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Wall Mural Maintenance Tips

A wall mural decal may last for years if it is installed correctly. However, this does not mean you should not take measures to maintain it. Time and the weather can take a toll on the material, but the good news is that you don’t need elbow grease to make yours look pristine.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that can help:

Prepare the Wall Beforehand

Firs thing’s first. You can reduce the amount of maintenance before installing the mural with a simple tip. Wall decal Melbourne options are only as good as the surface they are applied on. Therefore, before installing it on the wall, make sure the surface is damage free.

It should not have any chips or dents that can compromise the stickiness of the mural and should not be prone to water damage either. If you want to install it outdoors, look for a wall that does not need repairs and if it does, make sure it is smooth before installation.

By taking this precautionary step, you can ensure the mural remains flush on the wall for years and does not have any unsightly dips that can tear later.

Block the Sun

While natural sunlight can bring out all of the colours in the wall mural really well, consistent exposure to the sun’s rays can make the artwork fade. This is known as sun fade, which can make your wall mural decal disappear if it is not curbed.

To prevent that from happening, install shades in your establishment that reduce the amount of sunlight that gets in.

Remove Dirt and Residue with Simple Household Ingredients

Adhesive residue and dirt can be tricky to get off, but not if you have the proper tools. All you need is some hot water and dishwashing liquid to wipe it off and it won’t damage the art either. As it softens, the glue will be easy to remove. However, if you are using a spray bottle, remove the softened adhesive using a putty knife using gentle pressure. A dash of baking soda in the cleaning solution can be effective as well, especially if you want to remove stubborn stains.

Once the dirt and residue have been removed, wipe the surface with a clean cloth and allow it to dry. If you still see some stubborn spots, use a wallpaper scraper to scrape it away.

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