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How a Custom Made Backdrop is Good for Marketing

When it comes to custom made backdrops, not all businesses opt for them. However, if you are hosting an event or going to a trade show, it is a good idea to have one. It’s a small addition, but it ends up boosting your presence and engagement immediately.

When used skillfully, backdrops do more than help you create an ambience – they can also be a tool for marketing. How can a backdrop be used for marketing? The following are a few things that highlight just how custom made backdrops are good for you:

backdrop media wall for event

Make Event Photography a Treat

If you’re considering engagement, a custom made backdrop is perfect because it makes people want to stop and take pictures. People are more than happy to take photos against such things, which flatter they're aesthetic. Remember that they will do it for the gram.

Add in a hashtag, and you can boost your engagement. It can mean that it can create a buzz even when your event is over, and people will be more than happy to share pictures against that backdrop. This means that even after a week, your event could be talked about on social media.

Personalise the Event

Suppose you’re going to throw a large birthday party or get married. Is a custom made backdrop a good idea? Yes, it is. It can be the perfect way to personalise the event even more. Anyone getting married can create their hashtag; they can also have their initials on the backdrop or more.

The same rule applies for birthdays, baby showers and even their pet’s birthday. Given this flexibility, you can get custom backdrops for almost any event and any occasion. Just remember to work with the right printer.

Promote Your Sponsors

Suppose you had sponsors who helped your business or contributed towards your tradeshow stand. You can get a step and repeat media wall to thank them and promote them stepstep and repeat media wall. In this case, you will have to get it custom made to include your sponsors. It’s also a gesture that won’t go unnoticed by your sponsors and your consumers.

It also helps to build a good rapport with them, and in the future, you can get more sponsors, too, if you need their help. Considering the benefits, in comparison with the cost of the backdrop, you’re going to get a good ROI on it.

Work with Vivid Ads for Your Backdrop

If you are looking for the right professionals, get in touch with Vivid Ads. We work with various businesses across Australia and offer bespoke printing services. We ensure that you get the best results possible, from wallpapers to banners, flags, and other marketing signage.

For more information about custom printing services, please call us on 1300 72 16 14 or write us an email at Our team will work with you to deliver the best results within your given deadlines.

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