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Top Tips for Using Brochure Stands

Brochures have become a regular part of retail life. They are simply everywhere and there is a reason for that. Not only are they a wonderful marketing tool, but they are also quite inexpensive. Add to that the fact that they are pocket-sized, and also pack a lot of useful information for the customer and it’s no surprise that everyone prints and distributes them so enthusiastically! However, there’s a very big difference in placing a brochure at a retail outlet and getting it into the hands of the target audience.

This is the part where well-designed brochure holder stands come into the picture. Just placing a pile of brochures on the counter won’t generate as much interest as creating a really attractive display stand. Let us check out some useful tips to on using brochure holder stands to generate optimal mileage for your marketing activities.  

1. Try to Use Single Stack Holders

If you park all your brochures on the countertop, the odds are that they will scatter all over the place and your retail counter will look very messy. Here, a single stack brochure holder can easily do the job, while catching the eye of the customer.

This kind of stand can hold multiple copies of your brochure. It is in the form of an easel and it can be made from any available material, such as plastic, wood, or even cardboard. Here, it is important to understand that the more colourful the brochure stand, the more likely the chance of catching the customer's eye. A clear acrylic brochure stand might be a good idea. It is very durable and transparent, so that all the attention is always centred on the brochures rather than the stand.

2. Dress up Your Brochure Stand

A brochure stand can help keep your brochures in the same place, but you will still need a bit more to attract attention. You might consider placing a small cardboard or paper cut-out to the front of the brochure stand. However, you will have to make sure that it is located at the top or at the very bottom to avoid obscuring the brochures.

3. Wall-Mounted Brochure Stands

These are handy if you have multiple types of brochures aimed at different target audiences. In this case, a small countertop brochure holder won’t be able to do the trick. However, wall-mounted brochure display stands Australia will get the job done without cluttering up your point of sales (POS) area.

4. Pegboard Holders

Putting all of your different brochures at the same place might be counterproductive. Generally speaking, most customers don’t pick up more than one brochure, at any given point in time.

You should consider placing your brochures next to the products they are supposed to promote. For example, you can place a set of brochures in a pegboard stand next to an LED TV. This way, the potential customer will check out all the specs before making a purchase decision.

If you are interested in purchasing highly attractive brochure display stands in Australia you can get in touch with Vividads. We have plenty of eye-catching designs that will be sure to make waves at your retail outlet.