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Types of Signage You Can Use to Go With Your Promotional Counter

A promotional counter is the first place where you get a chance to make an impression on your visitors. If you don’t have the right kinds of signs at your exhibition counter, you may not be making the most out of your brand’s marketing efforts.

Here some types of signage you can use at your exhibition stall to attract the most visitors and give them an informational experience.

Bollard Signs

Bollard signs are a great way to attract attention because they’re tall and can stand out in a crowd of people. If you design your bollard sign carefully, you can make them a means to draw more visitors to your stall.

You can pair them with your promotional counter to add some informational pointers about your brand. When people approach your stall, they’ll know what kind of products you sell and what kind of services you offer just through the important information you decide to mention on your signs.

Screenboard Signs

Screenboard signs are another type of sign that works well with promotional counters. They can be printed in colour and hung from the top of your counter or attached to the walls of the table. They’re great for displaying individual images of the products you have to offer.

They’re also reusable because of their high quality. You can display them in your retail stores after you’ve used them at an exhibition. You can also have a fabric pop up counter with storage, to show your products in person to any visitors that are keen to get a hands-on experience.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Designing a Sign?

It’s not only about the kinds of signs that you have with your exhibition counter. It’s also about the way you design it and what you choose to inform your visitors about through the contents of the signs.


You need to have an aesthetic combination of colours that your visitors can automatically associate with your brand whenever they see it. Colours play a huge role in whether people even feel like they should head over to your stall, because no one will notice a grey and black exhibition counter.

Two essential elements that need to be part of all your signs are your logo and your colour scheme. When you come up with an appealing template that people will immediately be drawn to, you can use these colours to represent your brand anywhere.


You don’t want your visitors coming over to your stall and having no idea what your brand is about. It’s important to have people to understand what your brand does or what products you sell. It also helps them remember if there were any signs that were referred to something they were interested in.

Final Words

Keeping your signs catchy and with an element of surprise, you should also include what your vision is and what your brand’s purpose is. This helps people make up their minds about whether your exhibition counter is one they want to spend time at.