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Everything You Need To Know About Corflute Signs

Everything you need to know about corflute signs 

 A cheap and effective way to market your business is with corflute signs. Corflute is great for short-term signage but can also be used in the long term when appropriately treated! The best part about them is that they're lightweight, durable and highly weather-resistant - making it easy on our budget too.

Corflute is a type of plastic known as corrugated polypropylene. You’ll most likely have seen it used for advertising campaigns, such as political ones and by real estate companies to advertise local properties. Because the material is light but durable, you can print on them in vivid colours that stand out from far away without having any issues with printing quality or fading over time due to weather conditions and sunlight exposure like paper would do because they are lighter than other signage materials which mean there's no need for large metal poles holding big signs up high off the ground hence saving money while also making your business look more professional!

Five reasons to buy corflute signs:

1. Budget Friendly

If you want signage that will not cost too much, corflute should be your go-to material. It's incredibly affordable and costs even less when compared with other materials like colour-bond or aluminium panels.

2. Lightweight & Portable Signage

Corflute is a lightweight choice for any portable sign because it weighs next to nothing. Just stick it in the boot of your car, and off you go! Corflute is great at trade shows or exhibitions, too - bring some with you into that party space on the go!

3. Easy to Install & Maintain

Lightweight corflute signs are easy to install. Whether you're attaching them with velcro, screws, nails or adhesive tape; printing it with metal eyelets for hanging on a fence or structure; using cable ties and inserting into the ground- your sign will be ready faster than ever!

4. Highly Customizable

Corflute is highly customizable. You can get minor point-of-sale countertop signs to massive, large-format designs that you design yourself! It's even possible to create 3D corflute shapes and sizes as well. Although sheets of corflute are 2400mm x 1200mm, it’s entirely possible for them to be joined together if needed into a larger shape or size depending on what type of sign they need to be made up.

5. Amazingly Durable

Because corflute is plastic, it will retain your design beautifully - so even though you're in Australia, the sun won't damage this material. Corflute is waterproof and impossible to destroy by hand; therefore, if someone walks into or knocks over your sign, there's no need to worry about rain damage!

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With corflute signage, you can create the perfect sign for your business. If you already have a design in mind or one we come up with together, contact us to get started on a unique and affordable project!


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