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Everything You Need to Know About Slimline Displays

With an upcoming event and the struggle of finding the right display, you might have comes across the option of a slimline display. These are often used in exhibitions and are a common form of displaying information, like product descriptions or promotions.

Brands often use slimline displays to showcase key elements of their company, like their logo and their vision. They’re great for displaying the essential information you want to reach your audience, because they’re colourful and attractive.

Keep reading to learn more about how you might need a slimline display for your next event too.

What Are Slimline Displays?

Slimline displays are a key element in creating cool exhibition stands. They’re made of materials like tension fabrics or pillow case fabric displays that have your design printed on them with a high-quality dye.

Slimline displays are made to fit into any store interior, retail shop or exhibition and have a sleek design that doesn’t take up as much space. They’re made to create an impression—so they’re high-quality and made to adjust into whatever setting you put them in. They’re also easy to set up

Exhibition slimline displays can come in different shapes and sizes. You can get curved slimline displays if you have a bigger area to cover and more information to give out. You can also get rectangular ones, like a banner stand. They’re flexible and can be customized to the size you want.

What Are Slimline Displays Used for?

Slimline displays can be used for a variety of occasions. You can use them for exhibitions, event promotions, launches or set them up within your company’s office to display your company motto and what you believe in.

Since slimline displays are a big investment, you should be wary of what you decide to have printed on there. They’re usually for multiple uses, so you can bring them to a variety of occasions. This all depends on whether you get details printed on that won’t go out of touch.

Where Can You Use Slimline Displays?

Exhibition slimline displays are often used in pharmacies, festivals and trade shows. They’re made for both interior and exterior settings, so you don’t have to worry about only being able to use it for an indoor event.

Trade Shows

For cool exhibition stands at a trade show, you can get a slimline display that talks about all the important points about your company that makes people want to learn more. You can set them up in the back of the exhibition to create a backdrop when you’re discussing your brand with your visitors.


Curved slimline displays are great to put at the entrance of events and festivals, where people can see the names and logos of all the sponsors. They can also have all the information that visitors will need before they begin their journey into the event, like prices and timings. Because of how noticeable they are, you don’t have to worry about people missing the sign.

Final Words

Slimline displays can make a wonderful addition to your store’s interior, your exhibition stall or an event that you’re hosting. As long as you find the right information to have on the slimline display, you can make it last for multiple occasions and be assured that it is catching your audience’s attention.

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