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5 Myths You Probably Believe About Marketing at Trade Shows

A lot of small and established businesses lose out on the wonderful opportunity of capitalizing on a trade show event. This is thanks to the various myths about marketing at trade shows that they steadfastly believe in!

So, let’s debunk 5 of the most commonly held beliefs that businesses have about marketing at trade shows.

1. All Trade Shows are the Same

A lot of business owners believe that all trade shows are the same. However, they couldn’t be farther away from the truth! Not all trade shows are designed for the same clientele; each trade show is designed keeping a specific target audience in mind.

You need to know how to reach your target audience when you attend a trade show as an exhibitor. Be mindful of the exhibitor and attendee data for the trade show you want to attend and then decide whether it’s the right fit for your brand or not.

2. Trade shows are All About Pomp and Afterhours Partying

It’s true that trade shows are mostly held in cities that are popular tourist locations. Trade show participants are not there for a vacation! You partake in a trade show for many important reasons, including marketing your brand, making new customers, fostering business relationships, launching new products, etc.

All of your trade show spectacle and signage – including striking banners, A Frame Signs, Screen Board Signs, and even PVC Foam Boards – should revolve around your primary purpose. Every trade show activity that you partake in should also be in line with your primary motive. Use the social events at the trade show to network and promote your brand.

3. Trade Show Marketing Is Not Effective

Many businesses believe that trade show marketing is all about setting up a booth and flashing some of your products in a bid to get new customers. However, there’s so much more to trade show marketing than meets the eye. Trade shows aren’t just about standing by your booth and giving out sample products.

A trade show is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your potential customers via direct and personal marketing. You get to engage with the attendees and tell them about your brand story. If done right, you get a lot of new leads out of a trade show event, so make sure to do thorough research before participating in one.

4. Anyone Can Staff a Trade Show Booth

Although you don’t require a professional to manage your booth, your booth staff should at least know everything there is to know about your business and highlighted products. They should know the ins and outs of your purpose to attend the trade show and they should work to facilitate the process rather than hinder it with signs of incompetence.

5. Smaller Businesses Can’t Make an Impact at Tradeshows

We get that it can be overwhelming for your small, relatively obscure brand to compete against the established big wigs in an event that’s all about marketing your brand. However, that doesn’t mean that trade shows only cater to established brands and businesses.

Trade shows are all about strategic marketing and networking. So, make sure to network and reach out to as many people as you can in a trade show event. Also, try to partake in regional trade shows as much as possible to build your brand name. And always follow through with prompt emails to all the new contacts you managed to get in the event.

Now that we have debunked these common trade show myths for you, go ahead and participate in this marvelous marketing event!