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Facts about Exhibition Stands That You Need to Know

Trade shows are all about appearances, and your exhibition stands play an important role here. With over 67% of the attendees representing a potential customer for you, it’s vital that you make the right impression.

However, before you plan your trade show, you need to get your exhibition stand facts straight. Since they are a great determinant in your trade show success, you need to have the right information. So if you want to make sure your display stands out for all the right reasons, keep reading!

· Aesthetic Value

Custom built exhibition stands help you create the right impression. They can help you represent what your brand is about. But they become even more effective when they are consistent with your brand’s message. Be it the shape, the colour scheme or the overall design, a custom built stand has great aesthetic value and helps you gain maximum rewards.

· Budget-Friendly

If you are new to the world of exhibiting, you might think that exhibition stands will take quite a huge chunk out of your budget. Well, you’re in for a surprise. You can easily get custom built exhibition stands that are well within your budget. Be it a standard size or something smaller, budget-friendly exhibition stands are widely available. So when you plan for the next trade show, search around for a budget-friendly option for your brand.

· Location at Trade Show

You may have opted for the most expensive exhibition stand you could find but still didn’t get the response you expected. Remember that the location and the setting of the exhibition stand also play an important role in determining your success. Most people aren’t aware of this exhibition stand fact and hence fail to recognize its potential. If you want a high ROI, then make sure you choose the right place for your exhibition stand.  

· Size Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Contrary to the common belief that size determines success, the measurements of your exhibition stand don’t promise results. A bigger stand may help you display a spacious sign, but it’s your organization’s skills that guarantee success. Even small-sized custom built exhibition stands can have a huge impact if you use high-quality graphics, incorporate technology in the display and furnish it simply.      

Final Words

Use these exhibition stand facts to make the most of this opportunity. Once you realize the true potential of these resources, you’ll be able to shine at every trade show you attend.  You can easily use the exhibition stands to your advantage while staying within budget. All you need to do is opt for some custom built exhibition stands.

They’ll bring a touch of professionalism to your trade show displays, garnering the right attention you need. So get in touch with our team of professionals at Vividads to get your exhibition stand today. Let your imagination run wild or opt for a standard model! Email us at to get a quote today or call us at 1300 72 16 14 for more information!

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