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Different Types of Pull up Banners

5 Types of Pull up Banners

Do you want to reach out to your target audience in an appealing way and get better conversions? Pull up banners are your ideal solution. Pull up banners like slimline displays are a useful tool at an event to offer increased exposure. They can help you display your brand and marketing content in a very effective way to your audience.

Pull up banners at points of high footfall help you attract the attention of prospects. They are very portable. You can roll them up during transportation and then unroll at the event for display. You can also choose between different types of pull up banners. They give you the flexibility of customization depending on the needs of your business.

Here are different types of pull up banners that you can use at an event for a compelling display.

1. Standard Pull up Banner

Standard pull up banners are the most commonly used roller banners. They come with a supporting stand and one printed side. The other side of the banner is blank. They are portable, and you can easily transport them. They are a great marketing tool for any promotional event. You can customize pull up banners for trade shows according to your needs and marketing campaign.

2. Double-Sided Pull up Banner

A double-sided pull-up banner optimizes the marketing efforts of your business. You can customize them by printing on both sides. Place them at a spot where they are visible to passers-by coming from both sides. You can use them at restaurants, trade shows, retail stores, or any other place to boost your sales.

3. Large-Sized Pull up Banner

There is also the flexibility of size while designing a pull-up banner for your business. Choose a large-sized pull-up banner to create maximum impact on your target customers. They are double the size of standard pull up banners. This means you can add in more detail and make your marketing message more impressive. You can also include images and highlight your brand in a more appealing manner.

4. Quick Change Pull up Banner

Quick change pull up banners are similar to a standard banner. The only difference is that you install a quick change cassette. This changes the graphics of the banner. Adding the element of motion to your marketing makes your banners more appealing. The ultimate goal of using quick change pull up banners for trade shows is to increase the footfall.

5. Bamboo Banners

Many businesses lay great importance on environmentally friendly practices. For eco-friendly companies, the ideal type of pull up banners is bamboo banners. They are not only good for the environment but also add a distinct style to your marketing efforts at an event. The manufacturing process of bamboo banners uses 90% renewable resources. They provide the same portability and ease of installation and dismantling.


Pull up banners are a portable marketing tool for promotional events and conferences. Remember to choose a creative design to boost your marketing campaign at an event. You will find them a suitable choice and a worthwhile investment.