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Top Graphic Design Trends to Keep in Mind Right Now

Whether you are a self taught graphic designer, the owner of a graphic design company, or simply someone working closely with a designer, you should be aware of the current and shifting major trends in the graphic design world. If you know about these hottest trends, you can keep up with the cutting edge designs of your competitors and look to build a better designing future for yourself.

So, in a bid to help all up and coming established designers, we have curated a list of the best 4 flourishing graphic design trends that are dominating the graphic design industry.

1. Color Palette

2018 saw designers and consumers leaning toward pastels and millennial pink shades. However, in 2019, we see a shift in trend, where designers are opting for darker and brighter hues. In the early days, conglomerates like Apple and Samsung chose dull colors, which formed a designing trend.

But the consumers are now looking for different color gradients; they are done with dull color themes for webpages, app designs, and logos. Hence, the color palette for designing is shifting toward vibrant and dark colors. In fact, black with striking gradients is supposed to gain a lot of attention in the coming months. 

2. Animated Graphic Designs

In the old days, almost all graphic designers advocated and actively designed simple and minimalist graphics. Although the minimalist designing trend is still going strong, now consumers and clients are looking for subtlety and simplicity with a twist of striking and attention-grabbing animation.

And with advancements in technology, now designers can generously use animation in their graphic designs without fear of the animation taking a toll on their client’s website speed. So, the animation trend in designing is quickly picking up speed, and you will keep seeing more and more of it in the graphic design industry.  

3. Visual Shifts

All the top graphic designers are aware of the fact that our brains are trained to immediately recognize symmetric images. So, the best way to make consumers stop in their tracks and to engage them with your design is to deform the graphics!

This adds the element of playfulness to your designs and your consumers will appreciate the innovative visual twists. Now, more and more designers are playing around with the visuals to come up with fun and visually appealing designs.

4. Varied Gradients

The consumers are tired of monotonous graphics and are now looking for variation in the designs. Graphic designers are providing this variation in terms of changing color gradients. In simpler terms, graphic designers are opting for dual color tones; you will start seeing more and more pictures with either two-color division themes or smooth transitions between two colors.

These are the 4 latest graphic design trends that you can follow to come up with graphics that will be appreciated by your clients and consumers!



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