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Perfect Locations to Hang Your Vinyl Banners

When it comes to using vinyl banners to advertise or promote your new product, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is where you end up displaying the banners. If you don’t find the optimal location to place a banner, it defeats the purpose of having a colourful or attractive banner.

With careful placement, even a less aesthetic banner will get a significant amount of views. Read on to find the best location for banners that will give you the maximum amount of audience.

Find a Place Near Your Competitor

It’s actually a very smart move to hang your banners near a place that your competitor already has a significant amount of people coming to. When you place a banner near them, you know that you’re targeting the perfect audience that has the most chances of becoming your potential customer base.

For small business advertising, experimenting with your competitors customer base is the perfect place to start.

Go for a Place that Complements Your Product

Another idea is to go for vinyl banners that are hung near a place that sells something that complements your product or event. For example, if you have a children’s arts and crafts workshop coming up, place your banner near the local daycare or playground, where you know there are parents who would be interested in attending your event.

When it comes to products, you can also place your banners near a place that has a complementary product. For example, if you’re launching a new hair straightener, place your banners near a hair accessories shop.

Find Crowded Places

If you go for a place that always has a crowd, like a busy street downtown or the biggest mall in the city, you’re likely to get a lot of people to see your banners. When it comes to small business advertising, the best location for banners is a place that has the most variety of people passing by. This is because you’re still experimenting with your business and do not have an establishing customer base.

Crowded places are also places where people have to wait a lot for example at a crossing or while waiting in line outside a cafe. It gives people the time to look around at the signs and banners.

Think of Events Where Your Banner Would Be Appreciated

If you have an established customer base already, go for events where you know the majority of your potential customers will be. Events are great places for banners because everyone there is already there with the mindset that they’re in for a new experience.

Your advertisement won’t look out of place or forced, because you’ll be catering to a crowd that is already interested.

Final Words

Make sure you have permission to place banners wherever you decide. Some areas have rules about advertising and posting that you should look into before placing any banners there. Choosing the best location for banners is important, especially if you’ve paid for vinyl banner printing and fail to get any customers because of a poor choice in location.




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