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Top 5 Uses for Corflute Plastic Signs

Corflute signs


Top 5 Uses for Corflute Plastic Signs

The cheapest corflute signs are made from 3mm corflute. It has some advantages over 5mm but it is not as strong and tends to bend in outdoor windy conditions. Five millimetre corflute, on the other hand, is a very versatile indoor and outdoor rigid sign material with many uses for businesses of any size or type.

The top 5 uses for corflute signs in Australia are:

1. Real Estate Signage:

Corflute signs are used regularly by real estate agents. They deliver strong colour representation and fade resistant inks making it ideal for medium term outdoor advertising. It is commonly used to advertise homes, developments or show buyers how to find a property with common sizes at 900mm x 1200mm for larger properties, 600mm x 900mm for lease signs, 450 mm 300 mm open house signage .

2. Site Safety Signage:

More than any other industry the construction sector is a big user of corflute signs. The durability of plastic signage is essential on building sites, as they need to withstand all types of weather and be outdoors for at least 6 months. Site safety signs take many forms: there can potentially be up to 200 individual ones ranging from 300mm x 200mm to 2.4m x 1.2m in size - we keep a list with us so that our clients just have fill out an order form when needed; even complex sign projects can thus easily completed quickly by us .

3. Election Signs:

Corflute is a material that election campaigns use to make signage. Corflute signs are left out for 3 months, depending on the area it's placed in, and installed by putting stakes into soft ground or hardwood quickly. Popular sizes for corflute are 600mm x 900mm and 450 mm x 300mms with 5mm thickness being most common during elections because people wish politicians would recycle them after using them once.

4. Corflute A-Frames: 

Corflute A frames are a great way for event organizers to promote their events. They can quickly change the messages on these signs, and they're made from steel so they'll hold up in medium wind conditions. Corflutes come in different sizes as well!

Corflute A-Frames are a fantastic tool that any organization or individual looking to market themselves will find useful because of how easy it is to update them with new information about an upcoming event or just wanting people's attention at all times without spending too much money doing so.

5. Corflute for Advertising:

Corflute signs or boards are ideal for a variety of uses such as service offerings like plumbing, fencing, auto-repair etc. Our selection of signs come in a range of sizes depending on your requirements and made with durable Corflute material and are easy to apply. Corflute signs can help you turn anything into a front-page ad.