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What are banners used for?

If you attend any conference, trade show, open day or even visit a shopping centre, you’re likely to see a range of banners. Here, we will look at what they’re used for and how you, your business, and your brand can benefit from them.

Easy advertisement

Banners are primarily an advertising tool. Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, they consist of a base that holds up a banner printed with graphics. They offer space for you to advertise any service or goods, with enough room to show off visual branding, product details, and information such as your address, web address, and contact details.

Setting up conference and trade show booths

While often used on the street or shopping centres, banners are most famous for conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions. Here, the most commonly serve as a backdrop for your table or booth, allowing you to stand out amongst the other attendants.

Banners for events and catching the attention

Banners are also often used for those hosting their business event. They can help incorporate the brand aesthetic into any space, such as outdoor courtyards, dining rooms, and lecture halls. What’s more, banners can be placed outside the business to help attract customers, especially in special deals and offers that require temporary displays.

If you believe that you need banner stands, take a closer look at our product range. We offer pop-up banners and roll-up banners with various sizes and printing options to help you choose the best banners to suit your needs.

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