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How to Use Marquee Signs to Make an Impression

Amongst different signs used for marketing such rigid signs or magnetic signs, there is a special kind of sign called the marquee sign. Marquee signs are not only meant for movie theatres anymore. In present times, you can use modern LED marquee lights in almost any industry. They can be found outside bars, clubs, restaurants, retail stores and even churches. But first, let’s discuss what marquee signs are. We’re sure you’ve seen some around.

What Are Marquee Signs?

Marquee signs were simple signs containing interchangeable letters that needed to be changed manually. A traditional marquee sign uses electric lighting to create flashing lights. It is eye-catching and attractive for passers-by or visitors.  Businesses use marquee lights to stand out, gain audience attention and make a lasting impression. The best part about these signs is that they use LED lights that are super economical and less power consuming.

These signs have transformed over the years. There are more eye-catching and versatile LED versions of these signs now. LED marquee signs are also called reader boards, electronic signs or digital displays.

Here’s how you can create a lasting impression using different marquee signs.

LED Marquee Signs Grab Attention

The main reason to opt for digital marquee signs is that they instantly pique customer interest by grabbing their attention. The human eye has been trained to respond to motion and vivid colors and marquee signs feature both these characteristics. Placing marquee signs in the right places can help you attract people directly to your shop or window display.

LED Marquee Signs Are Highly Customizable

While the letters of traditional marquee signs had to be changed manually, LED marquee signs are quite the opposite. You can change the display from the comfort of your own office. The flexibility of their displays makes it all the more great for advertising. You can also change the display several times throughout the day to cater to different audiences and crowds.

LED Marquee Signs Are Cost Effective

The modern LED marquee signs are highly cost effective and are capable of operating well for several years without losing their clarity. The LED displays are also energy efficient and therefore, help keep operating costs to a minimum.

LED Marquee Signs Offer More Options

Unlike traditional marquee signs that only include text, LED marquee signs offer a variety of options, including videos and other animation elements to attract the audience.


LED Marquee Signs Can Have a Major Impact on Customer Experience

LED marquee signs are designed to be highly interactive, making it a great way to communicate with your customers. These electronic signs have interactive displays that can allow customers to conduct a variety of activities and help keep them entertained for longer.


To attract more customers and increase the popularity of your business, marquee signs can be a great marketing option. Like rigid signs and magnetic signs, they attract customers and other prospects via their aesthetics. Additionally, they’re super easy to place.

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