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Advantages of Using Media Walls at Your Trade Show Booth

Benefits of Media Walls as Your Booth Backdrop

Take a look at any high profile event and you will find one thing in common—media walls. Media walls are a staple of public events, be it a movie launch or a charity event. Bear in mind that media walls aren’t exclusively meant for Hollywood or celebrations; they can be used in any event. Different organizers design media walls according to their needs.

If you’re participating in a trade show, adding a media wall as a backdrop can be a great option. Here are a few benefits of using a media wall as a backdrop for your modular exhibition stand.

Allow Promotion of Sponsors

Sponsors are important for the success of any event, including tradeshows. Investors make them possible by investing their resources . The only thing sponsors ask in return for their responses is a little marketing, and what better way to express your gratitude than by plastering their logo all across a wall? Using media walls for your booth’s backdrop is a simple yet subtle way to effectively thank your sponsors.

Add Value to Your Booth

Just like well-colored walls increase the appeal of your property, media walls boost the appeal of your trade show booth. Media walls are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and even colors. So, you don’t have to confine yourself to what others are doing. You can print your media wall in any color and shape you like to make it more appealing for your audience. Adding a few extra features will further enhance the look and make it more eye-catching for your audience.

Help in Brand Marketing

The use of media walls as booth backdrops is a great form of brand marketing. For those newly-established businesses who are still trying to make their place in the market, media walls can help you a lot. Participating in trade shows will offer you some exposure, but using media walls as your backdrop will add a better touch. Branding your logo all over the media wall will help introduce your brand to those who aren’t aware of it and will help reinforce your brand.

Promote Your Product And Brand

A new business or product requires a lot of attention. A great way to boost the visibility of your business at a trade show is through a great media wall. A well-put media wall will garner the attention of the audience, organizers and even journalists. You can make the most out of this wall by having people pose in front of it for pictures. This will surely help in marketing your brand.

The Bottom Line

Adding media walls to your trade show booth helps make most of the situation. The main purpose of participating in trade shows and exhibitions is publicity, and media walls allow you to do just that. Media walls are considered as photograph magnets – they act as backdrops for pictures. Media walls incorporate everything – branding and marketing— and help with public relations.

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