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Unique Way of Advertising With Pull Up Banners

Pull Up Banners in 2022 have become the go-to method to advertise for a lot of brands. They are cheap, effective, and quick to execute. These qualities have made them the most common mode of advertisement in the current generation.

However, as you know, simply advertising a product in the current day & age is merely not enough. Your creativity needs to be unique to stand out and work among the general masses. This can be a roadblock for many advertisers as they are not updated with the latest unique storytelling trends.

Here, we will explain top five unique ways you can advertise your brand using a pull up banner. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the result as they are not only effective financially, but their recall value is better too.

So without further ado, the following are a few unique ways to grab the attention of customers:

Teasing A New Product

No form of advertising does a tease better than a pull up banner. The reason is that, unlike the digital front, they do not have a two-way engagement setup. You can’t go and try to inquire from fellow curious customers about what the product might be. Through a pull-up banner, you have a chance to decode the message yourself.

Whereas when it is just a standee with no place or people to follow up, you are bound to wait until the big reveal is made. If you want to tease a product, a standee is the best way to go.

Let’s take a look at the different benefits of using standees to advertise your product/service:

  •  Anticipation Among Target Audience

Nine out of ten times, curiosity is what kills the cat. Humans aren't so different. If you want to generate buzz around your brand, using standees is the way to go.

  • Guarantees One Time Trial

When you have baited your target audience's interest, getting them to try it at least once is just a mere formality. Consequently, if you are serving a quality product, their retention won't be a difficult task anymore.

Due to that, not only will your business experience a temporary business boom but will also convert new customers into regulars.

Reveals a Story in Parts

What a pull up banner stand can do for you, modern digital campaigns only wish they could. We live in the digital age; due to this, people have access to information 24/7. In the rare case they can't achieve this, it almost guarantees that you have become the talk of the town.

This is precisely what happens when you advertise through a roll-up banner and reveal your story in parts. People eagerly wait for your next reveal so they can satisfy their curious minds. Along with this, we believe that the following are also additional benefits of revealing your story in parts:

  •  Captures Attention of Your Target Audience

Nothing makes people remember you more than when you tease them with a story. When you tell your story in parts, people pay more attention to you than they would have in another case.

  • Develops Better Brand Retention For Public

A unique benefit of advertising through roll-up banner is that people are more likely to remember the advert. Additionally, this works to enhance brand retention amongst the public.

To-the-Point Ad

Another unique way of advertising with a pull of banner is feature of being to the point. This means that you don’t have to spend time and resources in crafting the perfect story. This is beneficial especially if you are making a single pull up banner stand campaign.

In this scenario, you have precious real estate that you must use wisely to get effective results. When done right, it could be successful beyond means for a brand. Just have a look at "Just Do It." We didn't even say the brand, but we both know who we are talking about.

Some other benefits of to-the-point roll up banner include:

  • Serves People with Low Attention Span

People nowadays have a smaller attention span than a goldfish. Goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds, whereas we have 8.25. So if you want to get your message across in this time, you need to offer something creative, punchy, and direct. This is exactly what to the point ad provides.

  • More Likely To Be Recalled

When it is to the point, you are more likely to remember it by then a long dragged ad. This, according to us, is the most significant advantage to the point ad serves.

Roasting Your Competition

Pull up banners give you the scope to advertise in many unique ways, but the most incredible tactic is roasting your competition. Nothing attracts more attention than a roast. Wendy's Twitter account to cola war ads is a prime example of them. But when you do them on television, they could be costly as more people will see them. If brands feel humiliated, they can take legal action on grounds of defamation.

In contrast, the roll-up banner has a small reach, so brands don't mind this and often reply more savagely. This makes them safer as well as more creative, and they also have additional benefits:

  • Makes You Stand Out From Competition

Pull up banners roast ad gives the public a clear message that you are not like others who want to stay in the lane. It projects you in a light that ensures you are different and want to be different.

  • Public Have Better Brand Recall For You

Your brand's recall memory improves leaps and bounds because the audience is attracted by confidence when you showcase it.

Multi Banner Single Story

The last unique way of advertising with pull up banners, according to us, is to tell a story in multiple banners. Implementing this method of advertisement will not only grab the audience’s attention, but it will prove to be financially beneficial as well since they are inexpensive.

The additional benefits you gain through this advertising method are the following:

  • Your Brand Gets More Eyeballs

This benefit is quite self-explanatory as when you have multiple banners, multiple people will see you. As all banners will have your brand logo, your brand exposure will be broader and more significant through this.

  • Engages Audience

Multi-story arc always pushes people to engage with your brand, which they wouldn't have if the ad were a single banner. They go through multiple layers and develop an interest in what your brand is offering. This is why we believe they are a beneficial & unique form of advertising.

Reasons To Use Pull Up Banner For Advertisement

Now you know the unique ways to advertise your product with a roll-up banner. What we would like to now focus on are the reasons why you should use pull-up banners. The following are the prominent reasons:


Digital ads run once or until you buy the media space, and then they are done. But with standee ads, you do not need to repay for them constantly. Once made, they can last you a long time.


Digital ads can easily cost you tens of thousands, if not millions, to execute appropriately. In contrast, banner ads cost you a fraction of them, when done correctly, could be just as effective as digital ads.

Effective Results

We believe this is our most important reason for using banner ads. And it is because their results are measurable and effective. This is why you should use them more.

Easy To Carry

Pull up banner stand barely weigh anything. This makes them easier to carry. Due to this reason, more and more people can use roll-up banners for their ad campaigns. Plus, due to their portability and recycling ability, we can use them multiple times without any problem.


Pull up banners are cheap, portable, effective, and most importantly, unique. This is why they have become the alternate method to advertise your brand in this digital age. In this article, we have defined how you can utilize them to get the best results. We have highlighted the benefits you can gain from that uniqueness, so go through them and see why they will work for you.

If you are looking for a pull up banner service, then get in touch with us right away. No one can give you the service, product, and satisfaction that we guarantee. Contact us today!

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