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Tips on Setting Up Appealing Promotional Marquees

How to Get Noticed with Promotional Marquees

Trade shows, exhibitions and festivals are some of the best platforms to connect and engage with both existing and prospective customers and companies who participate in it want to leave no stone unturned in creating a lasting impression. However, with the increasing popularity of these types of events, it is becoming more and more difficult for brands to stand out from the competition and get maximum attention.

One way to grab visitors’ attention at trade shows is by setting up impressive branded marquees. Customized printed marquees can help you showcase your brand in a unique way and gets your maximum eyeballs.

In this post, we’re going to list down a few important tips that can help you create the most high-impact promotional marquees for your next big show. So, let’s start.

1. Place Your Brand/Company Logo on Top of the Marquee

Your logo is the most important aspect of your branding so it only makes sense to place it at a prime position from it can be easily noticed and recognized. This will allow people to spot you from all sides of the trade show floor and help you create a distinguished position at the event.

2. Utilize the Back and Sides of the Marquee as an Advertising Board

Branded marquees bring in a psychological element of encouraging visitors to have a look at your marquee at a trade show. People don’t feel as trapped like they feel at grand exhibition stands, so they are more likely to a visit. Therefore, you would want to give them information beforehand so that they are even more drawn in to learn about your products or services.

This is another way how marquees can prove to be a successful promotional tool. You can use the back and sides of the marquee to further advertise your brand. Some of the promotional content that can go up there includes:

  • Stunning graphics and compelling images
  • Humorous or witty quotes
  • List of product/service features, benefits
  • Persuasive copy involving the reasons why people should buy from you

Whether you go for conventional canopies or the more modern pop up marquees, there’s plenty of space you can utilize for advertising your brand.

3. Match Your Marquee Signage with Branded Table Advertising Displays


Branded table advertising displays such as cloths, runners and throws add an extra wow factor to your marquees. You can use them to cover the first-information counters or the product demo counters. They further add structure and an element of creativity inside your marquee and help customers recall your brand and know where they stand.


Custom printed promotional marquees are available in a verity of shapes and sizes and offer a wide range of color and graphics options. You can finish them off with a number of accessories to create a truly personalized and exciting exhibition space.

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