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Advantages of Floor Graphics for Marketing

5 Benefits of Floor Graphics for Your Business

Floor graphics can be used for advertising and marketing any event or business. They can be applied on almost any floor surface and are laminated to remain well-protected against foot traffic. The best part about floor graphics is that they are a great option for both indoor and outdoor events. Traditional advertising and marketing techniques can fall short in this competitive environment – make your business standout by using floor graphics.

With their limitless designs and colours, floor graphics are a cost-effective advertising solution for businesses. By incorporating floor graphics in your business, here are a few benefits you’ll be tapping into.  

Floor Graphics Help Gain Customer Attention

The main objective of any business is gaining customer attention. With the thousands of messages that customers are bombarded with every day, they tend to overlook traditional marketing methods like posters. However, there’s no denying that signage is great for boosting sales. Floor graphics, when placed at the right spots, can catch your customers off-guard— but in a positive way. When customers walk through your outlet or store, colourful and eye-catching floor signs will instantly catch their attention.

Floor Graphics are Unique

Unlike other marketing tools, floor graphics are a creative way of advertising your product or brand. They can feature any type of design, message or image. Using vibrant and bold colours will ensure that customers or prospects glance at it at least once. Floor graphics can also be cut into different shapes or sizes, allowing you to be more innovative.

Some innovative elements that you can incorporate in your floor graphics are humour – because there’s no better way to gain customer attention than by making them smile or laugh. You can use floor graphics with optical illusions to intrigue them and pique their interest.

Floor Graphics Provide Directions

A popular type of floor graphics is way-finding signage. Customers want to be comfortable when they are navigating through your outlet or store for the first time. There’s no better way to guide customers than to place the directions right below their feet. Floor graphics are a great way to replace the traditional directories that were done via hanging signs.

You can utilize floor graphics at your event or shop by directing and guiding customers towards important departments, most popular products, promotional counters, additional products and also general directories. As directories, floor graphics also help prevent crowding and bottlenecks at stores or events. Customers can keep moving by following the floor directional graphics. Directional signage is an underrated concept that can help improve customer satisfaction.

Floor Graphics Help in Brand Promotion

Branding is a crucial part of the marketing process that helps build customer trust and loyalty. Brand reinforcement is an important element that can be done through business signage. Another effective method to spread awareness and reinforce your brand is branded floor graphics. Customized floor graphics can help capture the essence and personality of your brand. Design floor graphics using your brand color and font and also incorporate the logo of your business. Additionally, when customers encounter these floor signs repeatedly, they will become acquainted with your brand.

Floor Graphics Save Space

Traditional marketing posters take up significant wall space and usually have a very limited placement option. Marketing displays and standees can also obstruct foot traffic. Floor graphics are a great way to eliminate any spatial issues or concerns by optimizing unused space.

The placement and design of the floor graphics play a significant role in grabbing consumer attention. Make sure you make them big, bold and beautiful to reap all the benefits!

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