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Trade Show Tips And Tricks

Trade shows offer many opportunities for companies to increase their brand awareness, network with their prospective clients, and generate better leads. However, exhibiting at trade shows and expos comes with a cost. And when you’re spending money, time, and effort to set a display booth at a show, it is crucial to make the best of it. Careful research and planning can go a long way towards ensuring that your tradeshow booth is a success.
In this post, we’re going to list down some tips and tricks to help you make a great impression at a trade show and increase footfall. From using backlit displays to bringing the best booth staff, here’s all you should make your booth a success.

1. Choose a Good Location

Most trade shows organisers offer prime location booths for extra money, but you have to book them soon as they are limited and get reserved months before the event is set to occur.
If you’re entering into a contract with an organiser as a long term exhibitor, prime location is something you should consider making part of the contract.
The central aisle is usually the most attractive location. They are significantly broader and also the hot spots for more significant traffic. Try to grab a place at the central aisle.

2. Bring Your ‘A-Team to the Booth

The people present at the booth will be the face of your business. Staff your booth with outgoing, friendly, and highly professional employees. They should also be well trained and knowledgeable about your business and the products so that they can engage with prospective customers right away.

3. Invest in Backlit Displays

LED-backlit poster displays are among the latest technologies that have stepped up the exhibition display game. The combination of specialised printed fabric on a sleek metallic frame and interior LED-powered backlighting creates a bold look that’s hard to miss. Large LED-backlit panels look elegant yet make a huge impression and help spread your brand message even more prominently.

4. Integrate QR Codes with Print Graphics

Upgrade your conventional print graphics by incorporating scannable QR codes in them. Visitors can scan these barcode style images using their smartphone, which links their web browser to your website, an online product description or any other interactive experience such as a YouTube video.
This will further enhance the visitors’ understanding of your product and your brand and give you a chance to engage with them even after the show. Ensure that whatever experience they are led to after scanning the code is high impact.

5. Use Eye-Catching Taglines

Use clear and concise taglines that can draw more people to your booth. Make them about your brand and highlight how your brand has the perfect solution your customers are looking for. They should never be too abstract, and it’s best to limit the word count to 8-10 words that the readers can interpret within 3 seconds. Also, make sure that the text is legible.

Trade shows are a huge investment. Take plenty of time to prepare well and give it your all to make the investment worth it!