic and is quite popular in targeting kids but is a font that almost every designer will tend to avoid. It can be hard to read at times on paper if certain colours are used with it, with yellow particularly hard to make out. It was designed to look like comic book fonts and quite frankly this is where it should stay!

2. Segoe Script:

The main problem with Segoe Script is that it isn’t that easy to read and it’s also A struggle to complement it with other type fonts. Sentences can often come across as one long line of text which can easily result in the reader getting lost while reading the information they are after. While handwritten fonts can sometimes provide a stylish, rustic feel to the text, it is best to avoid using Segoe Script.

3. Impact:

Last but not least on our list is the Impact font. Another sans serif font, Impact was designed in 1965 as a font that would provide an impact when printed. With ultra-thick strokes and a compressed letter structure, Impact text can be very hard to make out and is a font we would certainly recommend avoiding when deciding on your printing needs.

When you have decided on a type font that works for your printed promotional material, we recommend you include it in your brand guidelines to ensure all future printed materials incorporate the same font and sizes.