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5 Benefits of Stretch Fabric Displays

Tradeshow experts know that the key to getting more attendees to your booth is to design unique and eye catching exhibition displays. When you’re showcasing your brand in a sea of exhibits, you have to be noticeable and make a statement of your own.

One way to do this is by incorporating stretch fabric tradeshow displays into your exhibition signage. They will give you maximum customization capabilities and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Stretch fabric displays, also known as tension fabric displays, are a newer style of portable banner stands. They can steal the show with their crease-free charm and tend to draw a bigger crowd the larger they get. They consist of high quality fabric that’s stretched across an aluminum frame giving them a wrinkle-free presentation.

Here are all the benefits of using tension fabric displays for your event signage.

1. Stunning Graphics and Resolution

As the name suggests, the fabric in a stretch display is fitted snugly over the metallic frame. This produces an absolutely wrinkle-free, smooth and sleek look for your graphics. These displays make colors and images really pop. High-resolution printing allows your branding information and other graphics to look vivid and crisp. Undoubtedly, the visual appeal of stretch fabric displays is far greater than any other signage.

2. They’re Flexible

Stretch fabric tradeshow displays can take various shapes. You can get creative with their frames and come up with unique curvatures and configurations to set yourself apart from the surrounding displays.

3. Easy to Transport and Lightweight

Compared to vinyl banners, transporting fabric is easier and more affordable as they’re significantly lighter to carry. Moreover, they can be easily folded and turned into a compact mass that will take up a lot less space. This means you might not even have to hire a logistics service to transport the materials for you.

4. No Reflected Light

One problem with vinyl or PVC banners is that they reflect light and can make you’re your signage less visible from certain angles or positions. This problem is eliminated if you use stretch fabric displays instead. They don’t reflect light and will look the same from all angles.

5. Very Easy to Set up

Stretch fabric displays only consist of the frame pieces and the fabric. There are no connectors or any other parts involved. This not only makes them less cumbersome to transport but also easy to set up. All you have to do is to connect the frame and then stretch the fabric over it. You can easily get the hang of it after assembling it a few times.


There’s no match to the aesthetic appeal that stretch fabric displays can bring to your exhibition signage.  They don’t just look stunning, they are also very practical and offer greater durability.

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