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5 Things to Avoid When Using Media Walls

Media walls are getting very popular these days because they allow the brands that helped sponsor an event to gain visibility. The event attendees get their pictures taken in front of these branded media walls and post them on different social media channels allowing brands to get the recognition they’ve been meaning to get.

1. Overcomplicating Your Media Wall’s Design

These walls should be designed in such a way that they make a good first impression on event attendees as they enter the venue. They shouldn’t take the attention away from the event because their sole purpose is to serve as a backdrop for photographs and get the sponsors recognized.

Overcomplicating the wall by adding too many logos or way too many repetitions will make them look unappealing. Make sure you’re not using graphics or visuals that are too distracting. Keep it simple. A white or background with a handful of brands and their logos is more than enough.

2. Picking the Wrong Location

It’s important to install the media wall at a location that gets a lot of foot traffic. The entrance to an awards ceremony or movie premiere is the best place for them. This way, people will notice it right as they enter but it won’t distract them from the actual event.

Place bollards at strategic corners to guide people about where to go. These walls work perfectly with red carpets because that’s where most celebrities and influencers make an entrance. Photographers are also huddled there, ready to snap away.

3. Not Using Props

Just a media wall by itself can be quite boring. Using fun and creative props may spruce things up a bit if they suit the purpose of the event. Make use of selfie frames to get more people excited about taking photographs next to the wall and publishing them on their social media accounts, increasing your brand’s exposure on the internet.

4. Printing It at the Last Minute

The last thing you want to do is get the wall printed at the very last minute because what if you don’t like the end product and wish to make substantial changes to it? Get it printed at least a month before the event so that you’ll have plenty of time to make corrections if you don’t approve of the mock up.

5. Not Getting the Lighting Right

You need to get the lighting right to make sure the pictures come out looking professional and the names of all the brands are clear and recognizable. It’s safer to use a soft white light. Unflattering light can cast shadows on people’s faces and even distort their features. They wouldn’t want to post those pictures on their social media pages.

Final Words

Keep these mistakes in mind to make sure your media wall is well-designed and serves its purpose without taking too much attention. Photographs taken in front of it will help you promote your sponsors without doing much and get recognition for your event online.

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